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El amor es una droga/Love is a Drug is the fourth episode of the first season of Elite. It is the fourth episode of the series overall.


Guzmán tries to earn Nadia's forgiveness. Polo and Christian bond at a gala. Lu bribes her teacher. To pay his debt, Nano must complete a dark mission.



The story behind how Marina contracted HIV is explored. At fourteen years old, Marina entered into a sexual relationship with Pablo, a seventeen year old who was HIV+. It is explained that Pablo was unaware he was HIV+, therefore he had no opportunity to warn Marina beforehand. Instead of pressing charges against Pablo — who was guilty of statutory rape — Ventura and Marina's mother Laura paid off Pablo to disappear and not press charges against Guzmán, Polo, and Ander, who all took part in beating Pablo nearly to death after the revelation that Marina was HIV+. Guzmán's violent past is discovered in a bid to prove that he is capable of murder when (in the future) it becomes clear that the Police investigating Marina's death suspect Guzmán to be responsible.

Following the fact that Lu taunted Nadia with the details surrounding her bet with Guzmán that he could take Nadia's virginity, Guzmán officially calls things off with Lu; he believes her spiteful actions to be futile.

Nadia, however, is still bitter and unwilling to forgive Guzmán despite his best efforts. He presents her with a custom-made, pink hijab, which she gratefully accepts but still does not forgive him. In a bid to scare him off, she tells Guzmán that the only way she will forgive him is if he apologises to her parents on his knees, telling them exactly what he did. Later that night, Guzmán arrives at Nadia's family shop and intends apologise to her parents. Not wanting to air their laundry — and thinking that Guzmán wouldn't do it — Nadia is shocked and pulls Guzmán away before he is able to reveal any details. He does, however, accidentally reveal to her parents that Nadia was prohibited from wearing her hijab at school, which angers her father Yusef. Nadia accuses Guzmán of again trying to win a challenge and prove a point much like he did in his bet with Lu.

Benefit cocktail party

Guzmán, Marina, Lu, Carla, Polo and Ander arrive at Marquesado de Caleruega Winery with their parents for the benefit cocktail party. Samuel shows up and is mocked by the other students for not being on the official guest list and wearing a suit that still has the tag attached (he intended to return the suit after the party). When Laura reminds Marina that she was not allowed to invite any friends, she claims that Samuel isn't a friend, but her boyfriend. Samuel leaves the party, upset at Marina for using him to rebel against her parents. Marina follows him outside, the two talk for a bit and reconcile with each other.

Begoña talks to Christian

During the party, Begoña asks Christian about his future goals. He explains that he wants to become famous, but is unsure of how he would accomplish that. Beatriz comments on how the younger generation often want to become successful with little to no effort. In response, Carla questions the amount of effort her mother, Beatriz, put into becoming a marchioness and heir to Marquesado de Caleruega.

Guzmán goes into the basement and finds his father and Teo doing lines of cocaine. He watches from a distance and becomes visibly upset.

Nano follows Fer

Meanwhile, Nano is sent on a mission by the prison thugs who are threatening him. They give him a photo of a man named Fer and tell him to shoot Fer in the leg for not paying his debts. Nano reluctantly agrees. That night, he follows Fer as he leaves a building. Surprisingly, Fer is meeting Omar outside a sports ground to buy drugs. Omar sees Nano and introduces Fer and Nano to each other. After Omar leaves, Fer starts talking with Nano and telling him about his family, not knowing about his intentions. Nano changes his mind about shooting Fer and instead grabs him, desperately warning him to move far away with his family. Later, at the carpark, Nano tells the thugs that was he was unable to find Fer. However, the thugs open the trunk of their car, revealing Fer tied up and gagged inside. They shoot Fer themselves, increase Nano's debt amount from €40,000 to €60,000, stab Nano and tell him that this is his final warning before driving away.

A wounded Nano eventually stumbles to his house, where Marina has been hanging out. She takes Nano in and puts him on the couch, covering his stab wound while his brother Samuel is in the bathroom. Nano explains that he is deeply in debt; Marina hints that she can help him get the money.

Omar and Ander meet

Omar rides his bicycle to the winery to meet Discreto19, the username of a man that he was chatting with on a dating app. He is annoyed to find that it is Ander, but agrees to go inside Marquesado de Caleruega Winery with him. While they kiss in the basement, Guzmán and Samuel watch from a distance and are both surprised, as they were unaware that the two were gay and in a relationship. Guzmán is annoyed that Ander would keep such a thing from his best friend.

Carla flips her mother off

Polo and Christian have a discussion about their parents. Carla explains that her parents wanted to show them off, but Christian suggests leaving the party and going to Carla and Polo's Apartment to eat. Christian grabbed a bottle of wine and ran off with Carla and Polo. Despite Beatriz's scorn, Carla kisses both boys in front of everyone, flips her mother off, and the three leave the party to have a threesome.

Later that night, Guzmán realises that his father is a fraud and partly responsible for the collapse of San Esteban. He vows to become a better person and despite not believing that he deserved Nadia's forgiveness, she is touched and remarked that he now does.





  • Javier Mula as Hombre Amenaza
  • Jesús Gallo as Hombre Amenaza 2
  • Félix Herzog as Fer
  • Alberto Vargas as Pablo Ruiz
  • Paco Blázquez as Médico
  • Alex Ricart as Encargado Invitaciones


*Carla approaches Christian*
Christian: "Hello."
Carla: "When is our next dinner for three?"
Christian: "I don't know. The fish was actually very good the other night, the meat, not so much."
Carla: "You didn't even try the meat."
Christian: "How about dinner just for the two of us?"
Carla: "You know that can't be."
Christian: "No problem, I'll go on a diet then."
Carla: "Too bad, I was looking forward to it."
Christian: "Shame, I am tired of feeling like a d*ck with legs. I am good for a lot more."
Carla: "It's true. You're right. Want to come to a party with celebrities?"
*Christian smiles*

Marina: "It's a benefit cocktail party. Some 100 guests gorging themselves on seafood and champagne, because they're super worried about world hunger. And then, with the funds they raise, they buy cans of chickpeas for the poor."
Samuel: "Right."
Marina: "I'm going because my father's making me."
Samuel: "Champagne, luxury, seafood...What a drag!"
Marina: "Would you like to come with me?"
Samuel: "Would you like me to go?"
Marina: "Of course."

Samuel: "Why did you make me come if I wasn't invited?"
Marina: "I was mad that at the other party you were used for my dad's pictures. And you weren't allowed here."
Samuel: "You're using me now. I'm an excuse to rebel against your parents. Look, I had imagined many times the moment when we would decide to be a couple. Many times. But it was never like this, I assure you."
*Samuel goes outside and Marina follows him*
Marina: "Do you have your time machine on you? I'd love to go back...a half hour, more or less. I'm sorry."
Samuel: "Do you like me, Marina? If this is about the HIV..."
Marina: "You don't know me. Do you know what I thought when I found out Pablo had infected me? That...somehow that secret, that thing we both shared, would bring us together. That thanks to the HIV, we would always be together. That really is sick...and idiotic. And then he left. Without saying goodbye."
Samuel: "Can I tell you a secret? You can't travel through time. Or change the past. So why not stop looking back...and start looking forward?"
*Samuel and Marina kiss*
Marina: "Is this closer to what you had imagined?"
Samuel: "You have lipstick."
Marina: "You too."
*Samuel and Marina laugh*

Nadia: "What are you doing? And you told my father about the scarf!"
Guzmán: "How was I to know you hadn't told him? I only did what you asked me to do."
Nadia: "Because I thought you wouldn't dare. That it was the only way you'd leave me alone."
Guzmán: "Now you know it takes a lot more to discourage me."
Nadia: "For you, all of this is just another challenge, huh? First, taking my virginity, now, getting me to forgive you. What's next, conquering Everest?"
Guzmán: "After you, Everest will be nothing. If you don't want to be a challenge, why make it so hard?"
Nadia: "Guzmán...I don't want anything with you. Because I think you're a bad person."
*Nadia goes to open the front door of Frutería Shanaa*
Guzmán: "Tomorrow...we're throwing a benefit gala to raise funds for the homeless. Would a bad person do that? I don't think so. You're invited."
*Guzmán leaves Frutería Shanaa*


Song Performer Scene
"Nightfall" Black Lilys Marina is listening to music when Samuel approaches her with a "time machine". Nadia approaches Guzmán to give back the gift he left in her locker.
"Oh Honey Sweet" The Primitives Christian wears a tailor made suit by Carla's tailor.
"So Good" Danna Paola Lu arrives at the party and speaks to Carla and Christian.
"Stranger Danger" Rush Week Samuel arrives at the party.
"My Baby’s Just A Baby (But I Love Him So)" Knickers Ander and Omar kissing in the wine cellar during the party.
"That Way Again" Mazzy Star Nadia and Guzmán talk in the hall before class.


  • It is revealed that Nano's debt is $60,000. This rises to $80,000 when he is slashed across the abdomen for not shooting someone.
  • In a bid to win Nadia's trust, Guzmán gifts her a hijab.
    • Eventually, she forgives him.
  • Guzmán ends his relationship with Lu.



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