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Bienvenidos/Welcome is the first episode of the first season of Elite. It is the first episode of the series overall.


After a public high school collapses, the builder tries to repair its image by paying for three impacted students to attend an exclusive private school.



Opening with ominous Samuel in a blood-stained uniform. He is dazed and looks at his hands, which are also stained with blood. Whilst being questioned by an Inspector, he is assured that everything will be alright.

A flashback to four months prior. Samuel prepares his uniform for Las Encinas — a wealthy school for the upper class. It is revealed that the roof of his old public school, San Esteban, collapsed. As a PR stunt, the construction company, Nunier S.A., awarded three students scholarships to the wealthy, prep school; the construction company is headed by none other than Teo and Ventura, who both have students attending Las Encinas. Samuel walks through the halls of Las Encinas, and is joined shortly after by the two other scholarship winners, Nadia and Christian; both are acclaimed for their knowledge and humour respectively. Nadia is conflicted with her religion and policies at Las Encinas. Despite being a multicultural, bilingual school, Nadia is forced to take off her hijab whilst on school premises; a notion that directly conflicts with her culture.

Christian, Nadia and Samuel's first day of school

At dinner, Christian tells Nadia and Samuel that he is not attending Las Encinas to study, but more to meet the people who “rule the roost” (the popular kids). He attempts to talk with the wealthy students, but is immediately shut down by Lu, whilst the others laugh. Christian seems to have an immediate connection with Carla, however Guzmán quickly becomes angry with the new students and remarks that their party — much like their conversation — is a private affair. Nevertheless, Christian questions how he can get an invitation to the party, which only increases Guzmán’s anger and the entire party leave the table.

A flashforward shows Christian being interrogated by the inspector. She tells questions Christian about an injury he sustained, however he brushes her off, remarking that he hit himself with a door, but questioning if she can interrogate him without his parents. The Inspector tells him that it is just a few questions, and that if he does not want to cooperate, they can go to the station.

Omar and Samuel talk

Walking home from school, Samuel and Omar talk. Omar remarks that his school is nothing new, leading to Samuel sarcastically remarking that perhaps a roof will fall on him. Whilst Omar is happy for his friends, he is clearly jealous of their new found institution. Samuel returns home and it is revealed that he has a brother, Nano, who was recently released from prison; the two are happy to see one another, but Samuel questions his release.

The following day, Marina — Guzmán’s sister — speaks with her mother over her sixteenth birthday party. Marina is unwilling to cooperate with the choice of a dress, and Guzmán remarks that she should be a little more appreciative, given the party is being thrown for her; despite this, she remarks that nobody asked them to. Marina’s mother asks about the new students at Las Encinas, with Guzmán remarking that they’re not the type of crowd he would be seen associating with. Nevertheless, Ventura insists that one of the students be invited to Marina’s birthday party — a further attempt at PR viability.

At school, Christian suffers as his clothes are stolen by the fellow students. He walks through the halls of the school unashamed by this, questioning if anyone has seen his uniform; he eventually finds them and leaves to get changed. Samuel begins talking with Marina, and is invited to her birthday party. He is at first reluctant to attend, but agrees; Nadia also received an invite due to her friendship with Samuel. In the changing room, Ander notices that Christian has dropped a bag of marijuana, he picks the bag up before the coach enters the room and, handing it back to Christian, he remarks that Christian could pay him back. Nadia enters the changing room after swimming and witnesses Guzmán and Lu having sex. Lu notices that Nadia is watching and begins to panic.

Christian takes Ander to buy weed from Omar

Repaying the favor, Christian takes Ander to a location where he can buy marijuana. Ander thinks the situation is sketchy, and questions if his contact can be trusted or not; Christian tells Ander to relax, and the two seem to become friends. The two begin bonding over their similar situations and it becomes clear that Ander is not rich either, but got accepted into Las Encinas given he is the principal’s son. Christian’s dealer arrives shortly after and it is revealed to be none other than Omar, Samuel’s friend.

Ander smokes the marijuana when he returns home, but is conscious in ensuring his mother does not see. He begins taking photographs of his body and signs up to a dating app, Grindr, and it becomes clear that he is homosexual and in the closet.

Meanwhile, Nano insists that Samuel ride with him on his bike. He takes Samuel to Ventura’s house — although neither of them are aware of who he is — and the two tag the wall with spray paint.

The following morning at school, Guzmán apologises for what Nadia saw; however, she remarks that she didn’t see anything. Ander catches Christian in awe at Carla, and briefly explains her origin, whilst also explaining that she has been in a relationship with Polo since they were twelve. Christian remarks that Carla could do so much better, pointing to himself. Ander and Christian hang out after school, with Christian questioning why Ander does not want to attend the party. Christian is eventually able to convince Ander to attend the party with him.

Samuel returns home to find Omar and Nadia waiting for him. Omar explains that Nadia wants to go to the party, but his parents would like reassurance that there will be no alcohol. Samuel reinforces this point and Omar leaves. Arriving at the party, Samuel realises that the house is the same one that he and Nano tagged previously; despite this, everyone is excited to attend the party. Guzmán questions why Ander brought Christian, causing Ander to lash out and remark that the crusade against the students is ridiculous. Samuel is alerted when Marina’s father reveals that they have security cameras and saw everything. The party is a hit, however, with Ventura’s only condition that the students have photographs with him; this is a furthering of his PR stunt.

Afterwards, Christian manages to grow closer with Carla and the two take their activities to the bedroom. They undress and begin having sex, when it is revealed that the whole thing is staged and Polo is watching from afar. Ventura and Marina’s mother, Laura begin arguing over Samuel’s admittance to the party despite their awareness that he tagged the wall. Marina does not accept her family's remarks that the students are poison. Marina remarks that she too must be poison, given her HIV-positive status, further explaining that Pablo did not mean to infect her; this stimulates the idea that he was not aware of his HIV-positive status.

Nadia and Guzmán at Marina's party

Ander leaves the party to hook up with a Grindr contact, but panics when he arrives and it is revealed to be Omar, his drug dealer. Meanwhile, back at Guzmán’s house, Guzmán and Nano begin fighting and, in retaliation, Guzmán threatens to reveal Samuel’s crime to the school. Nadia is able to blackmail Guzmán into keeping it a secret when she threatens to reveal she witnessed Lu and Guzmán having sex in the shower. Marina arrives at Samuel’s house the day after and tells Nano that Guzmán will not be a problem.

A flash-forward shows Marina being carted off in a body bag and it becomes clear that the interrogation seen numerous times surrounds Marina’s death.





  • Adrián Pedraja as Entrenador colegio
  • Julián Ortega as Encargado 'La Cabaña'
  • Víctor Castilla as Cocinero 'La Cabaña'
  • Juan Escudero as Alumno baloncesto
  • Silvia Casanova as Clienta tarot
  • Gloria García Barquero as Secretaria colegio


Laura: "We want to celebrate your coming of age and to introduce you into society."
Marina: "As a virginal young lady looking for a boyfriend."
Ventura: "Marina, please."

Christian: "I love her!"
Ander: "Who? Carla? Her mother is a Spanish grandee. Do you know the Marquesado de Caleruega wines?"
Christian: "No."
Ander: "That's her mommy, the marchioness. Well, and that guy, Polo, has been her boyfriend since they were twelve."

Ander: "Here you have it, a coming-out party in all its ridiculousness! What is it for? In other times, to find a husband quickly. Nowadays, it's more about networking. Although the husband thing is not ruled out."

Lu: "Only alcohol can make this tolerable. Here."
Nadia: "Thanks. I don't drink."
Lu: "It's going to be a hard night then."
Nadia: "I'm leaving soon."
Lu: "Of course. Why give us a chance if you've already passed judgment on us all, right? Here's everything you hate about the West. All the sinful decadence."
Nadia: "I thought I was the one judging. But I can see you've decided what I think and what I don't."
Lu: "With a scarf on your head, you can't possibly think much, dear."
Nadia: "Is this about me not accepting the champagne, or are you a born racist?"
Lu: "Forgive me. Oh, no, forgive me. Sorry, I came here in peace, I swear. I'm sure you and I have something in common."
Nadia: "Don't worry. I've come to Las Encinas to study. I'm not interested in anything beyond that."
Lu: "Let me give you some advice, dear. You can do it all. Look at me. I date. I have fun, a lot. And I'm at the top of the class."
Nadia: "Or you were. Right?"

Guzmán: "What's wrong?"
Lu: "Don't you see? It's not about the skirt. I don't care. It's that Taliban girl. That little hypocrite. Wearing a scarf on your head makes you superior to us? Please, how ridiculous!"
Guzmán: "I don't want her here, but we have to keep her from telling."
Lu: "I have an idea."
Guzmán: "Let's hear it."
Lu: "I propose a game. Why don't you seduce her? Then everybody finds out and that's that."
Guzmán: "You want me to hook up with the Palestinian who walks around in a turban?"
Lu: "Oh, sweetie...the idea of making a virginal Muslim girl fall for you doesn't turn you on? Come on, you woo her, she falls for you, everybody finds out... That's it! We cut her down to size, and she can't act all superior. Not even if I ask you? Then I'll let you do whatever you want with me."
Guzmán: "I already do whatever I want with you."
Lu: "Not even half of it."

Nadia: "You [Guzmán] are all too good at looking down on people"
Guzmán: "Teach me how to look at you. I promise I'll be a fast learner."


Song Performer Scene
"Happy Man" Jungle Samuel, Nadia and Christian arrive at Las Encinas.
"París" Zazo & Gxurmet, Vega Almohalla Ander smoking and creating a profile in a dating app.
"Right Now" Kostrok Samuel, Nadia, Christian and Ander arrive at the party.
"El Momento" La Casa Azul Party montage.
"I'll Trust the Wind" The Primitives Samuel, Nadia and Christian taking pictures with Marina's dad.
"Drive Fast" Ed is Dead Christian and Carla sex scene.
"Tú por Mi" Christina y Los Subterraneos Samuel decides to return to school.


  • The episode is titled "Hello" in English speaking territories.
  • It is revealed that Marina dies; this is the overarching theme of Season 1.



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