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66 hours missing is the sixth episode of the second season of Elite, and the fourteenth episode overall in the series.


Lu blackmails Nadia, and Samuel confronts Carla with his suspicions. In the future, Guzmán is interrogated about the missing student.



Guzmán confronts Nano in the eerily quiet streets at night. As Nano begins to walk away, Guzmán taunts him, saying he doesn’t have the balls to confront him. Nano replies that he doesn’t, he has brains instead. He tells him directly that he didn’t kill Marina and walks away as Guzmán vandalizes Nano’s car.

Following Samuel and Nano’s fight, Samuel is approached at school by Lu who pleads with him not to get the wrong idea over what he saw at the party. After shrugging her off, in class the students receive their test results back while they all learn it’s Ander’s birthday. After their incident at the pool, Polo can’t even look at Ander, who watches on awkwardly as Guzmán tries in vain to lighten the mood and invite him to a party. Ander is visibly disturbed from still having to keep Polo’s secret, and he denies Guzmán’s invitation.

Determined to get revenge, Lu confronts Nadia about sleeping with Guzmán and tells her she can choose to either intentionally fail her classes, or have her secret revealed to her parents. Meanwhile, Samuel and Rebeka continue looking into the case together, this time settling on old photos from the end of the last school year. They notice some photos of Polo wearing Christian’s shirt at the party the night Marina was killed. They deduce that Christian and Polo may have known something about Marina’s murder and hurry off to do more digging.

Polo, now with a free evening, decides to spend it with Cayetana. The two go to a bar, where Cayetana brags endlessly about all the fabulous vacations she's been on (when in reality everything she says is a lie). Polo is initially turned off by what he sees as just another spoiled rich girl. However, Cayetana eventually confides in him and reveals that she is actually from a poor family. She shows Polo around her real home, a small and crammed apartment. Polo is shocked but offers words of encouragement; he is attracted by Cayetana's honesty and the two kiss. However, Cayetana’s mother reveals that she has lost her cleaning job due to Cayetana’s kleptomania, leaving the family with no income.

Samuel and Nano discuss the possibility of Nano leaving the country. At school, Samuel confronts Guzmán and directly tells him that Polo is behind Marina’s death and that Christian had something to do with it. Guzmán instantly gets aggressive and nearly starts a brawl before Lu tells a teacher, resulting in Guzmán's suspension. Lu tells Samuel he owes her one, since he didn't get punished.

At school, Nadia admits to Valerio that Lu is blackmailing her into failing class, prompting him to tell Nadia to blackmail Lu in return about the “Valerio thing”. None the wiser to exactly what this thing is, she questions him but he insists. Nadia proceeds to blackmail Lu, who immediately believes that Samuel spread the word about Lu and Valerio having sexual relations. Lu is incensed and later tells Samuel that he is a "dead man" in front of Valerio and Nadia.

After his fight with Samuel, Guzmán confronts Polo, who insists he didn’t do anything and tells him to control his anger. Meanwhile, Ander's parents organize a small, awkward birthday party at which Ander is visibly depressed and apathetic.

Omar is desperate to know why Ander has been so miserable and passive. Their relationship begins to deteriorate due to Ander’s constant apathetic demeanour and mood swings, but the two end up passionately having anal sex for the first time.

Samuel confronts Carla and asks her who put Christian in the hospital but Carla smiles confidently, asking him why he keeps playing this game if he keeps losing. Samuel secretly records this conversation.

In the future, Guzmán is interrogated about Samuel and Nano as the Inspector shows the last known location where Samuel’s cell phone was active – it was Guzmán’s grandparents' house. It is revealed that the last time both brothers were seen alive was at this house, which doesn’t paint Guzmán in a particularly favourable light. Guzmán decides to leave the interview midway through, where he walks away with a confident smile on his face, clearly hiding something.

Back in the present day, Nano confronts Marina's mother Laura at their residence and insists that he is innocent, since he loved Marina so much that he could never kill her. Laura seems slightly convinced but traumatized. Guzmán finds out that Nano was at their house and becomes hysterical, racing off to presumably kill him. We see Nano outside in the pouring rain clutching a picture of himself, Pilar and Samuel before heading off with his bags packed. As he disappears, a maniacal Guzmán confronts Samuel in the street, demanding to know where Nano is. As Guzmán begins beating him down, Samuel pulls out his phone and plays the audio snippets of his revealing conversation with Carla. Guzmán appears shocked.





  • Gary Stenette as American Teacher
  • Coke Rodríguez as Marcos
  • Verónica Polo as Audiovisual Teacher
  • Saturnino García as Cayetana's Grandpa
  • Aitor Sánchez as Professor


Lu: "Samu... You smell so good. Can we talk? What you saw the other day at the party was just a misunderstanding. I don't want you to get the wrong impression. "
Samuel: "Your brother had his tongue right down your throat."
Lu: "Wrong. Half-brother. And I don't remember anything about that. I was drunk. [chuckles] What can I do to make you forget all about it, too? Ask anything you want."
Samuel: "Are you trying to buy me off?"
Lu: "Don't tell me you don't need anything. Because I can think of basically everything."
Samuel: "You can stick your money where the sun don't shine."
Lu: "Okay... [sighs] Pride is a luxury that only we rich folk can afford."
Samuel: "Looking down on others is a luxury that you can't afford right now."
Lu: "So what the f*** do you want?"
Samuel: "I want you to go to bed every night not knowing whether you'll be the next outcast at school. Will everyone look you up and down in the halls? Will they whisper about you? Will they make you feel like a weirdo?"
Lu: "[chuckles] Darling... If I go down, I'm dragging you down with me. Understood?"
Samuel: "I couldn't get any lower, Lucrecia."
Lu: "You're right."


Song Performer Scene
"En Busca de Ti" Zazo & Gxurmet (feat. JUANIH SOUTH) Opening credits. Valerio takes Lu's dinner and she rejects it. Lu and Valerio are talking in her room and she accuses him of drugging her.
"Moving On" Menna Samuel is walking in the hallway listening to his headphones just before Lu comes to talk to him about him seeing her and Valerio kissing.
"Sin Ti"
[verification needed]
Inna Polo and Cayetana having dinner.
[verification needed]
Yall (feat. Julimar Santos) Guzman arrives to the bar. Ander's Birthday.
"Fuego" Eleni Foureira Omar and Rebeka are dancing in the disco and Rebeka leaves; Omar comes over to talk to Ander and he responds badly.
"Keep Winning"
[verification needed]
Serengeti Rebeka and Samuel fight.
"They Know" Mottron Nano and his mum fight.
"Out of Touch" Cut_ Ander and Omar are together in Ander's room.
"I Hear the Day Has Come" Matt Maltese Samuel arrives home and sees Nano is not there. Nano walks in the rain holding the picture of himself, Samuel, and his mum.


  • This episode marks the last appearance of Nano in the series.
    • This is also the last episode to credit Jaime Lorente as a series regular.
  • Samuel finds out that Polo is responsible for Marina's murder. He tries to tell Guzmán, but he doesn't believe him and the two fight, resulting in Guzmán getting suspended for three days.



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