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Ariadna "Ari" Blanco Commerford is a main character on the fourth season of Netflix series Elite. She is Patrick's twin sister and the first child. She is portrayed by Carla Díaz.


Ari is the daughter of the new principal in Las Encinas. She used to live in London with her siblings but after her father bought the school, he decided to move them back to Madrid.

She's very close to her father and has the strongest bond with him. She's very wealthy thanks to her father former job a CEO of a conglomerate company.

She's the twin sister of Patrick and the eldest daughter of the three. She's always trying to have a closer relationship with her sister Mencia, however Ari's close relationship with her father makes them have a strained relationship, however she has a nice relationship with her twin brother.

Throughout the Series[]

Season 4[]

Ari is the new girl at school and immediately makes an impression on Guzmán and the swim team when she shows how strong of a swimmer she is. However, she loses to Guzmán but seems intent on beating him. Once Guzmán realizes she is the daughter of the strict, overbearing principal, he loses interest. His friends, however, convince him to butter Ari up so that she tells her father to not make Samuel and Omar take a placement exam to stay at Las Encinas. They go on what Ari believes is a date, and it almost works, but Mencía tells her it was just a ploy and she seems hurt. She doesn't tell her father to not give the placement exam and she pushes Guzmán away, telling him that no one messes with her.

She gets invited by Samuel to his Towel Party and she shows up and gets drunk, showing her alterego "Ira". She sleeps with Samuel but wakes up in the morning and seems ashamed because Samuel is "beneath" her.

Later, she asks Guzmán to be her date to the Prince's ball and eventually he accepts. They start dating but it's clear that Ari still has feelings for Samu. She starts to sleep with Samu, which complicates things.

At the end of the series, Ari gets hurt and pushed into the pool. She gets rushed to the hospital and the doctors aren't sure if she will make it. Her family is distressed and worried but eventually Ari wakes up and explains it was Armando who did it.

Physical Appearance[]

Ari is a gorgeous girl with short dark brown hair and strong facial features. She is found really attractive by a lot of the male students, especially Guzmán and Samuel.


She is competitive, a perfectionist and always on the right side of the law and life. Too used to covering up her feelings so as not to show weaknesses and not to lose the course set for her. Loyal to her father to the end, Ari will confront all of her classmates about it and her feelings when she meets the odd classmate. Or a couple of them.[4]


Samuel and Guzmán


  • Between her siblings, she is the only one who is not LGBT.
  • When she drinks, she becomes impulsive and unpredictable, which Patrick calls Ira, because is Ari spoken backwards.


Season 4[]


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