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! This article is about the episode "Ander". For the character with the same name, see Ander.

Ander is the fifth episode of the third season of Elite, and the twenty-first episode of the series overall.


Rebeka tries to identify the traitor. A blackout party at the club leads to multiple shocking revelations.



Following their discovery of the hidden cocaine in Rebeka’s punching bag, Rebeka and Valerio begin preparing the drugs for distribution around Las Encinas. Samuel is alerted by the events and questions the safety of the operation, given the police could show at his house at any moment. Nevertheless, Rebeka assures him that the three are like family, therefore the police would not think to look at Samuel’s — this concerns Samuel, who knows he is responsible for Sandra’s incarceration. Valerio and Rebeka begin dealing the drugs around the school, without hiccup.

Meanwhile, the students receive their exam results back. Valerio is happy to see that he has passed with a high grade, causing Lu to sarcastically remark that he finally learned to cheat. Valerio tells her that he didn’t cheat, but — gesturing at Polo and Cayetana — found good study buddies.

That night, Polo, Valerio and Cayetana study, half naked. Cayetana talks about the prospect of Valerio joining them at Kings College London after graduation, which intrigues Valerio but concerns Polo. Cayetana suggests that Polo’s mothers could help secure Valerio a place, but Polo doesn’t think this possible, citing that his mothers are friends with the Dean and managed to pull some strings; the same will not go for Valerio, whom his mothers do not even know.

Malick visits the club, asking for a drink. He questions Omar about the Blackout Party happening Friday, and Omar explains that the nightclub will be in near-total darkness, allowing people to do anything they want anonymously. Malick questions whether Omar will tell Nadia about their fling, and explains that it would be better if she did not know, as this could jeopardise her chances of going to New York. Malick questions if he is happy with Ander and, when Malick makes a sarcastic remark, Omar doesn’t take the conversation well and pours the remainder of the drink on Malick’s lap. Later that night when Omar returns home to Ander, the two cuddle and, upon rubbing his head, Ander’s hair begins to fall out. Omar tells Ander that it is no big deal, however Ander remarks that it is, and they should stop pretending that the chemo isn’t affecting him. Ander makes the decision to shave the remainder of his hair off.

The following day, Azucena calls Nadia and Lu into her office over the scholarship. She tells the two that they will give an oral presentation the following week to decide who will secure the scholarship. Heading into class, Ander draws attention since he is now bald. Unable to deal with the comments, Ander reveals that he has cancer, and has shaved his head due to the chemotherapy.

A flash forward shows Ander revealing that he killed Polo. Ander explains that he blamed Polo for his illness and, when the champagne bottle broke, he followed Polo into the restroom, and lost control. Omar questions why Ander would confess for someone else, and he reveals that he is as good as dead with the cancer.

Back in the present, Guzmán receives multiple questions over Ander’s condition from the students at Las Encinas. When Carla questions if he will survive, Polo overhears the conversation citing that he will survive as he doesn’t deserve it; Guzmán remarks that “not everyone gets what they deserve”.

Lu approaches Omar and the two talk about Ander’s situation. Lu reveals that she knows about Omar cheating on Ander, telling him to keep his fling more of a secret in future. She remarks that being cheated on makes women stronger. Omar explains that Lu doesn’t get it and that if Nadia was to leave Malick, she would loose the chance to go to New York; Lu sees this as an opportunity to manipulate Nadia into dropping out of the scholarship race.

Teo tells Carla that the contract has arrived and should be signed within a couple of days. He explains that there is a clause, however that allows Yeray to withdraw the funding anytime within the first five years if he chooses, essentially meaning that in order to secure the funding, Carla will be tied to Yeray for the next five years. A horrified Carla tells her father that she will call Yeray to discuss the clause, however he dismisses her, and ultimately, but callously, insinuates that she is expected to follow his plan and remain attached to Yeray.

Lu approaches Nadia in the library and the two argue over the use of a book. Preparing to blackmail her, Lu questions Nadia over what she would do if she knew someone was being cheated on. Nadia takes this as an opportunity to apologise for her part in Guzmán leaving Lu. Lu is touched by the situation and decides not to tell Nadia about the situation regarding Omar and Malick.

Rebeka visits her mother in prison. Her mother asks if Rebeka is training well with the punching bag, however Rebeka is unable to understand the coded message. Instead, Rebeka draws the conversation to the fact that she cannot afford to feed herself or pay for her education. When she is leaving, her mother warns her that those closest to her are most likely to betray her — a clear indication that she is aware Samuel is the one who planted the bug in their kitchen. She tells Rebeka to keep hitting the punching bag, however Rebeka still does not understand the message her mother is trying to convey.

Rebeka returns to Samuel’s house, revealing that she needs to find the person responsible for her mother’s incarceration. She tells Samuel that the security cameras will have caught the person responsible, however all have been confiscated by the police; luckily, if they can get into contact with the security company, they can request a back-up. Rebeka tells Samuel that she has forgotten which company they used, but if they can find one of the cameras, then a sticker on the bottom should remind her. The two look for one of the cameras Rebeka had previously broken and upon finding it, Samuel removes the sticker and hides it in his pocket before presenting it to Rebeka. Rebeka is disappointed at the news, however finds the security company’s details on a magnet in their kitchen. Calling the company, she reveals to Samuel that they have agreed to exchange the footage at the Blackout Party the following Friday.

Polo is concerned after finding out about Ander’s cancer, and visits him later that day. Ander is angry to see him, however Polo explains that he just wants to help — including getting him the best doctors if necessary. Ander becomes angry when Polo makes the suggestion that money is the answer to everything and instead, suggests that Polo spend a few hours with him instead. The two drink together, and talk about Ander’s cancer; for a second, everything seems normal between the two. Guzmán approaches with beer to spend time with Ander, but is angry when from afar he notices Ander casually hanging out with Polo; Guzmán walks away.

Following on from her father's orders, Carla spends time with Yeray and the two have sex in the shower. Later on, Yeray and Carla talk, however Carla seems distracted. Yeray wrongly assumes that Carla is worried about Ander, but changes the topic and hands her a golden toothbrush as a present — a symbol that she can stay at his place whenever she wishes.

Polo, Cayetana and Valerio spend time together in his garden, and he tells the two how much he loves them. They are all confused about the situation they are in, but embrace it nevertheless. Polo changes his mind about the earlier discussion regarding the British University, King's College London, and suggests that he can ask his mothers to secure Valerio a place. The three begin to make out before Polo suggests they go skinny dipping in the pool. The three of them do, but are interrupted when Polo’s mothers arrive home. Inside, Polo reveals that the three of them are together, however his mother’s find this hard to understand. They are extremely put off by Valerio, ruining his chance at securing a spot at the school in London.

The following day at school, Lu watches as Nadia and Malick talk. Nadia is curious about the way Malick has been acting, and suggests that the two of them do something that night. Malick tells her that he already has plans to go to the club that night, and Nadia becomes slightly alarmed at the situation. At the back of the class, Cayetana talks with Valerio, whom seems upset about the events that had unfolded the previous night. Cayetana tells Valerio that it is a difficult thing to understand — given she herself is not totally understanding — therefore she can understand why Polo’s parents reacted the way they did; nevertheless, she reassures him that he is important to her and that he could well be the missing piece in her relationship with Polo. Guzmán enters, and it becomes clear that he is angry at Ander for trusting Polo again.

In a flash forward to the night Polo was killed, Ander tells the detective that Guzmán was responsible for Polo’s death.

At dinner with her parents, Carla receives numerous calls from Yeray. She ignores them, and eventually snaps, revealing that she will break off her relationship with Yeray since she is miserable. However it quickly becomes clear that her mother was in on the whole thing; Carla leaves the table, furious and ashamed of her parents.

Rebeka becomes concerned when Valerio reveals that he wants to start dealing drugs at the club; he cites the fact that he needs to make fast money as his reason. Arriving at the club, Valerio heads off to hand out the drugs, whilst Samuel and Rebeka look for her contact from security company. She finds him and heads off to get the drive, securing it safely in her bag. Returning, she leaves the bag with Samuel and heads off to the bathroom. Samuel becomes fearful for what Rebeka will do if she sees the footage, and hands the bag to Omar to dispose of.

Meanwhile, Valerio is successful in selling the drugs and eventually sells to Carla, who is desperately looking for a source of relief from her toxic situation. Ander finds it difficult to deal with the party and Omar suggests that he return home if need be. Unexpectedly, Ander suggests that Omar sleep with other people if he wishes; unbeknownst to him, Malick hears the entire conversation. A few moments later, Lu witnesses as Omar and Malick have sex behind the bar of the club. She is forced to distract Nadia when she comes looking for Malick.

Rebeka returns just as the Blackout is about to begin and questions where her bag is. Samuel acts innocent and shocked, suggesting that someone had stolen the bag. When the Blackout happens, however, the black lights make Samuel’s hands glow bright neon blue, and Rebeka realises that he has stolen her bag. Samuel is confused, and Rebeka reveals that her bag was covered in UV paint. Devastated, she punches Samuel and leaves, ending their relationship. Malick and Omar are also caught out, as both Malick’s body and Omar’s hands glow bright blue. Nadia quickly realises they have been having an affair; she slaps Malick and walks out of the club, ashamed at their actions.

At school the following day, Nadia and Lu talk. Lu tells Nadia not to drop out of the competition, especially when she is about to beat her. Lu tells Nadia to use Malick just as Malick had used her. After school, both Polo and Guzmán accompany Ander to his chemotherapy appointment at the hospital, as their trio is unofficially reunited for the first time since Guzmán discovered that Polo is responsible for Marina's death.





  • Verónica Polo as Audiovisual Teacher
  • Carlos Calle as Pub Barman 2



Song Performer Scene
"Bills" Lunchmoney Lewis Opening.
"Wild Child" Damn the Witch Siren Omar and Malick in the club.
"Victorious" 7 Horse TBA
"Random Thoughts" Kemo the Blaxican TBA
"Lunatic Moon" Pisces Cayetana, Polo and Valerio canoodle in the pool.
[verification needed]
Estiva Rebeka and Samuel arrive at the club.
"Move Your Feet" Destabilized In the club, Ander and Omar Talk. Samuel tells Omar to throw out Rebeka's bag.
[verification needed]
The Wookies At the club, Carla dances with Yeray.
[verification needed]
The Hiiters, Moonshoes Before the blackout in the club, Valerio tlaks to Cayetana and Polo. Nadia confronts Malick.
"Old Picta"
[verification needed]
SLvr At the club, Omar approaches Malick; Lucrecia talks to Nadia.
"Let's Bounce (feat. MC Sherlock) [Club Mix]" Clyde Trevor During the blackout in the club when Nadia finds out about Malick and Omar.
"Lungs" Endless Forms At the end, Lucrecia comforts Nadia. Guzmán goes to the hospital to be with Ander. Ander lies to the police officer.




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