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Club Del Lago/Lake Club is a location on the Netflix series Elite. It's a luxurious restaurant that the students of Las Encinas often go to.


At the beginning of Season 4, Omar is a manager and Samuel is a waiter. After approaching Benjamín about the exam during his dinner with Ari, Samuel is fired. However, Benjamín later helps him get rehired.

Throughout the season, the Blanco family is seen regularly having meals at the club

In When Lies Dance with Temptation, the employees at Club del Lago, including Samuel and Omar, were hired to be caterers at Phillipe's party, Le Bal.

In one episode, Phillipe Von Triesenberg works at the club as Cayetana's server for one night, in an attempt to get her to forgive him. Cayetana initially isn't impressed by him playing waiter, but eventually changes her mind.

In Before I Go (Part I) and Before I Go (Part II), Club Del Lago hosts a New Year's Party. Armando follows Mencía to the party. Ari drunkenly confronts him at a pier and attempts to reveal what has been going on between him and Mencía to her father. However, Armando beats her up and runs away. Guzmán finds Ari lying on the pier with bruises and upon her request, he runs after Armando into a storage room. There, they engage in a physical fight and Guzmán shoots him with a flare gun. He later dumps Armando's body into the lake with the help Rebeka and Samuel.





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