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Carla: "I'm leaving to study abroad."
Samuel: "Alone?"
Carla: "That's the idea."
Samuel: "Can people come visit?"
Carla: "That depends. Will you bring macaroni?"

Carla and Samuel, also known as Carmuel, is a couple that became romantically involved in Season 2 of Elite. Their relationship was purely physical at the beginning, later becoming more meaningful before falling apart. It started as a result of Samuel attempting to get close to Carla believing that she was somehow involved in the murder of Marina.

Their relationship is often complicated and they never manage to define exactly what it is. However, it is clear that they are in love with each other.

In Elite Short Stories: Carla Samuel, Samuel goes to the airport to convince Carla to stay with him in Spain. While Carla's flight to London is delayed, she spends time with Samuel at his house. She initially decides to stay in Spain, but later realises that her relationship with Samuel will not work out. They break up and Carla takes the next flight to London.




Carla: "You just played me and you won."
Samuel: "I lost you."
Carla: "You never had me." (0 hours missing)

Rebeca: "I'm worried about Samu."
Carla: "Why?"
Rebeca: "Haven't you realized it yet? That kid worships the ground you walk on. He'd go to hell just to warm up a damn pizza if you asked him to. You have him in the palm of your hand. But if you clench your fist..." (Polo)

Samuel: "How are you?"
Carla: "How am I?"
*Carla pushes Samuel*
Carla: "Stay away from me! I swear I'll hit you right here.
Samuel: "Listen. I'm sorry I put you in this position, but you can't back down now."
Carla: "Do you realize if I go ahead with this, I'll lose my family, the wineries, and everything? What the f*** will I have left?"
Samuel: "Me. You'll have me...I love you."
*Carla slaps Samuel*
Carla: "Only if I do as you say, right? You'll toss me aside again when you're done."
Samuel: "No, if you do what I ask, you'll prove you're the person I fell in love with."
*Carla walks off* (Carla)



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