Frutería Shanaa is a location on the Netflix series Elite. It is a grocery store owned by the Shanaa family.

History[edit | edit source]

The store is owned by the Yusef and Imán. Their children Omar and Nadia work there as store clerks. In Season 3, Guzmán worked there to allow Nadia to have more time for her studies.

The Shanaa family live behind the store.

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Frutería means "greengrocer's" or "produce store" in Spanish.
  • Frutería Shanaa is located on the corner of 2 streets.
  • In real life, Frutería Shanaa is a grocery store named "Afrutados" (stylised Afruta 2) located on Calle la Calzada, 25, Guadarrama, Spain.[2] A google maps image can be seen here.
  • In Sábado noche, Guzmán shows up at Frutería Shanaa to ask Nadia for the address of Samuel's house. While he is there, he buys a jar of asparagus.
  • There is a bar across the street from Frutería Shanaa. Nadia tells Guzmán to have a cup of tea there and calm down while he waits for her.[3]
  • In El amor es una droga, Guzmán shows up at Frutería Shanaa unannounced to ask Nadia's parents for forgiveness. He goes behind the store to where the Shanaa family lives and joins them while they eat dinner, but Nadia pulls him away before he is able to reveal any details to her parents.
  • In Lu (episode), Guzmán starts working at Frutería Shanaa so Nadia has more time to study. He is paid €3 per hour.

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