El amor es una droga/Love Is a Drug is the fourth episode of the first season of Elite. It is the fourth episode of the series overall.

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Guzmán tries to earn Nadia's forgiveness. Polo and Christian bond at a gala. Lu bribes her teacher. To pay his debt, Nano must complete a dark mission.



The story behind how Marina contracted HIV is explored. At fourteen years old, Marina entered into a sexual relationship with Pablo — a seventeen year old — who was HIV+. It is explained that Pablo was unaware he was HIV+, therefore had no opportunity to warn Marina beforehand. Instead of pressing charges against Pablo — who was guilty of statutory rape — Ventura and Marina's mother paid off Pablo to disappear and not press charges against Guzman, Polo, and Ander, who wall took part in beating Pablo up after the revelation that Marina was HIV+. Guzman's violent past is discovered in a bid to prove that he is capable of murder when it becomes clear that the Police investigating Marina's death believe Guzman to be responsible.

Following the fact that Lu taunted Nadia with the details surrounding her bet with Guzman in which the two bet Guzman could take Nadia's virginity, Guzman officially calls things off with Lu; he believes her spiteful actions to be futile.

Nadia, however, is unwilling to forgive Guzman despite his best efforts, and he presents her with a hijab. She takes the hijab but does not forgive him and, in a bid to scare him off, she tells Guzman that he must apologise to her parents. Later that night, Guzman arrives at Nadia's family shop in a bid to apologise to her parents. Not wanting to air their laundry — and thinking that Guzman wouldn't do it — Nadia is shocked and pulls Guzman away before he is able to reveal any details. Nadia accuses him of again trying to beat a challenge and prove a point much like he did in his bet with Lu.

Christian, Polo and Carla ramp up their relationship when the three of them attend a party with their parents. Christian suggests the three of them leave the party and despite Carla's mother's scorn, Carla kisses both boys and flips her mother off.

Later that night, Guzman realises his father is a fraud and partly responsible for he collapse of San Esteban. He vows to become a better person and despite not believing he deserved Nadia's forgiveness, she is touched and remarks that he now does.





  • Javier Mula as Hombre Amenaza
  • Jesús Gallo as Hombre Amenaza 2
  • Félix Herzog as Fer
  • Alberto Vargas as Pablo Ruiz
  • Paco Blázquez as Médico
  • Alex Ricart as Encargado Invitaciones

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  • It is revealed that Nano's debt is $60,000. This rises to $80,000 when he is slashed across the abdomen for not shooting someone.
  • In a bid to win Nadia's trust, Guzman gifts her a hijab.
    • Eventually, she forgives him.
  • Guzman ends his relationship with Lu.


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