Cayetana and Valerio is the third episode of the third season of Elite, and the nineteenth episode of the series overall.

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Polo is harassed at school. Samuel mulls the police's offer as he and Rebeca become closer. Ander struggles with his treatment.



The episode begins at school, with the entire group glued to their phones as a Tweet from Polo goes viral reading “Of course I killed Marina. Did you still doubt it?” The tweet brings Samuel and Guzmán into the Principal’s office where she tells them it’s harassment until they bring the conversation back to the donation, which stops her line of questioning.

Samuel and Rebeca continue to hook up, only Samuel is obviously only involved because of Carla’s new relationship with Yeray. Rebeca admits to being insecure around him and the duo continue to grow closer together.

Nadia’s father expresses concerns over her daughter being in school by herself but Malick arrives, promising them that he’ll look after her. In private, he invites her out to a party.

Samuel is taken down the police station where he’s told Nano could be released in the near future. In order to do so however, they task Samuel with gaining crucial intel on Sandra. This, of course, puts him in a difficult position given he’s romantically linked with Rebeca.

At Samuel’s, the group gather and discuss Polo and how he tried to kill himself. As they go on, they talk about what to do next while Valerio listens in secret to the entire conversation behind the door.

With Polo isolating himself from the group, Cayetana drops off a note under the door for him. As he opens the note, he finally opens the door and invites her in to talk.

Yeray’s party begins and Carla hooks up with him after talking about money and how he managed to make it on his own. Samuel arrives not long after though and she talks with him about Polo. With her father watching from afar, she dismisses him and tells Samuel to leave.

Valerio sits with Polo and tells him he sees everything – including mentioning the threesome he had. He goes on to tell him he’s different and as he turns his attention to Cayetana, he calls her fascinating.

At the party, Guzman spots Nadia kissing Malick and as he turns, he sees Polo dancing on the dance floor, immediately distracting him. Ander tries to stop him from doing anything rash but Guzman lashes out, prompting Omar to get involved and tell him to leave Ander alone given he’s sick, spilling the truth about his Leukemia.

This brings all three of them into the toilets where Ander admits to not wanting to do chemo. A shocked Guzman sits with him and reassures him that there’s no ill-feelings, especially given the secret Ander was holding that ate away at him.

As Polo starts to get into the groove of the party, another tweet comes through, telling the crowd to stop staring at the murderer as he even tried killing himself. It’s too much for Polo to deal with and he walks away, as we see it wasn’t actually Guzman who sent the text this time.

At home, Polo’s parents confront him about the tweets and apologize, listening in shock as Polo admits he wants to disappear and get away from the town. They agree to finish the school year and move abroad as Cayetana stands watching from afar. He thanks them for their help and goes on to embrace his parents as Cayetana averts her gaze.

At school, in the pouring rain Polo confronts Guzman over the forwarded tweets and tells him he’s messed up the chance to get rid of him. No schools will take him on thanks to the tweet being forwarded to every school. This leaves him in a tricky position and forced to continue on at this school.

In the future, we see Valerio and Cayetana hooking up together but they stop when they notice Polo entering the party. Cayetana pleads with Valerio to leave Polo alone and as he’s handed a bottle of champagne, we see this bottle is the exact same one that was smashed at the party.

In the aftermath of Polo’s death, Valerio whispers to Cayetana, pleading with her not to tell anyone what happened. The inspector tells Cayetana it’s her turn to be interviewed and as she leaves, we cut back and see the contents of Polo’s note reading “You are the opposite of a murderer, you saved my life”. However, as we soon see from a scene not long after that, it was actually Cayetana who sent the tweet about his suicide.





  • Fran Cantos as Almagro Inspector
  • Eric Masip as Pub Barman
  • Davinia Morales as Rebeca's Maid


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