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Armando's Death is an event that took place in the fourth season of Elite. Unlike Marina and Polo, the death was an intentional murder. However, it was still covered up as a mysterious disappearance.


During a New Year's Eve party, Armando arrived at Club Del Lago where he intended to continue taking advantage of Mencía, who finally has had enough of his obssesion with her. They were seen from a distance in the club's pier by Rebeka, who managed to subdue Armando with a single punch, knocking him aside into a boat, and the two managed to escape from him. Ari also saw them and, tossing her drink aside, made it clear to Armando that he was never going to hurt anyone ever again because she is going to call her father Benjamín so that he could destroy his reputation in no time. However, just before she was able to talk to him, Armando angrily snatched the phone from Ari and started attacking her, leaving her injured.

At the same time, Guzmán, who was fighting Samuel after a misunderstanding with Ari, heard a voicenote she sent to Samuel asking him to meet at the pier, forcing him to stop. Worried, he rushed to the pier to find Ari in her current state and Armando attempting to escape. With her final strengths, Ari pleaded for Guzmán to go after Armando, which he obliges. Unknown to Guzmán, however, Ari got dizzy and fell into the river. Guzmán followed Armando to a storage room where he grabbed a stick to beat Armando and the two engage in a brief fight, with Armando winning by trapping Guzmán on a shelf. Releasing himself and rising to his feet, Guzmán grabbed a firework gun and aimed at Armando, who attempts to run, but realizes this too late as Guzmán shoots him in the back with it, causing Armando to fall to the ground and cough up blood from his mouth. He instantly dies from the shotgun afterwards. As he returns to the pier, Ari is nowhere to be found. Guzmán asks Samuel and Rebeka if they had seen Ari, but they deny it. In tears, Guzmán believes that Ari had died and suggests that they call the police. Samuel agrees, but they will only tell part of the story and say that Ari had disappeared and that they have no idea where she is. Moments later, Ari is pulled back from the river and taken to an ambulance by the paramedics, which is witnessed by Mencía, Patrick and Benjamín, who desperately want to see her but are repeatedly pulled back by the police.

After Ari is revealed to be still alive, Guzmán tells Samuel and Rebeka about him killing Armando and thinks is best if he turned himself in. However, Samuel and Rebeka convince him not to: Samuel doesn't want Guzmán to go through the same pain his brother Nano had experienced when he was charged with Marina's murder, though Guzmán corrects him saying that he was innocent, while Rebeka assures Guzmán that he will be declared innocent if he agrees to work on a plan to cover up the murder as a disappearance. At their insistence, Guzmán aids Samuel and Rebeka in disposing of Armando's body by throwing it into a river so that it will never be found, then he lies to the police and Ari, whom he visits at the hospital, that Armando had knocked him out and disappeared without a trace. Guzmán later decides to go with Ander on his lifetime trip, both to try and move on from his breakup with Nadia and Ari's rejection, and to also leave his tainted past behind, especially after what he has done. As he and Ander bid farewell to their friends, Guzmán quietly asks Rebeka not to say anything about this to Omar and Cayetana.[1]

People Involved[]

  • Guzmán: Guzmán is the culprit in the murder and, after a brief fight, he kills Armando by shooting him in the back with a firework gun when he attacked Ari to prevent her from telling Benjamín the truth behind the affair with her rebellious sister Mencía. At Samuel and Rebeka's insistence, he lies to Ari and the police that Armando had knocked him out and disappeared with no trace, though not before they help him get rid of the body by throwing it into a river.
  • Samuel: Samuel tells Guzmán that his life will be over if he goes to jail, not wanting him to repeat his brother Nano's story when he was charged with Marina's murder, though Guzmán asserts that he was innocent. Nevertheless, he and Rebeka manage to convince Guzmán to go through with the plan. He later aids Guzmán and Rebeka in disposing of the body.
  • Rebeka: Rebeka tells Guzmán that Armando deserved what he got for what he did to Mencía and Ari. She also tells him that he will get to walk away free as an innocent person if he agrees to cooperate on the plan to cover up Armando's murder as a disappearance. She later aids Guzmán and Samuel in throwing away the body into the river. As Guzmán bids farewell to his friends, he quietly asks Rebeka not to tell Omar and Cayetana about this.