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Bridge of Los Arroyos Reservoir or Puente del Embalse de Los Arroyos (in Spanish) is a location on the Netflix series Elite. It is a bridge over Los Arroyos Reservoir on the outskirts of Madrid, Spain.[1] It is most known for being where Omar and Ander first met.


Christian introduces Ander to Omar

In Season 1, Christian brought Ander to this bridge to buy marijuana from Omar. Later, as the relationship between Ander and Omar developed, they frequently met up there in secret. Following the murder of Marina, Guzmán contemplates committing suicide by jumping off the bridge, but Lu convinces him not to.



  • The bridge is in between Los Arroyos Reservoir and Valmayor Reservoir, however it is directly attached to Los Arroyos Reservoir.
  • The bridge is located next to La Cabaña.
  • A google maps image of the Reservoir can be found here.


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