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Alexis is a character on the Netflix series Elite. He is portrayed by Jorge Clemente.

Throughout the Series[]

Season 3[]

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Alexis had cancer and was undergoing chemotherapy. In the episode Samuel and Guzmán, he met Ander in the hospital. As he had already experienced chemotherapy, he encouraged Ander to talk to him if he needed his help or advice.

Elite Short Stories: Omar Ander Alexis

Alexis's conditions worsen. In Part 1, he reveals to Omar that Ander knew he cheated on him. In Part 2, Ander decides to help relieve his stress by inviting him to Rebeka's house party. He decides to drown himself in Rebeka's pool after deciding to die on his own terms, but he's saved by Ander. In Part 3, he decides to stop undergoing chemotherapy, and chooses to disappear from Ander's life, so that he may not see Alexis on his deathbed


He appears to be friendly and caring.


  • Alexis was diagnosed with cancer before Ander.
  • Ander lies about having an affair with Alexis after discovering Omar's affair with Malick.
  • Alexis had a family ring that was passed down from generation to generation. He was given it early incase he succumbed to his cancer before turning 18. Before leaving, he left it for Ander as a memoir. In Season 4, the ring was kept in a small box.


Season 3[]

Elite Short Stories: Omar Ander Alexis[]


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