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I'm a...  es.  Soy una... ) is the fourth episode of the fourth season of Elite, and the twenty-eighth episode of the series overall.


Rebe is confused and hurt by Mencía's mysterious behavior. Much to Ari's chagrin, Benjamín suggests Samuel join the debate team.



In a flash forward, Ari wakes up with memory loss. Benjamín convinces Samuel to join the debate club and even offers to give him work at the school so he can quit his restaurant job. Rebeca discovers a hotel key in Mencía's backpack and assumes she's cheating. Phillipe attempts to apologize to Cayetana, who says she doesn't want a relationship that isn't built on trust.

After unsuccessfully igniting another threesome between Ander and Omar, Patrick overdoses on a drug at a club and passes out on the floor. Omar takes him to his house to take care of him. They end up cuddling and falling asleep on the couch together, which Ander sees the next morning.

Benjamin discovers Mencía's pile of cash in an old teddy bear and he demands to know where she's getting the money from, assuming it's Rebeca and her drug dealing mom. Phillipe reconciles with Cayetana at the Lake Club after he makes amends. Mencía takes on another client, a friend of Armando, who is sexually aggressive and takes things too far- tying her down and not letting her leave when she wants to. Benjamin believes she is missing and sends Rebe, Ari, Patrick, and Samuel to search for her. Rebe, who remembers the hotel key, rushes to the hotel and saves her from the client.

Guzmán sees Ari and Samuel hanging out together at her house and looks jealous. Patrick tells Ander that he and Omar had sex at the debutante ball. In a flash forward, Samuel gets arrested when he tries to visit Ari.







  • This is the last episode to credit Mina El Hammani, who is absent, as a series regular.



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