20 hours missing is the first episode of the second season of Elite, and the ninth episode of the series overall.

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New students start school at Las Encinas as Guzmán continues to mourn his sister and Christian struggles with his secret. A classmate goes missing.



In this episode, a new girl named Rebeca comes to town. She is from a poor family that got rich, so they have come to town to move into Guzmán's old house and to start school at Las Encinas. Guzman and his family are upset at having to move, especially after Marina's death.

Guzman struggles with Marina's death at school - especially when he sees Samuel, who is the brother of the supposed killer of Marina. They get into a fight on the first day.

Valerio, Lu's half brother, is back in town much to Lu's dismay. She thinks she always has to keep tabs on him since he gets into trouble on a regular basis. Valerio loves to party and on the first day he invites everyone to go out clubbing at his VIP table at Club Barcelo.

Everyone goes, including Christian, who has been struggling with the secret about Nano and Polo and Marina's real murderer. Carla sees that Christian is struggling. She tried to keep him distracted on her yacht over the summer, but she can tell that she's losing him and that he wants to uncover the truth about Marina's murder to save his friend.

Nadia also goes to the club, along with Samuel and Rebeca. They all relax and have a fun time. Nadia even tries alcohol for the first time and lets her hair down.

Meanwhile, in the store, Nadia and Omar's dad has a serious stroke and is rushed to the hospital. Nadia doesn't hear what happened since her phone is switched off while she is at the club. Omar tells Ander what happened and Ander rushes Nadia to the hospital to see her father.

ChristIan leaves the club and threatens to tell everything to the police. Carla texted her dad earlier on, warning him that Christian might uncover her secret. He tells her not to worry. Drunk, Christian drives away and hits a car. He gets seriously injured and the car speeds away. In the hospital, his friends come to visit. Carla's father offers to send him to Switzerland for top medical care, at his expense. It is clear that this is a bribe for Christian to keep his mouth shut.

Lu drunkenly goes home with her brother, Valerio. They flirt a lot and share one kiss. Lu pushes him off and tells him that they promised each other that would never happen again because she is his sister. Valerio looks upset.

Throughout the episode, there were shots of a police search in the forest. They were looking for a missing student from Las Encinas, who was last seen in his uniform. They are all searching for him and calling out his name revealing that Samuel is the missing person.





  • Manuel Castillo as Gymnastics Teacher
  • Pilar Martínez as Madre de Christian/Christian's mother
  • Fernando Carpintero as Padre de Christian/Christian's father
  • Xabier Leal as Policeman
  • Virginia Mora as Maths Teacher

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