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Isadora Artiñán is a main character on the fifth season of Netflix series Elite. She is portrayed by Valentina Zenere.


Isidora, a 17-year-old Argentine socialite/DJ, was raised in a wealthy family but was neglected as a child while her jet-setting parents lived the high life. Because she was left to her own devices, she discovered the nightclub scene and landed a job as a DJ, giving her the moniker "Emperess of Ibiza." It was also about this period that she was first introduced to substances as tachas, as she mentions in "Please, Tell the Truth."

Throughout the Series[]

Season 5[]

Physical Appearance[]

Isadora is a young woman with blue eyes, tanned skin and wavy platinum blonde hair. She has a slim body and usually wears bright-colored expensive clothes and jewelry.


Isadora is the impassive, bossy new girl who will go to Machiavellian measures to get what she wants. This is exemplified when Isadora spikes Phillipe's drink with drugs in order to sabotage the redemption arch Cayetana had set out for him. Isadora uses her status as a socialite to enforce relationships with her peers. She cares a lot about her self-image and promoting her 'party girl' brand. In addition, her love for partying leads her to becoming close friends with Patrick as they both share common interests. Isadora struggles with drug addiction, and often goes overboard with her usage, causing her to overdose on two separate occassions. Isadora likes to rile others up by either offering them drugs or teasing them, though it's revealed that her actions aren't based off malicious intent. Rather, Isadora simply believes herself to be helping them 'let loose'.


Isadora and Phillipe[]

Amorous Relationship


  • She is the second main character to be abused, the first being Cayetana.
    • In both situations, Phillipe was present, being Cayetana's abuser and trying to stop Isadora's.
  • She is the fifth character to have a drug problem, after Valerio, Guzmán, Carla and Patrick.
    • When Valerio and Isadora are actually addicted, Carla and Guzmán had a period in their lives where they used and then they quit and Patrick uses drugs in parties only.
  • She was born in Argentina and is one of the five main characters that were not born in Spain, after Lu, that was born in Mexico, Valerio that was born in Chile, Phillipe that was born in France and Iván that was born in Brazil.


Season 5[]


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