Guzmán Nunier Osuna is a main character on the Netflix series Elite. He is a student attending Las Encinas. His sister was Marina. He is portrayed by Miguel Bernardeau.



Guzmán is the adopted son of wealthy businessman Ventura Nunier. His biological parents died ten years ago from drug overdoses. Since he was a child, Guzmán has been best friends with Ander and Polo. He is regarded as the leader of this group and is loyal and supportive of his friends, but his actions can lean towards controlling at times. Guzmán attends Las Encinas. Prior to the pilot episode, Guzmán's sister, Marina, was infected with HIV from a fellow classmate, Pablo. This puts a strain on their family. Guzmán is a supportive and protective brother and constantly looks out for Marina.

Throughout the Series Edit

Season 1Edit

When Nadia, Christian and Samuel arrive at Las Encinas, Guzmán is the primary culprit in trying to belittle them and make them feel small. He is derogatory towards Samuel referring to him as a waiter, and aggressively rude towards Christian who he finds particularly irritating. At the beginning of Season 1 Guzmán has a friends with benefits relationship with Lucrecia and the two of them are caught having sex in the school showers by Nadia. Worried that Nadia will use this against them Guzmán and Lu attempt to befriend Nadia and Guzmán even attempts to seduce her to ensure that she stays quiet. At Marina's party later that evening Guzmán continues to slag off the new students.

When Nano arrives and shouts angrily about the inequality and unfairness in society Guzmán reacts strongly and threatens to have Samuel expelled for the outburst. However, Nadia threatens him, saying that should he do so, she will expose both himself and Lucrecia to the Principal for their promiscuous behavior. Although this saves Samuel from expulsion it also puts Nadia in Guzmán's direct line of vision and both him and Lu decide to get revenge. Lu suggests that they publicly humiliate Nadia by making her fall in love with Guzmán and then exposing her to the whole school. Guzmán agrees to this. The first episode also reveals the strain in Guzmán's family life. His sister Marina is HIV+, who was infected by Pablo, a former scholarship student at Las Encinas. Guzmán's hatred towards the scholarship students is largely due to his belief that they are all similar to Pablo.

Although Guzmán goes along with the plan to seduce Nadia, his affection towards Nadia gradually becomes genuine. When given the chance to take advantage of Nadia while she is drugged, Guzmán refuses to go through with it. Feeling repentant, Guzmán apologizes to Nadia and even visits her parents to ask their forgiveness, but Nadia stops him, but eventually decides to forgive him. His friendship with Nadia grows increasingly steady, much to Lucrecia and Yusef (Nadia's father)'s dismay. He confesses to Lu that he has fallen in love with Nadia, and she walks off in disbelief. After Yusef forbids Nadia from seeing Guzmán and from continuing her education at Las Encinas, he makes a deal with Yusef: he will end his friendship with Nadia so that she can stay at Las Encinas. After Marina's death, he drunkenly tries to commit suicide by falling off of a building, but Lu saves his life and the two resume their relationship.

Season 2 Edit

Throughout Season 2, Guzmán struggles with his grief over the death of his sister. It is revealed that he spent the summer away with his grandparents and with Lu who was by his side trying to help him grieve. However, when he returns to school his anger resurfaces and he behaves violently towards Samuel and anyone who is seen to be fraternizing with him.

In Season 2, Nadia and Guzmán's relationship continues to blossom. Nadia becomes much more open with her feelings for Guzmán and is evidently worried about him when he turns to drugs and alcohol as a way of escaping the pain of his sister's death.

Season 3 Edit

Guzmán and Samuel's friendship begins to develop in season 3 as they unite and work together to get revenge against Polo for murdering Marina. At the beginning of the season Guzmán is clearly still very angry in particular with Ander who he feels betrayed him by not revealing that Polo was guilty of murdering his sister. At first he is sure that Polo will be convicted of murder as soon as the murder weapon is uncovered, but it is nowhere to be found. Things go from bad to worse when Carla withdraws her statement in an attempt to protect herself and her family. When Polo returns to school Guzmán reacts violently and punches him in the corridor. Samuel and Guzmán plot a number of ways to try and get Polo to confess or to tell them the whereabouts of the trophy.

On one occasion Guzmán tricks his classmates including Samuel into believing that he believes Polo. He apologises to Polo for not believing him sooner and invites him over after school to 'play video games' like old times. In reality Guzmán plans to interrogate Polo and he gives him a beer that is drugged and knocks him out, he then ties him to a chair and then calls Samuel and reveals his plan.

Although uncomfortable with the plan Samuel backs Guzmán up. They wake Polo up and interrogate him until Polo admits to killing Marina 'by accident.' Enraged by this admission Guzmán attempts to strangle Polo. He is stopped by Samuel who sets Polo free. Samuel and Guzmán also torture Polo by creating a fake twitter account under his name and confessing to the murder. Ander begs them to stop and explains that the reason he didn't come forward with Polo's crime was beacause when he threatened Polo, Polo attempted to commit suicide. Guzmán plans to use this as further ammo but doesn't when Samuel says that it would be going too far.

Guzmán is outraged when Polo and Cayetana show up at the various school events and parties. At one party Omar begs Guzmán to ease up on Ander, who has just been diagnosed with leukimia. Upon hearing this Guzmán rushes to be by Ander's side and the two begin to work on repairing their relationship. Guzmán even shows up to some on Ander's treatment sessions.

Season 3 is an unlucky season for Guzmán in the romantic sense as it initially appears as though Nadia has decided to move on with Malick. It is clear however that Guzmán is still in love with her and can't take his eyes off her when he sees her in the club. He is also jealous of Malick when Nadia introduces them to one another.

When Nadia does poorly in an exam due to working extra hours in her parents shop, Guzmán goes to them and tells them that they are jeopardizing her education and her chances of attending Columbia University in New York. Her parents are outraged by this accusation but Guzmán offers to work in her place. He finds the work difficult but is willing to do it for Nadia. However, he does not have to do it for long as Nadia's father eventually decides to close the store earlier to give Nadia an opportunity to study. At Lu's Valentines Day party Guzmán tells Nadia that he loves her. She tells him that she loves him too but that it is not enough. Following this rejection Guzmán considers returning to Lu but decides against it, and the two finally unite as friends.

Guzmán feels betrayed by Ander once again when he witnesses Polo and Ander hanging out and talking after the truth about Ander's diagnosis is revealed to his true classmates. He walks away from both of them and the following day he acts bitterly towards Ander. However, Ander makes him see sense when he points out that life is short and that he needs his friends by his side. Thus, Guzmán and Polo are forced to put their differences aside when they go with Ander to his final treatment session.

Guzmán later tells Polo to leave the graduation party. Polo asks if Guzmán can ever forgive him, but Guzmán remarks that he cannot. Later, Guzmán witnesses Polo fall to the dance floor below but is powerless to stop it. Guzmán rushes to the dance floor to attend to Polo, but he is badly injured and it becomes clear that he doesn't have long left. Guzmán holds Polo's hand and tells him that he forgives him whilst shouting for someone to call an ambulance. Polo dies moments later in Guzmán's arms. After Polo's funeral, he and Ander sit by Polo's headstone, seemingly having returned to old times.[1]

Physical AppearanceEdit

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Guzman has brown hair and blue eyes. He is fairly pale and has freckles on his face. In Season 2, he gets a buzzcut. He is the tallest of his friend group (Polo, Ander). He smiles often.


Guzmán is a charming, kind character with huge affection for those he values. Guzmán seemed to have affection for even those that he did not know, as when Lu bet him to take Nadia's virginity, he could not follow through and caught feelings for her shortly after.

Not many people see the softer side to him with the exception of his sister, Marina, his best friend, Ander, and his crush, Nadia. He is very protective of his sister, and loses his temper when any form of danger comes her way, as seen when he brutally beats a schoolmate, Pablo, when he infects Marina when she was 14, and when Guzmán initiates an attack on Nano when he finds out that Nano has impregnated Marina. Even though he was adopted, he is the favorite child and would to anything to keep his loved ones safe.

Despite his kind and caring nature, Guzmán is also harsh and does not think. Guzmán had no issue with bullying, and then kidnapping, Polo and holding him hostage. Despite this, he was able to settle his differences with Polo and forgive him eventually.


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  • Nadia is the first girl he has ever truly fallen in love with.
  • Guzmán is adopted. His biological parents died of overdoses when Guzmán was six.
  • When Guzmán finds out that Pablo Ruiz infected Marina, he, along with Ander and Polo, beat him to within an inch of his life.


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