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Plus, I mean, making out with a lesbian is also a way to experiment, right?
— Iván, in "Anything Goes"

Iván Carvalho is a main character on fifth season of Netflix series Elite. He is the Brazilian born son of a famous Portuguese footballer, Cruz Carvalho. He is portrayed by André Lamoglia.



Iván, like most of his classmates, was raised in an upper-class lifestyle; he is the son of a Portuguese football player. However, unlike his classmates, he does not flaunt or gloat about his wealth. Because of his father's profession, he has lived in several countries before settling in Madrid. His mother's identity remains largely unknown as she was never mentioned.

Throughout the Series[]

Season 5[]

In I Killed Him, Iván is first seen waking up his father, Cruz, from a long night of partying so he can take him to school. Iván helps his dad as he throws up in the bathroom and then talks to him about his partying. It is obvious that his father’s constant partying bothers him and causes problems.

At school, Iván meets Patrick when he tells him he’s new and can’t find the locker room. Patrick is instantly attracted to Iván, and offers to show him the way to the locker room (even though they don't have the same gym class)

In the locker room, Iván points out that Patrick seems a little dressed up to be coming from gym class and hitting the showers. Iván knows right away Patrick has a crush on him as they enter the showers and begins toying with emotions throughout the season by going hot and cold with him, hooking up with Ari, and torturing him with sexual approaches.

Patrick retaliates against Ivan by sneaking around with his father, Cruz, which Ivan discovers after a charity event he hosted to free Samu. Ivan confronts Patrick and his father the next day, but lets his father off the hook after he said that Patrick tricked him into having sex with him. After learning that, Ivan tells Patrick that he lives a sad life, which is why no one loves him, and then Ivan warns him to keep out of his life, his father's, and anything else that has to do with him, or else there would be severe consequences.

In the finale, Cruz gets Ivan and Patrick into the Lake club together and tries to help heal their broken friendship, but Ivan refuses to budge, telling Patrick that there is no friendship to be fixed because he is moving to Asia next year. As a result, Patrick decides to leave. Later in the episode, Cruz drags Ivan outside and informs him that they will not be moving to Qatar next year because he wants Ivan to have something with Patrick that he will never have, and relocating will bring him nothing but regrets for the rest of his life.

In the season's last scene, Ivan consoles Patrick in the rain as Benjiman is led to prison.

Physical Appearance[]

Iván is a seventeen-year-old, with tanned skin, an athletic physique and a bright smile. He is considered attractive by other students, a statement that is echoed by Rebeka and Patrick.


Iván is the nonchalant, extroverted new student who is quick to become popular at Las Encinas. He possesses a golden-retriever type of energy as he is eager and congenial in his ways. However, Iván tends to make his decisions in the spur of the moment, but this can often backfire as he can be either act too rashly or inconsiderately. Furthermore, Iván treats everyone quite flirtatiously and warmly, which can make it difficult for others to decipher his true intentions. He has little to no respect for boundaries and can be oblivious to the actual hurt he is causing his peers until told so. Iván is shown to be manipulative towards Patrick and plays mind games with him whilst he's in denial of his sexual attraction towards the other. Iván is extremely indecisive and struggles to find a balance between his head and heart. Hence, why he has difficulty admitting that he has feelings for Patrick as he initially believes himself to be heterosexual but at the end he finds out he's bisexual.


Patrick Blanco Commerford[]

Patrick and Ivan Season 5.jpg

Patrick and Iván first meet when Iván approaches Patrick for guidance after getting lost in the school hallways. Patrick instantly becomes smitten with the other. This is demonstrated when Patrick skips class so that he can shower with Iván in the boys change rooms. During their shower, Iván catches Patrick ogling him and jokingly teases him about it, establishing a friendship of sorts, before telling the other that he is straight and only interested in girls. Despite his disappointment, Patrick continues to romantically pursue Iván believing the two to have sexual chemistry. Patrick is quick to become obsessed with Iván; attempting to garner information about him from his father - the school principal, hooking up with Omar to release his sexual frustration on the matter and purposefully waiting outside the school gates for another encounter with Iván. Flattered and intrigued by Patrick's attentions on him, Iván suggests the two ditch class and go day-drinking instead - an offer that Patrick accepts.

The two end up back at Iván's house where Iván's father, Cruz, is hosting a party. Iván declines Cruz's request for him and Patrick to join the party, and instead takes Patrick to his room. A drunk Iván claims that he is tired and falls onto his bed. Patrick gets up to find another place to stay in order to let Iván sleep but the other boy grabs his wrist and tells him that he wants Patrick to sleep with him. Confused and slightly nervous, Patrick lays on the bed beside Iván as the other orders him to get comfortable and begins to remove his clothes. Ultimately too drunk to be of use, Iván proceeds to fondle Patrick and make obscure comments about his body before rolling to his side and falling asleep. Aroused by Iván's actions and undressed state, Patrick goes into Iván's bathroom to masturbate and is caught by Cruz.

The following day at school Patrick announces that he is hosting a sex party in an endeavour to rebel against his father's strict rules. The only requirement for attending the party is to experiment sexually. In the locker rooms, Iván calls out Patrick after having not received an invitation. Patrick provokes him by stating that Iván is not brave enough to try experimenting, and slyly insinuates that if the other were willing to hook-up with a guy he'd be invited. Iván agrees to the terms, viewing it as a challenge. Patrick seeks Iván at the party only to find him kissing Rebeka. He turns to drugs and alcohol to nurse his jealousy and fury over Iván. Later that evening, a coked-up Patrick confronts Iván about Rebeka, accusing the other for having not lived up to his challenge. Off-put by Patrick's messy behaviour yet still wanting to prove Patrick wrong, Iván begins to make-out with Samuel in front of Patrick. Hurt by the outcome of the night, Patrick starts ignoring Iván at school.

Feeling sorry for upsetting Patrick, Iván surprises him with tickets to go see his favourite movie. Patrick accepts Iván's apology. The two attend the cinema together but that same day it is revealed that Iván actually harbours feelings for Patrick's twin sister, Ari, after getting a boner whilst she's helping him find a costume for the film. Iván then tries to kiss Ari and she initially rejects him. Ari warns Iván to stay away from Patrick and their family. Iván listens to Ari, and proceeds to cut off a stunned Patrick, saying that he only sees Patrick as a friend which is something that the other cannot seem to comprehend. At the scholarship auction event, Ari sends Iván a drunk text after feeling neglected by Samuel. The two wind up having sex outside on one of the boats. They are caught by Patrick who storms out the venue after getting into a physical altercation with his father. To Patrick's surprise, he is comforted by Iván's father Cruz, and the two end up kissing.

A week later Patrick finds Iván crying at school after Ari tells him to forget anything that ever happened between them as she progresses in her and Samuel's relationship. Patrick offers Iván a shoulder to cry on and softly reminds him that they are 'friends', hinting that Patrick was willing to give up on a romantic prospect with Iván if it meant he could still be part of his life. Once again, Iván proposes skipping class with Patrick and he agrees. They go to Iván's house where Cruz pulls Patrick aside in a separate room and asks the other to have sex with him later that night. As night sets, Patrick walks into Iván's room where the other is watching pornography. Patrick questions Iván about it but he merely shrugs it off, inviting Patrick to sit. Iván then asks Patrick what turns him on, Patrick replies that seeing Iván turned on is what turns him on. The two lean in to kiss before Iván pulls away last minute. Angry, Patrick declares that he's fed up with Iván's mind games and goes to sleep in the guest bedroom. Iván chases after Patrick, regretful and frustrated over his own cowardice. He admits to Patrick that he does, in fact, have feelings for him and that he finds him sexually attractive. They make love in the guest room.

Things go awry after a charity party sponsored by Cruz, where Iván and Ari are matched together whilst Patrick is matched with Cruz. Overcome with jealousy at Iván's betrayal, Patrick has sex with Cruz. Feeling disgusted and hurt by their actions, Iván joins Isadora on her trip to Ibiza in order to get away from the both of them. Heart-broken, Patrick jealously watches Iván and Isadora making-out in Ibiza on their social media. Upon arriving back home, Patrick interrogates Iván about an audio message he sent to Ari claiming to be in love with Patrick whilst under the influence of several drugs. Iván denies the message despite it being true. In an attempt to make amends, Cruz invites both the boys to dinner one night. But, Iván and Patrick only end up in another heated argument causing Patrick to leave the scene. Afterwards, Iván has a heartfelt talk with his father who advises him to be honest with himself. Realizing he can no longer suppress his love for Patrick, Iván goes to his house to try mending their relationship again. Iván finds Patrick standing outside, and grips him in a tight embrace in the rain alluding to the fact that both have forgiven each other. It is implied that they are in love.

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Ari Blanco Commerford[]

Iván has a strong sexual attraction to Ari, and actively tries to seduce her despite Ari being Patrick's twin sister. Although he is subtle and sneaky in his ways, Iván attempts to make several advances on Ari. These include Iván interfering between Samuel and Ari at Patrick's party, before making several comments about the way Samuel 'tastes good' after Samuel had been making-out with Ari. During their next interaction, Iván notifies Ari that she is the one at fault for his boner - not Patrick, as she'd assumed. Eventually, Ari caves to Iván and they drunkenly have sex. Following their sexual encounter, Ari seems to regret it at first and expresses this to Iván, leaving him in a state of upset. However, after the two get matched together at Cruz's charity party they continue their affair. Iván and Ari agree to have sex one final time, viewing it as closure on both parts. When the night ends they bid each other farewell and it is presumed that their relationship has also come to an end. The only other interaction they have from then onwards is when a coked-out Iván accidentally sends Ari an audio message confessing that he'd fallen in love with Patrick. Although she is shocked, Ari appears supportive of Iván's declaration as she immediately shows the message to Patrick. She advises Patrick to confront Iván about the confession and encourages him to pursue a romantic relationship with Iván. This outlines that neither Ari nor Iván had true feelings for one another.



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