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59 hours missing is the fourth episode of the second season of Elite, and the twelfth episode overall in the series.


Pressured by his friends, Polo's guilt overwhelms him. Cayetana's mother threatens to reveal her secret. Ander and Guzmán argue with their partners.



Episode 4 of the season begins with Nadia awakening after a particularly naughty dream about Guzmán. Meanwhile, a depressed Ander slides out of bed with Omar and prepares for school. Alone, Ander confronts Polo over his secret and curses him for telling the truth and bestowing this burden on him. He offers him an ultimatum – he has 24 hours to admit the truth to Guzmán or he will tell.

Ander approaches Samuel at school and tells him that, for what it’s worth, he believes Nano is innocent. Panicking, Polo tells Carla what’s happened and she tries to calm him down, hugging and seducing him into admitting part of the truth but not implicating her. As he’s barraged with numerous messages from his friends telling him to tell the truth, he heads to Guzmán’s house and simply tells him he’s sorry for causing him so much pain. Guzmán shakes it off, seeing it as his friend being stupid. Guzmán subsequently goes to bed and falls asleep, leaving Polo unable to tell him the truth. As Guzmán sleeps, Polo heads over to the window sill where he sits and pops pills, drowning his sorrows in his own guilt.

The next day at school, Polo attempts to commit suicide by drowning himself in the pool in an intoxicated fit of despair. The only witness is Cayetana, who discovers the scene and frantically tries to resuscitate him. Ander arrives shortly after and tells her they can’t phone the police about Polo. They take him to the hospital where Cayetana lies to the doctors and claims he simply took too many pills before swimming. She later visits Polo at his home and offers comfort, completely unaware that he murdered Marina. Polo informs Ander that he didn’t admit the truth to Guzmán, leaving Ander feeling helpless.

Meanwhile, Valerio tries to convince Nadia to head to the club while Guzmán pressures Ander into revealing just what’s going on with Polo. At the club, Rebeka admits she has a crush on Samuel before sending him messages asking where he is. Nadia suffers the same stand-up woes as Guzmán initially fails to show up. However, just as she’s about to give up hope, Guzmán appears and the two kiss while Rebeka watches on from afar. Rebeka later takes them back to her house (Guzmán’s former house); Guzmán and Nadia finally make love for the first time.

Carla shows up at Samuel’s door, and as they discuss the possibility of sharing their loneliness together, Samuel grows closer to her, despite knowing she’s hiding something. After an awkward dinner date between Guzmán, Lu, Ander, and Omar (during which Ander acts depressed and rude toward Omar) Ander tells Polo how furious he is with him for smothering him with the lie. He tells Polo to withdraw as much money as he can and gather it, ready to give to the police to release the innocent Nano.

Cayetana's mother (the school cleaner) is fed up with Cayetana's kleptomania and fake "socialite" personality, threatening to reveal her secret to her classmates. Back at their home, Omar senses how pressured and depressed Ander is, and tries to get him to open up, but in response Ander simply assures it’ll all be over soon.

In the future, 59 hours into Samuel’s disappearance, the Inspector turns the attention on Polo and the events that happened with him. Cayetana struggles to keep her composure as she’s shown security footage of herself trying to resuscitate her friend.

Back in the present, Samuel suspects Polo to be involved, which the police are aware of, but Polo confidently tells them he knows nothing about the murder. Samuel has begun performing drug deliveries for Rebeka's mother in order to make quick money to get Nano out of jail. However, Samuel abruptly receives an anonymous package containing thousands of Euros in cash; this is Polo’s secret drop-off. The amount is enough to pay Nano’s bail. Samuel is highly suspicious of the package’s origins but uses the money nonetheless.

The final scene in the episode drops a bombshell as a freed Nano pays a visit to the school, prompting an incensed Guzmán to lust for blood and be held back by everyone as the two stare one another down.





  • Kiki Guaza as Teacher 2
  • Dani Mantero as Doctor
  • Joan Manuel Gurillo as Grizzled Man
  • Claudia Coelho as Waitress
  • Cristina Medina as Cleaning Assistant
  • Diego Betancor as Waiter
  • Iñaki Juaristi Waiter 2



Song Performer Scene
"Spinning Over You" Reyko Opening, Nadia fantasizes about Guzman and she is wearing the red dress.
[verification needed]
Tom & Collins, Jesus Navarro, Elsa y Elmar Samuel is at his home, and then Carla arrives for surprise.
"Indecent" Mottron, Crenoka Cayetana goes to Polo's house with a broth after he tries to kill himself.
"Poison Lips" Vitalic At the party when Rebeka and Nadia are talking about their guy problems.
"Bäckerei Digital (Italian Version)" Die Katapult Guzman and Ander talk in the restaurant.
"Mi Fábrica de Baile"
[verification needed]
Joe Crepusculo Guzman stares at Nadia at the party.
"Are You All Good?" Breathe Carla and Samuel are eating macaroni together at his place.
"Hat Trick" Lexie Liu Nadia wakes up next to Guzman after they have sex for the first time. Ander and Omar talk.


  • Polo is pressured by Ander and Carla into confessing about Marina's murder, which causes him to attempt suicide but is rescued by Cayetana.
  • Nano is released from jail and returns to the school. Guzmán flies into a rage.



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