Deseo/Desire is the second episode of the first season of Elite. It is the second episode of the series overall.

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A school project brings Marina and Samuel closer, and inspires Guzmán to try and win over Nadia. Meanwhile, Christian is shocked by a revelation.



Lu is interrogated by the Inspector in a flash-forward. Lu remarks that the new students are like new animals infiltrating an ecosystem; the Inspector is confused and questions why Lu would refer to the students in this way.

Back at Las Encinas, the teacher tells the class that they are to do a social media experiment in which they improve their social media presence whilst also learning about their partner, which they will choose before leaving the class. Christian remarks that his profile is perfect, which receives a sarcastic comment from Lu and laughs from the class. Lu tells Guzman that it is his chance to pick Nadia as a partner and enact their "plan". He is at first reluctant, however eventually gives in to Lu's prompts and asks Nadia to be his pair — despite an initial reluctance from her, she agrees. Christian and Ander work together, Polo and Carla and Marina and Samuel.

Nano is working at the restaurant where Samuel waits. He tells Nano to hurry as customers are waiting and he told the manager that Nano had experience. Nano tells Samuel not to rush him, and remarks that the town is full of snobs. Meanwhile, Samuel waits on Ander, Polo and Guzman's table. Guzman makes a remark about his food being overcooked, however Samuel is distracted when he hears banging in the kitchen. When he goes to check it out, he finds Nano being attacked by two men. Despite Samuel's questioning, Nano tells him that everything is fine.

Leaving the diner, Ander meets up with Omar, buying drugs from him. Ander tells him that it is good to see him and that the two can finish smoking the marijuana he started. Omar tells Ander to forget the other night and that he is not gay; he simply wanted to experiment. Ander goes to kiss Omar who pulls away, but instigates a kiss afterwards. When it begins to rain, the two head under the shelter where they begin making out. Omar begins to put his hands down Ander's pants and he quickly gets cold feet. The two continue, but Ander pulls away when Omar removes his wallet from his pocket placing it on the chair beside to ensure Ander is more comfortable. Omar is offended, remarking that it is typical for Ander to think he is about to steal from him. Ander tells Omar that he isn't comfortable and leaves shortly after — Guzman watches the entire situation from a far, having followed Ander.

Guzman confronts Ander the following day, but Ander simply reiterates that he was training. Outside, Samuel and Marina are creating a video documentary for their social media experiment. Marina suggests that the two head back inside, and she begins to dance in the school gym whilst Samuel records. Samuel forgets to turn off the video camera after they have finished, however and captures Marina revealing that her father is involved in shady business dealings and is hiding documents proving his involvement.

Polo witnesses Christian and Carla talking and, approaching Carla after Christian has left, Carla reveals that Christian is clueless about their previous activity. Carla thanks Polo for convincing her to do it and questions if they can again; it becomes quite clear that Polo is worried about Carla's relationship with Christian. Guzman talks with Nadia abut the project, but Nadia is clear in her efforts to avoid Guzman, simply handing him a list of questions and telling him to have them answered by tomorrow. Lu witnesses the event and tells Guzman that Nadia will not make it easy for him.

Marina visits Samuel's work looking for Samuel, but finds Nano instead. The encounter is awkward, but Marina eventually finds Samuel out back on his break. Marina asks if Samuel wants to work on the project and the two begin filming once again. Samuel and Marina begin talking about Marina's unwillingness to expose her father, and Marina begins recounting how she discovered the details on her father — these documents include using cheap materials during the construction of San Esteban. Samuel is called back to work shortly after, ending the conversation between the two.

Guzman visits Nadia, who is surprised to see him and questions what he wants. He tells her that he wishes to introduce himself to her parents despite her reluctance. Guzman asks for her father's permission to do the project, however things become tense and Guzman reveals that his father paid for Nadia's scholarship, therefore it would be in his best interest to allow them to work on the project. Guzman becomes confused when Omar enters and he realises that Omar is the same person he had seen Ander with after school the previous day. Omar texts Ander to ask if he is still freaked out, however Ander ignores the message.

Later that night, Carla messages with Christian, but is interrupted by Polo, who calls her on Skype to ask what she is doing. Carla tells him that she is speaking with Christian and the conversation was just getting interesting; she questions if Polo would like to join to make things more interesting. Polo dictates what Carla should say to Christian and the three begin to get off on the conversation.

The following day at school, Guzman asks Christian if Nadia's brother is a muslim, with Christian confirming that he is. Christian incorrectly believes Guzman wants to purchase drugs from Omar and begins to explain everything he sells; Guzman is confused by the situation but believes he needs to tell Nadia. Guzman apologises to Nadia, citing that he only wanted to show her father he was a good person. Nadia does not want to talk with Guzman and tells him she has finished the project without him. In retaliation, Guzman tells Martín that he feels the project is incomplete, and in return Martín tells her that she has not taken the project seriously, and that they should improve.

Nano notices that Samuel has left his computer unlocked. He watches the video Samuel and Marina made and witnesses Marina admitting that her father holds the incriminating evidence against himself.

Guzman interrupts Christian and Carla who are arranging to meet up at her place later in the day. Carla tells Guzman it is none of his business, but he has a hard time accepting that Christian is not making a move on Polo's girlfriend. Polo arrives shortly after and diffuses the situation and the two leave for the bathroom to talk. Polo reveals their arrangement with Christian — that Christian is unaware of — but Guzman doesn't understand what Polo gains from the "game". Lu talks with Martín in his classroom after the lesson, where she blackmails Martín into rising her grade so that she may appear the smartest in the school. Nadia interrupts Guzman's swim and the two take photographs for the social media project.

Samuel returns home after school to find his house ransacked. His mother tells him that some men came looking for Nano, and Samuel questions if it was the same guys from La Cabaña. Nano dismisses Nano's questions and his mother becomes increasingly confused about the situation and too begins to question what guys Samuel is referring to and what mess Nano is in. Nano and Samuel talk and he reveals that he owes a lot of money to the people who protected him whilst in prison. Nano tells Samuel that he knows about Marina's father's documents and he can use them for blackmail, or sell them for money — Samuel is horrified by his brother's suggestion, but changes his mind later on and promises to get Nano the papers.

Ander returns home to find his parents have ransacked his room in search of the drugs. Ander questions how they found the drugs, and his father reveals that Guzman informed them. His father is adamant that this could ruin his career, however Ander remarks that it is only the second time he has bought.

Polo tells Carla that they should drop the thing with Christian, given the whole idea sounds stupid. Carla doesn't want to, however and it becomes clear that she is enjoying the situation. Carla remarks that the two of them are anything but normal, therefore shouldn't conform and should continue experimenting.

A flash-forward shows Carla's interrogation finishing and Polo being invited in. Carla hugs Polo and whispers in his ear that Guzman is the suspect.

Later the following day, Marina and Samuel work on the social media experiment at her house. Samuel uses this as an opportunity to search Marina's house — and her father's office — for the papers. He is interrupted by Nadia, however, who is studying with Guzman at the same house. Nadia tells Samuel that her father is on the phone and wants confirmation that she is studying at his house, to which he confirms. Marina arrives and asks what Samuel is doing, and he reveals that he couldn't find the bathroom; Marina suspects nothing and tells Samuel that the bathroom is at the other end of the house.

Christian arrives at Carla's house as planned and the two begin making out. Christian becomes alarmed when they are interrupted by Polo, however, but Polo quickly remarks that it is fine. Christian becomes alarmed when Polo reveals that he watched him and Christian together the other night, causing Christian to leave in a horrified rush. Carla tells Polo that he shouldn't have told Christian, however Polo is glad that the information is out.





  • Julián Ortega as Encargado 'La Cabaña'
  • Víctor Castilla as Cocinero 'La Cabaña'
  • Javier Mula as Hombre Amenaza
  • Paola Mulano as Criada Carla
  • Julia Rodríguez as Alumna 1
  • Paula Fernández Mata as Alumna 2
  • Sonia Oblinski as Alumna 3

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  • Ander's parents find the drugs he purchased from Omar.
  • Samuel agrees to steal papers from Marina that implicate her father in illegal business; he intends to pass the papers to Nano who can blackmail Ventura for money.
  • Guzman finds out about the three-way relationship between Carla, Polo, and Christian.
    • Christian — who is initially unaware that Polo and Carla are manipulating him — also finds out.


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