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Bruno Lastra is a Spanish actor. He portrays Felipe, Lu's father, on Netflix's Elite.


Lastra was born in Madrid in 1974. He is an actor with an international career. He trained at the Laboratorio de Teatro de William Layton and continued his studies at LAMDA.

He began in the theater in 1996 with the help of Miguel Narros.

Between 1998 and 2005 he lived in London, where he worked in theater, film and television, sharing the limelight with actresses such as Glenn Close or Helena Bonham-Carter. He worked with directors such as Sydney Lumet, Michael Winterbottom or Stepehen Fry, and with production companies and reference channels in the international market such as the BBC or HBO.

He returned to Spain to star in "Los simuladores" (Premio Zapping 2007). Since then he has been a recognized face of the small screen in productions such as “Cuenta atrás” (Countdown), “Águila roja” (Red Eagle), “Servir y proteger” (Serve and Protect), “La Valla” and “Élite". He participates from Spain in international productions such as “Borgia” for Canal+ or, more recently, the Dominican film “Amigo D”, in which he stars, and for which he was nominated for the Iris Dominicana Awards in the category of Best Foreign Actor.

In the theater he has worked with Juan Pastor, Cristina Rota, Miguel del Arco and Will Keen. He is currently preparing “Amor, amor”, directed by Ainoa Amestoy. In addition, he is working on his second career as a producer / actor in “La noche justo antes de los bosques" (The night just before the woods).

Bruno Lastra is also a musician and a poet.[1]


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