Carla is the first episode of the third season of Elite, and the seventeenth episode of the series overall.

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Carla is interrogated when a student is killed at a party. In the past, she faces Polo in court, Ander has a health worry, and Nadia meets a new suitor.



The episode opens with a graduation party, during which someone suddenly comes crashing down to the first level of the dance club. The horrified crowd gathered around the body, we see Carla standing near broken glass, looking concerned.

Cut to five months earlier, and Polo is being released on bail while he’s still being investigated. The judge has requested a confrontation between Polo and his accuser Carla to compare their accounts. Guzmán is not too worried — “One look from her, and Polo will s—t his pants,” he says — but Samuel breaks the news to him that people don’t always get what they deserve. Carla informs Polo that she’s going to tell the truth… but she’ll give him a chance to confess first. Carla’s dad, however, would very much like her to keep quiet, noting that if she tells the truth and the police look into his dealings, it could implicate her mom, and she will lose her business.

At school, Samuel tries to appeal to Carla. Even if she loses everything, “you’ll have me. I love you,” he says. She slaps him in response. She thinks he’ll only love her as long as she does what he wants, and if she doesn’t, then he’ll discard her. “No, it’ll prove you’re the person I fell in love with,” he insists.

Meanwhile, Polo is freaking out and frantically calling Ander, who keeps ignoring him. Polo doesn’t want to live his life waiting to be caught when Ander talks. Polo also brings up the trophy, which Cayetana says is safe with her and is too risky to get rid of right now.

At the confrontation, Polo looks to be on the verge of confessing, when Carla interjects and says she made up all the allegations. “If she really loved you, she wouldn’t have stabbed you in the back,” Guzman tells a disappointed Samuel. Realizing that he can’t let Polo get away with what he did, Samuel tells his mom to go be with Nano, while he will stay behind at home.

Someone stabbed the victim before he fell. Carla tells the Inspector that she ran down to the dance floor after the crash, but she actually followed a trail of blood to the restroom where she gathered a bloody, broken bottle and stuffed it into her purse. However, the potential murder weapon is not in her bag when the Inspector empties its contents. “I would never hurt him. Not him. I loved him,” Carla claims.





  • Jon Rod as Ander's Doctor
  • Carlos Olalla as Judge
  • Bruno Lastra as Filipe
  • Ken Appledorn as Nadia's Interviewer
  • Peter Nikolas as Guzmán's Interviewer
  • Julia Möller as Cayetana's Interviewer
  • Laura Calero as Nurse


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