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At this school, we teach values. Manners and respect are paramount. The leaders of tomorrow are at this school.
Martín, in "Bienvenidos"

Las Encinas is a location on the Netflix series Elite. It is a bilingual (Spanish/English) international secondary school that educates the children of generally wealthy and upper-class families, although it also offers scholarships to the children of working-class families.



Nadia looks at the trophy

In Season 1, there was an award to be won by the student who was the most outstanding in terms of academics and extra-curricular activities. It would allow them to study at a high school in Florida, which would help the student get accepted into an Ivy League university. The trophy was the shape of the Winged Victory of Samothrace Statue (the Greek goddess Victory).

Nadia and Lu were both considered contenders for the award. However, Nadia was dragged out of a classroom by her father, Yusef, during an exam, and Lu was suspended during the exam period for bribing Martín, a teacher, by offering to help him adopt baby from Mexico in return for good grades.

The award ended up being awarded to Marina. However, she intended on escaping to Asilah, Morocco with Nano after the end-of-school-year party. During the party, while Marina waited for Nano at the swimming pool, there was an altercation between her and Polo. The trophy ended up the murder weapon that killed Marina.


Las Encinas has offered a number of scholarships funded by the wealthy parents of students.

Ventura Nunier's scholarships[]

Ventura, Guzmán's father funded the scholarships of Samuel, Nadia, Christian, Cayetana and Pablo. The first known student to have received a scholarship from Ventura was Pablo. He was given a scholarship due to being a child of one of the cooks at Las Encinas. During Pablo's time at Las Encinas (2016), he began a relationship with Marina. This relationship resulted in in statutory rape and Marina contracting HIV. Enraged, Marina’s brother, Guzmán, along with Polo and Ander, beat him up. Pablo was expelled and Ventura and Teo suspended the scholarship program for a year.

After, San Esteban collapsed, Ventura and Teo resumed the scholarship program in an attempt to salvage Nunier S.A.'s (their construction company) reputation, much to the dismay of Guzmán. Samuel and Nadia were given scholarships based on their academic merit. Christian was given a scholarship due to being injured from the collapse and requiring 14 stiches.

In Season 2, Cayetana was given a scholarship due to being a child of a cleaner at Las Encinas, likely funded by Ventura.

Andrea and Begoña scholarship[]

In Season 3, after Polo's release from jail, his parents, Andrea and Begoña, decided to fund a scholarship for 1 Las Encinas student to study at Columbia University in New York City as a way to get on good terms with Azucena and have influence over her decisions.

The list of admitted students to the Columbia Program included[1]:

  • Nadia Shanaa
  • Lucrecia Montesinos
  • Ashlin Yu
  • Ascen Marchena
  • Irene Blecua
  • María Cervera
  • Javier Martín
  • Carmen López
  • Natasha Da Silva
  • Beatriz Gómez
  • Alberto Navas

In the end, the scholarship was awarded to Nadia, who decided to split the money with Lu. During the graduation ceremony, Nadia and Lu called out the injustices in the school. They criticised the decision that allowed Polo, a murderer, to graduate, but not Samuel or Guzmán. This angered Andrea and Begoña, who immediately cancelled the scholarship. However, Polo later revealed to his parents that he really murdered Marina and convinced them to resume the scholarship as he didn't want to cause any more pain.

Expulsion of students[]

For a short time, Rebeka and Valerio began selling drugs on school premises in order to finance themselves. Valerio needed money to study abroad with Polo and Cayetana, whilst Rebeka needed to feed herself after her mother was arrested. This was eventually discovered, and Rebeka, Valerio, Guzmán, and Samuel were expelled for being involved.[2]


Former Students[]


Former Staff[]

Campus Locations[]

  • Classrooms
  • Science lab
  • Azucena's office
  • Library
  • Swimming Pool
  • Gymnasium
  • Outdoor field
  • Auditorium
  • Cafeteria
  • Changing rooms
  • Tennis court
  • River
  • Bridge


  • Nadia, Christian and Samuel all gain admittance to the school through scholarships funded by Ventura Nunier, Marina and Guzmán's father.
    • Cayetana takes Christian's scholarship when he leaves the school to receive medical treatment.
  • On the first day of school in Season 1, Nadia, Samuel and Christian visited the pool and gymnasium before class.
  • According to the school handbook, using on your phone during school can result in it being confiscated for a week. Although, it appears that this rule has not been upheld as many students have been seen using their phones without consequences.[9]
    • Furthermore, smoking, drinking and doing drugs during school is forbidden.[9]However, Rebeka was seen smoking in classroom and didn't get in trouble about it.
  • Several students carried out sexual actions within the institution and were seen by others students.
  • Samuel recorded a video of Marina dancing in the gymnasium for the class project.
  • In her second year Nadia had the best average, followed by Lu.
  • Valerio, Rebeka, Samuel and Guzmán were expelled in their last year; they did not graduate in 2020, but re-enrolled that year, except Valerio.
  • Marina was killed at the school's swimming pool; this was also where Polo tried to kill himself.
  • The school's exterior is filmed at European University of Madrid, in Villaviciosa de Odón, a municipality about 10 miles away from Madrid's center. The classrooms are filmed on a set.
  • Most students use a Microsoft Surface Pro or Microsoft Surface Book Laptop.
  • "Encina" means "holm oak" in Spanish.
  • In Spain, teachers are referred to by their first name.
  • In the episode Samuel and Guzmán, Samuel printed out flyers in the Las Encinas library to put a room in his house up for rent.


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