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! This article is about the episode "Carla". For the character with the same name, see Carla.

Carla is the first episode of the third season of Elite, and the seventeenth episode of the series overall.


Carla is interrogated when a student is killed at a party. In the past, she faces Polo in court, Ander has a health worry, and Nadia meets a new suitor.



The episode opens with a lavish graduation party, during which a dead body suddenly comes crashing down to the first level of the dance club. The horrified crowd gathers around the bloody body, and we see Carla standing near the broken glass, looking concerned.

Cut to five months earlier, and Polo has been released on bail while still being investigated. The judge has requested a confrontation in court between Polo and his accuser Carla to compare their accounts. Guzmán is not too worried — “One look from her, and Polo will s**t in his pants,” he says — but Samuel breaks the news to him that people don’t always get what they deserve. Carla informs Polo that she’s going to tell the truth, but that she’ll give him a chance to confess first. Carla’s dad, however, blackmails her into keeping quiet, noting that if she tells the truth and the police look into his dealings, it could implicate her mom, and she will lose her business.

Nadia meets a new Las Encinas student, Malick, at her parents' store. He is a fellow Muslim, and instant chemistry is apparent between them. A postcard from Asilah, Morocco arrives at Samuel's house; it is from Nano. Samuel and his mother call Nano, who says he is enjoying his new life in Morocco and is healthy, although he is doubtful that Polo will be brought to justice.

Omar spots a growth on Ander's genitals, and suggests he see a doctor. Meanwhile, Valerio appears at school to Lu's dismay, and she finds out that he is now a cocaine addict living out of his car after getting disowned by their family. Lu informs her half-brother that their father (who hates Valerio and believes he molested Lu) is out of town for three days; she invites him to spend the night at their house while they figure out Valerio's situation. However, as they spend time together that night, their father unexpectedly arrives home and is enraged to see Valerio. Lu tries to explain that Valerio never molested her, and that she voluntarily slept with him because she loved him. Their father tells Lu that since she wants to live like an adult, she will be financially cut off from the family and kicked out of the house when she turns 18.

At school, Samuel tries to appeal to Carla. Even if she loses everything by telling the truth in court, he says, “you’ll have me. I love you". She slaps him in response, saying Samuel will only love her as long as she does what he wants, and if she doesn’t, then he’ll discard her. “No, it’ll prove you’re the person I fell in love with,” he insists.

Las Encinas hosts a college fair, with representatives from multiple prestigious international universities visiting. Polo is panicking and frantically calling Ander, who keeps ignoring him. Polo doesn’t want to live his life waiting to be caught when Ander talks. Cayetana says the trophy is safe with her and is too risky to get rid of right now. At the college fair, an American representative from New York Business School tells Nadia that although her CV is highly impressive, rumours of a "video going around" (the sex tape with Guzmán, which Lu leaked to the entire school) will prevent her from receiving any scholarships. Ander receives the results from his medical exam, and breaks down in tears in front of Rebeka. Guzmán spots Polo reading through an Oxford University information packet, and upon remembering that Oxford was Marina's dream school, he instinctively assaults Polo. The principal is furious and declares that any further misconduct from any student will result in immediate expulsion.

At the confrontation, Polo looks to be on the verge of confessing, when Carla tearfully interjects and announces she made up all the allegations. “If she really loved you, she wouldn’t have stabbed you in the back,” Guzmán tells a disappointed Samuel. Realizing that he can’t let Polo get away with what he did, Samuel vows to bring Polo to justice. Samuel tells his mother to escape to Morocco to be with Nano, while he will stay behind at home and rent out her room.

In the future, it is revealed that someone stabbed the victim before he fell to his death. Carla tells the Inspector that she ran down to the dance floor after the crash, but in reality she actually followed a trail of blood to the restroom where she gathered a bloody, broken bottle and stuffed it into her purse. However, the potential murder weapon is not in her bag when the Inspector empties its contents. “I would never hurt him. Not him. I loved him,” Carla claims. It is then revealed that the murdered person is indeed Polo.





  • Jon Rod as Ander's Doctor
  • Carlos Olalla as Judge
  • Bruno Lastra as Felipe
  • Ken Appledorn as Nadia's Interviewer
  • Peter Nikolas as Guzmán's Interviewer
  • Julia Möller as Cayetana's Interviewer
  • Laura Calero as Nurse



Song Performer Scene
"The Kids Are Coming" Tones and I Trailer
"Galarina" Leïti Sène, Aleesha Omar notices a lump on Ander.
"Ya Lili" Balti (feat. Hamouda) Malick enters the shop where Nadia works and she follows him while being suspicious about him stealing.
"Hush" New Day Valerio having sex in the club after flirting with Rebeka.
"Lbalya (Drugs)" H-Kayne Malick takes his headphones off showing Nadia his watch who apologizes for the misunderstanding.
"In Dreams" Broken Twin Ander leaves his university interview and cries in the hallway.
"Now You're a Home" Christian Reindl (feat. Ruuth) At the end, Samuel is talking with his mother and Carla talks to her parents.


  • This episode has the name of Carla Rosón Caleruega and is the first episode of Elite to be named after a character.
  • Although not physically appearing in the episode, Nano's voice was heard during a phone call with Samuel and their mother Pilar. Nonetheless, Lorente was never credited.



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