Some of us give orders and others execute them.
— Carla Rosón Caleruega, in "63 hours missing"

Carla Rosón Caleruega is a main character on the Netflix series Elite. She attended and graduated from Las Encinas. She is portrayed by Ester Expósito.

Biography Edit


Carla is very wealthy thanks to her dad, a very successful businessman. Her mom is the heiress of the Marquesado de Caleruega and owns a vineyard with the same name, meaning that Carla is a marchioness and the future heiress. She obtained her nickname Marchioness (or La Marquesa in Spanish) due to this. According to Ander, she has dated Polo since they were twelve years old.

In season 2, Carla told Samuel that she lost her virginity at 14. According to Yeray, Carla’s birthday is no longer after their graduation, which implies that her birthday is in June.

Three years before the third season, which means about two years before the pilot episode, Carla was the only person who defended Yeray on Instagram from the people who cyber-bullied him because he was fat.

Throughout the Series Edit

Season 1Edit

Upon becoming bored with their lives and their predetermined futures, Carla and Polo decide to add some spice to their romantic life by including Christian. At Marina's party, Carla seduces and has sex with Christian but Polo watches, unbeknownst to Christian. Eventually when Christian finds out, he is uncomfortable with the idea, but later goes back and has a threesome with Carla and Polo. Carla brings Polo and Christian to a fundraiser and responds to her mother's disapproval by making out with both boys and giving her the finger before leaving with her boyfriends. When Polo starts sabotaging Christian's opportunity to become a model, Carla accuses Polo of being jealous but does not specify who he is jealous of. After Marina tells the class that she has HIV, Carla invites her over, but Marina discovers a collection of expensive watches and tells Nano about it so he can steal them. Carla and Polo suspect Christian stole the watches and approach him about it, to his anger.

Season 2 Edit

After a sad summer spent with Christian, who is feeling terribly guilty for covering Polo's being Marina's murderer, when he decides to confess, she texts her father about it and he has a car accident, gets hospitalized and is sent to Switzerland by her father so maybe he could recover and walk again. Carla suspects her father is responsible for Christian's accident, and feels lonely because she feels nobody could understand how she feels. When Samuel approaches her to find out what she knows about Marina's death, she tries to mislead him into thinking that she knows nothing and to do so she seduces him. However, as their sexual relationship goes on, she is unable to hide that she was involved in her death and he keeps investigating. Furthermore, she actually falls for Samuel and begins hoping that they could have a future together. When Polo tells her father about Samuel's accusations, she fears for his life and, once he disappears, she starts losing control as she cannot even think that he may be dead. When she finally breaks down, she confesses everything to the police and finally confronts Samuel, understanding that he tricked her to have her confessing the truth. However, when he tells her that he lost her to achieve his goal, she tells him that he never really had her, but once he leaves, she is clearly sad, implying that she lied to him about it.

Season 3 Edit

In Season 3, Carla has a lot of ups and downs. She accused Polo at the end of Season 2, but when forced to sit in front of a judge to confront Polo- she claims she made the whole thing up to get revenge on Polo.

Carla and Samu have some romantic tension, but her father tells her to stay away so Carla instead goes for the new student, Yeray, to date. They date, even though Carla is not really interested in him. Her father wants Yeray to invest money in his wine business so he encourages Carla to go out with him regardless. Yeray showers Carla with gifts, but she isn't amused. She gets addicted to Molly, to give herself "feelings of love" to convince Yeray that she loves him.

This addiction sends her over the edge at a party when she falls in the pool and forgets everything that happened. She realizes that to be happy she needs to be honest. Against her parents' wishes, she breaks up with Yeray.

She decides to go study abroad, but tells Samu that if he wants to visit he can - as long as he brings macaroni.

Physical Appearance Edit

Carla is a slim and beautiful seventeen-year-old girl with long blonde hair. She has doll-like features, notably because of her big green eyes, cute nose, and slightly parted lips.

In season 1, she was quite pale, wore minimal to no makeup, and had dark blonde hair.

In seasons 2 and 3, she frequently changes her hairstyle, but usually wears it down with side bangs. She also wears eyeliner and mascara.

Carla is usually seen in her school uniform. It is a blue blazer with two red stripes lining the lapels over a white shirt, to which she adds brooches or bows. Those are paired with a gray skirt, fancy belt, and flats. In casual situations, she has worn sweaters, and at parties she wears high heels and fancy dresses, typically exposing her shoulder.

According to the characters in the show, she has a large chest, which attracts people's attention.

Personality Edit

Carla uses her intelligence and beauty to her advantage. She can be very manipulative and uses her body to get what she wants. She is seen as a cold-hearted, prideful and selfish character, who is willing to do anything to put the odds in her favor.

However, she is very loyal, especially to Polo, her family, and the "elite" people she has grown up with. She is not as cold as the front she puts up, since she feels lonely and guilty for what happened to Marina and Christian. She has a more vulnerable and soft side of her personality, appreciating non-luxurious places such as Samuel's home, his food, and even having fun as an ordinary girl, without money, sex and mind games involved. This softer side emerges only when she is with Samuel and in the moment when she breaks up with Yeray. She is also smart enough to understand that Yeray doesn't really love her, even if he is sure to.

Additionally, she appears to be disgusted by her father's insistence to continue a relationship with Yeray to save the winery. She is also loyal to her family and tries to save the family winery to save her mother who was devastated after the winery began to suffer financial woes.

It seems that she became bored by the hypocritical and luxurious world she grew up in and started to be attracted by more humble and, moreover, sincere people. She is, e.g., attracted by two working-class boys: the rough and bad-mannered Christian and, later, the shy and introverted Samuel. Both of them are not well seen by her parents, but at least are honest about themselves.


Carla and Polo Edit

Carla and Polo began their relationship when they were 12. They had always been together and everybody expected them to be together forever, to the point that Carla's parents gave her a home where she could have lived with Polo once they got married. They both felt suffocated by how their future was so predetermined. When their passion fades, Carla tries to spice it up by leading Polo to suggest having him watch her have sex with another boy. They end up choosing Christian. At first, Polo just looks at them having sex, but then he joins them when he understands that he is bisexual. However, Polo's jealousy towards Christian leads their relationship to only deteriorate further. It is put into even more trouble when he hooks up with Christian without Carla. To win her back, he kills Marina to get the watch and save her family's reputation. Carla helps him cover it up, but she ends their relationship for good so as not to raise suspicion. In season 2, Carla states clearly that they will never be together again. By the end of it, Polo is not able to stop Carla as she confesses to everything in an effort to save Samuel. Polo then paints her as a crazy ex-girlfriend who is lying for revenge, and he is released and returns to school. 

Carla and Christian Edit

Carla decides to lead Polo into suggesting to have Christian joining their relationship. She enjoyed having sex with him, but she never loved him. He was only a good lover and a sort of toy boy for her. They began an official relationship as a deal offered by her to keep him silent about Polo killing Marina, but they are not happy at all because Christian feels deeply guilty for Nano being arrested instead of Polo. When Christian is hospitalized Carla thinks the responsible for this is her father and feels guilty because she was the one who told him that he would have confessed everything and then he had the car accident. 

Carla and Samuel Edit

Samuel had almost no interaction in season 1, but in season 2, he approaches Carla to investigate Marina's death. He states almost immediately that he suspects that she is involved. She does not deny it at first and, to distract him, she seduces Samuel and has sex with him. Their relationship is only sexual at first, but she gradually becomes more interested in him. When he rejects her after seeing her kissing Polo, Carla comes back to him that evening to eat his macaroni dinner. She admits she feels lonely and they have fun together. When Samuel beats his brother to defend her, she is deeply touched and doesn't report what Nano did.

Then Samuel records a conversation they had about Marina's death and Christian's accident. She slaps him and admits that she thought there was something real between them, to the point where she wanted to be with him openly, implying she fell in love with him. They become closer again the next day. But that night, Lucrecia reveals their relationship to everyone at the charity fundraiser, and Samuel disappears. Carla becomes scared, desperately wondering if something had happened to him. She calls and texts him, but he doesn't respond. At school, she tries to act as cold as always, but she breaks down and confesses everything to the police. In the end, she confronts Samuel, giving him credit for tricking her. When he tells her that he lost her, she lies and says that he never had her, then walks away sadly with a sorrowful look on her face.

In season 3, Samuel confronts Carla and repeatedly attempts to win her back, finally openly confessing that he loves her. Carla despite being in love with him is reluctant to reconcile, being afraid that her despotic father might hurt him if he sees her with him. Then to distance herself from Samuel, she begins an unhappy relationship with newcomer Yeray, to save her family's winery business on the orders of her father. Both avoid each other for a while, although they continue to exchange glances and looks, implying that they still long for each other. In the last episode, she finally breaks up with Yeray on friendly terms and hooks up with Samuel at the nightclub. Holding his hand tightly, she excitedly says that he will be surprised to hear what she's going to say next, possibly confessing her love for him, but they are interrupted by Polo's entrance. After Polo's death, both agree to cover it up for Lu. At the end, she tells him that she's leaving to study abroad, and that he could always visit her if he brings his macaronis with him. They embrace and she plants a sorrowful kiss on his cheek as they bid each other goodbye. 

Carla and Yeray Edit

Carla meets Yeray at school, but she does not recognise him as the then fat boy whom she once defended from cyber bullying. Whereas Yeray is sincerely in love with Carla, or at least thinks it, she does not love him at all, and even starts doing drugs in order to bear the situation. She thinks that he is immature and childish. 

Her relationship with Yeray is pure business: he becomes a major investor in his father's companies and saves them from bankruptcy, and both Teodoro and her mother basically prostitute her in order to keep him in the business. Carla, under the effect of meth, describes him as "a bit boring", their relationship as "five years in prison" (referring to a contract clause which allows Yeray to get out of the company anytime in the first five years) and an "ivory tower with pool" and his plans about their future as "nails in [her] coffin". She becomes so high that she falls in the pool, nearly drowns and wakes up the day after without remember anything. 

At the end of season 3 she breaks up with Yeray, but the two of them remain friends. 


  • After Las Encinas, she wants to go to the US and study in an Ivy League school.
    • She finally does it at the end of season 3, but the faculty she chooses is unknown.
  • Her parents and Polo's parents bought them a house but, as she doesn't go there anymore after their breakup, assumingly they sold it.
  • Her family owns a yacht.
  • According to Samuel in season 3, she can ski.
  • She used to have a left nostril piercing, but got tired of it.
    • The actress who portrays Carla, Ester Expósito, used to have the same piercing in real life. Expósito has also a navel piercing and Carla, as seen in Rebeca, has it too.
  • She likes pre-cooked macaroni.
  • She apparently knows about wines.
  • Her role model is her father, because he knows how to make money, establish his own business, and have it always under control.
    • Ironically, Carla gains control over Caleruega vineyards thanks to her father not being able to control it anymore.
  • According to Polo, she never did drugs (before meeting Valerio) because she is afraid of addictions.
    • However, stressed by her engagement with Yeray, whom she does not love, she starts doing meth and quickly becomes addict to it.
  • Her Instagram nickname is @marquesitaroson, as seen in some shots.
  • Before going to bed, she always reads a classic novel from the 18th century.
  • Her favorite dessert is pancakes with syrup.
  • She can live without a cellphone perfectly for an entire week.
  • She never repeats a dress for a party.
  • Her favorite color is gold.
  • She is the first title character in Elite: the episode named after her, Carla, opens season 3.


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