Cayetana "Caye" Grajera Pando is a character on the Netflix series Elite. She is portrayed by Georgina Amorós.

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Cayetana is a transfer student at Las Encinas. She comes from a poor background. Her mother is a maid and Cayetana often helps her mother do cleaning jobs around town. Her mom started to work at Las Encinas as a janitor, which enabled Cayetana to get a free scholarship to attend the school. She lives with her mother and her unnamed grandpa in a small apartment.

Cayetana is ashamed of her past and wanted a fresh start, so she posed as a rich student to try and blend in with the other students. She befriends Lu and has a crush on Polo.

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Throughout Season 2, Cayetana works to hide her poor background. She steals fancy clothing from cleaning clients to try and pose as someone who can afford designer clothing. She forces her mother to keep her secret, even though her mom works at the school and wants to call Cayetana her daughter in public. Cayetana is very concerned with appearances.

In the beginning of Season 2, she transfers to the school and is pinned as a "social media guru". She posts tons of selfies on her Instagram. Lu is dubious of Cayetana, so she pretends to befriend her to find out more. Cayetana invites Lu, Valerio, and Guzman to "her house" for a party. She claims that she lives alone and only with a maid on occasion. The reality is that Cayetana was hired to dogsit for the family that lives in the mansion.

Lu eventually accepts her and they become friends. Cayetana gets invited to the elite parties and keeps up the charade of being a rich person. Some see through her, like Rebeca, who finds out that she is really a poor maid.

Cayetana pursues Polo in Season 2. She asks him out and they go on a date, where she talks about all the fabulous vacations she's been on (when in reality everything she says is a lie).

Season 3 Edit

Cayetana is one of the only students to stick by Polo's side after the murder; she continues to hide the trophy therefore ensuring Polo remains free. She plans to go to London with Polo to study, and the two eventually begin a relationship with Valerio, although it is clear that this is due to Polo's attraction to Valerio.

Cayetana's world comes crashing down when Polo breaks things off with her, citing that she didn't love him, only the life he could've given her with his wealth. She is heartbroken, but begins a relationship with Valerio nevertheless.

Following Polo's death, Cayetana seems to be the only one — alongside Guzman — that is truly saddened by the death. Nevertheless, she helps cover up the death as a suicide, citing that she always loved Polo. Despite Polo's mothers offering to pay for Cayetana's education — as Polo's last wish — Cayetana declines, remarking that state education's are good. Despite this, she is seen cleaning the floors of Las Encinas.[1]

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Cayetana is an attractive young woman of small stature with long, curly dark-blonde hair similar to that of Carla's; she has lighter highlights towards the ends of her hair. Cayetana is often seen masquerading in expensive dresses that she borrows from her cleaning clients, and is sometimes seen sporting expensive jewellery.

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Cayetana has a complex personality, and had no issue pretending to be something she is not — an affluent elite. She had no issues borrowing, and sometimes stealing from her clients in order to impress her friends.

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Cayetana had a close, romantic relationship with Polo, and was one of the only people — except his mothers — to stick by him after the revelation that he caused Marina's death. Nevertheless, the relationship seemed one-sided, and Polo abused the relationship in a bid to grow closer, and start a relationship with Valerio.

Cayetena, however, truly loved Polo and in fears of him moving to England to complete the school year, she alerted them to the negative press surrounding Polo and he was declined entry. Polo later broke off the relationship with her when he found this out, citing that she never loved him, only the life he could give her with his wealth.

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  • She is not wealthy, although she pretends to be.
  • Even after her real life being exposed as a lie, she is still concerned about her appearance and accepts her not wealthy life only at the end of season 3. She is, in fact, seen cleaning Las Encinas' floors in the very last scene.
  • She is an accomplished liar, having been able to hide her true conditions for months and having been exposed only by pure chance. She has even been able to show Lucrecia a house which wasn't hers, but she was pretending to be hers.
  • Her mother worked as a cleaner at Las Encinas.
    • She is later seen working the same job.[1]


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