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I Love You All Wrong  es.  Te quiero mal ) is the sixth episode of the fourth season of Elite, and the thirtieth episode of the series overall.


Phillippe worries that his friends are using him for Ambar Lucid performance tickets. Rebe warns Mencía she feels skeptical about Armando's assistance.



Ari tells her father to never to invite Samuel to their house again; she wants to separate her school and private life. Possibly going to steal Samuel’s keys, she stumbles across him in the showers. Meanwhile, in love, Rebe and Mencia stay at Samuel’s house. Omar is also sleeping there. With fears of bumping into Ander, Omar decides not to go to school.

Wanting to attend a VIP party that Ambar Lucid will attend, Patrick offers to do anything that Prince Phillipe wants if he can get him tickets. Prince Phillipe says he will make a few calls. When Ander accuses Patrick of not being as daring in front of his father, Patrick sticks his hand down Ander’s pants during a lesson. Samuel witnesses and disapproves.

Prince Phillipe corners Caye in the janitor’s room; she asks whether people actually like him or purely want what they can gain from him. Witnessing him leave the janitor’s room, Benjamin tells Prince Phillipe that he hopes certain rumors don’t develop again. Ander goes to see Omar at the Lake Club. Omar has decided to quit school; he enjoys working at a bar and wants to stick to it. Ander sees that Omar is distressed; “Just because we’re not together doesn’t mean I don’t love you.”

With Mencía no longer receiving tickets from Prince Phillipe, Armando says there’s a way he could get her a ticker for the show. Rebe witnesses the exchange, and it quickly escalates to an argument as Rebe hopes that Mencia isn’t returning to prostitution.

The Benjamin’s have a meal at the Lake Club. Although, Mencia doesn’t attend, nor is she reachable. Guzman, who is attending as Ari’s boyfriend, goes on to say how Mencia reminds him of his murdered sister Marina. In his comparison, Guzman slyly criticizes the way Benjamin treats Mencia.

During the meal, Ari is drunk and flirtatious with Guzman. They begin having sex in the lake club, only to be caught by Samuel. He asks them to stop, but Ari tells him to go away. Guzman, on the other hand, apologises, and leaves.

Omar reappears at Las Encinas after choosing to continue with his studies. Patrick apologies to Prince Phillipe for not turning up the night before; Prince Phillipe is on a mission to discover who his true friends are. Patrick threatens Prince Phillipe; “We belong to the same small social circle. But don’t worry. My Dad and I are the only ones here who know. Well, and Ari.” For his continued silence, Patrick instructs Prince Phillipe to get him and Ander tickets for the Ambar Lucid show.

With Samuel and Omar working at the bar during Ambar Lucid, all the other characters are in attendance. Except for Caye. She chooses to clean, still unable to trust Prince Phillipe. Ari tells Prince Phillipe that Caye has good reason not to trust him. Armando “misreads” Mencia and leaves after she rejects his advances.

Patrick buys drinks for him and Ander but is very upset to find Ander kissing another guy. Ander doesn’t see any issue. In his state of shock, Patrick has an outburst and accidentally busts Ari’s lip. After the party finishes and Samuel is cleaning, Ari returns and kisses him.

In a flash forward to the aftermath of Ari’s accident, Patrick won’t allow Guzman to leave. He notices a bruise on Guzman, and after he asks who Guzman had beat up.



Special Guest[]

  • Ambar Lucid as Herself


  • Alberto Torres as Ambar's Guitarrist
  • Simón Duarte as Night Club Boy






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