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Five Seconds/5 Seconds  es.  5 segundos ) is the second episode of the fourth season of Elite, and the twenty-sixth episode of the series overall.


Prince Phillipe's arrival at the school prompts strict security measures and controversy. Samuel and Omar's towel party leads to new romantic hookups.



Prince Phillipe, a prince from the Principality of Triesen in Central Europe, joins Las Encinas as a new student. As the second youngest heir in Europe, he comes from a background of immense wealth and privilege. Benjamín, who has arranged for Phillipe to attend Las Encinas to get him away from "rumours" in his country, receives Phillipe in a lavish ceremony along with Ari and Patrick. Meanwhile, Mencía is prostituting herself again with Armando in her hotel room, though she tells him this is the last time. A flash forward to the end of the year shows Ari in the hospital, unconscious and on a ventilator.

Back in the present, security cameras and metal detectors are being installed throughout Las Encinas in preparation for the arrival of Prince Phillipe, whom Benjamín has promised complete security. Cayetana excitedly awaits meeting Phillipe as he is an important figure in the world of fashion design, and she is an admirer of his lavish lifestyle. She eagerly explains to her peers that Phillipe speaks four languages fluently, has studied at the most elite boarding schools in Europe, and that he is the founder of the prestigious debutant ball Le Bal in Paris.

Guzmán apologises to Ari for attempting to manipulate her. The two of them acknowledge that they are attracted to one another, but Guzmán admits he is in a relationship and therefore cannot pursue Ari any further. Samuel and Guzmán talk about Ari and it becomes apparent that they are both attracted to her. Guzmán tells Samuel that Ari is out of his league, which insults Samuel and causes slight tension between him and Guzmán.

The students are required to fill out screening forms and provide extensive information about their past in preparation for the arrival of Prince Phillipe. Rebeka is furious that she has to disclose information about her mother's criminal record as a drug kingpin, since now Benjamín and the entire class know. Mencía later comforts Rebeka by seducing and kissing her in the locker room. However, they are caught by Benjamín, who now sees Rebeka as a delinquent due to her mother's criminal record. Rebeka is highly embarrassed by the situation and later tells Mencía to leave her alone. Defeated, Mencía messages Armando saying she wants to hook up again.

A handful of the longtime students gather at the Lake Club that evening. Guzmán is frustrated that Nadia won't answer his calls. The students agree that they miss the old days at Las Encinas and express their anger towards Benjamín and his children. They decide to organize a party and to invite only longtime students. Later, Samuel talks with Rebeka in private and attempts to apologise for what he did to her the previous year. She slaps him in return, saying that he can't do anything to right his wrongs. Samuel responds that Rebeka shouldn't close herself off to other people just because of him, implying that she should admit her feelings for Mencía.

Meanwhile, as Mencía is chatting up Armando in a nightclub, Sandra is seen making a drug deal in the background, meaning she is now dealing in secret without Rebeka knowing. Sandra spots Mencía talking to Armando, and decides to talk to her in private. Sandra warns Mencía that Armando frequently hires young prostitutes and that she should be careful of him; Mencía doesn't want to hear it.

Ander admits to Omar that Patrick attempted to seduce him at the gay club, and that even though he rejected Patrick's advances, he was aroused by the experience. As Ander describes the sexual tension he had with Patrick, Omar becomes frustrated but highly aroused himself.

Cayetana dresses lavishly in preparation for meeting Prince Phillipe on his first day at Las Encinas. She attempts to hide the fact that she is the school janitor, but this fact is rudely revealed by Ari, who looks down on Cayetana due to her social class. Later, Ander and Omar watch Patrick in the showers, arousing both of them. However, security clears all male students out of the showers so that Phillipe can shower alone. Angered, the students later protest Phillipe's presence at the school by walking out of the classroom as he enters. Ari scolds her fellow classmates for their cynicism, causing Samuel to take her side which in turn angers Guzmán.

Phillipe speaks to Cayetana in private and implies that he doesn't care about her social class, much to her delight.

The longtime students decide to throw a "towel party" at Samuel's house, where everyone dresses only in a towel in an act of rebellion. Cayetana insists that Phillipe is invited; Guzmán is angered when Samuel abruptly invites Ari. He also invites Mencía in an attempt to get Rebeka closer to her. Later, Patrick chats with Omar at the Lake Club, which clearly arouses the latter.

The Towel Party begins at Samuel's house. As the night progresses, the students' built-up emotions are released. Ander and Omar ask Patrick if he would like to form a threesome, he accepts and the three of them have passionate sex at the party. Rebeka and Mencía finally hook up. Guzmán attempts to video chat with Nadia, who sees Guzmán dancing with Ari, causing an embarrassing moment. Ari, who rarely drinks, gets highly intoxicated and becomes much more extroverted and sexually daring, causing her to hook up with Samuel. Guzmán spots them entering Samuel's room and is secretly enraged. Guzmán steps out of the party and calls Nadia; the two of them admit they are struggling with their long-distance relationship and agree to put it on pause for a week to reflect.

Phillipe and Cateyana flirt while dancing; after things heat up he takes her back to his palace where they have sex. However, it is revealed that the hookup is being recorded by hidden cameras placed throughout the palace. In a flash forward to the end of the year, Ari is shown in critical condition, when suddenly her heart rate flatlines.









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