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! This article is about the episode "Assilah". For the location with a similar name, see Asilah.

Assilah is the eighth and final episode of the first season of Elite. It is the eighth episode of the series overall.


The last moments before the murder unfold. Christian makes a tough decision. The police arrest a suspect. Guzmán becomes reckless with grief.



It is revealed to be the night of Marina Nunier Osuna's Death. On the last day of school, June 1st, Marina plans to leave with Nano to avoid the abortion her father has planned for her the following day. Marina and Nano plan to move to Asilah, Morocco and raise their child, with intentions of inviting Christian and Samuel over in the summer.

The same night, Marina wins Las Encina's scholarship trophy given that Nadia (who was forcefully dragged out of the school by her father Yusef) and Lu (who was was suspended over the exam period) are unable to take their exams. At the graduation party, Marina leaves early to wait for Nano by the pool. Samuel approaches her as she sits alone, sobbing due to her indecisiveness over whether or not to escape with Nano. Samuel attempts to convince her one last time to stay, but she ultimately refuses and Samuel retreats back to the party, defeated. He runs to Guzmán, begging him to convince his sister to stay, but Guzmán now wants nothing to do with her and ignores Samuel.

At the pool, Marina is approached by an unhinged Polo, who is dead set on winning back Carla's trust — and her love — by retrieving the watch from Marina. The two get into a heated argument, with Polo pleading with Marina to hand over the watch. She refuses, and after Marina says hurtful things towards Polo, he bludgeons her head with the trophy in a fit of rage, causing a severe injury. Marina and Polo are both shocked by the events, and Marina collapses moments later in a pool of blood. Traumatized over what he has done, Polo takes the trophy and flees the scene to the locker room.

Inside the locker room, he begins frantically cleaning himself off before he is noticed by Christian and Carla, who are having sex. Carla questions what has happened and Polo hands her the watch, sobbing and revealing that he killed Marina. In fear of Polo being found out, Carla forces Christian to help her cover up the murder and asks for a spare shirt for Polo to wear. She creates a fake narrative: Polo went home drunk during the party, changed clothes, and returned, creating an alibi. After Polo is cleaned up and promises to use the story, the three return to the dance and act like nothing has happened.

Nano arrives at the pool as planned and finds Marina bleeding from her head. He runs towards Marina who falls into his arms, dead. He calls out for help but is unable to get a response. Panicking, Nano flees the scene also, but is witnessed by Samuel who believes him to be guilty.

The Police arrive shortly after Marina's death. The Inspector takes everyone into custody and it is revealed that Nano is the suspect, given Samuel saw him running from the scene. Polo is questioned but repeats Carla's alibi story, which seems to prove convincing for the Inspector; therefore the spotlight is not on Polo. Guzmán is hysterical and blames Samuel for Marina's death since he initially introduced her to Nano, but Samuel rebukes Guzmán, citing that he went to Guzmán for help but was dismissed.

Guzmán is utterly heartbroken and guilt-ridden by his sister's death. Lu finds him on standing on the edge of a bridge, about to jump. She is able to convince him to come down, and Guzmán admits that he needs her. Nano is eventually arrested on suspicion of murdering Marina, and Polo is under the illusion that he is safe. Samuel and Christian briefly talk; Samuel begs Christian to help him acquit Nano but Carla texts for Christian to leave. The trophy is revealed to be hidden at the bottom of a reservoir.





  • Paola Bontempi as Representante USA



Song Performer Scene
"Forever" Chvrches Lu walks away from Guzman crying; Christian slips booze into the prom drinks; Carla asks Christian to break into Marina's locker and steal the backpack.
"Final Feliz"
[verification needed]
Danna Paola Samuel tries to convince Guzman to go talk to Marina.
"I Hear The Day Has Come" Matt Maltese Nano finds Marina dying near the pool.


  • With the culmination of season one, it is still not revealed where the money to pay for Ventura's bail came from.



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