Las Encinas is a location on the Netflix series Elite. It is a secondary school that educates the children of generally wealthy and upper-class families, although people have been known to get in on scholarships.


At some point, Pablo Ruiz and Marina Nunier began a relationship that led to Marina contracting HIV. Enraged, Marina’s brother, Guzman, along with Polo and Ander, beat him up. This led to the scholarship program in the school to be suspended, until San Esteban collapsed, leading to three former students to gain admittance to the school through scholarships provided by the construction company.

For a short time, Rebeca and Valerio began selling drugs on school premises in order to finance themselves. Valerio needed money to study abroad with Polo and Cayetana, whilst Rebeca needed to feed herself after her mother was arrested. They were eventually found out, and Rebeca, Valerio, Guzman, and Samuel are expelled for being involved.[1]


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  • Nadia, Christian and Samuel all gain admittance to the school through scholarships funded by Marina and Guzmán's father.
    • Cayetana takes Christian's scholarship when he leaves the school to receive medical treatment.
  • In her second year Nadia had the best average, followed by Lu.
  • Valerio, Rebeca, Samuel and Guzmán were expelled in their last year; they did not graduate in 2020, but re-enrolled that year.
  • Marina was killed in the school‘s pool room; this was also the room in which Polo tried to kill himself.
  • The school's exterior is filmed at European University of Madrid, in Villaviciosa de Odón, a municipality about 10 miles away from Madrid's center. The classrooms are filmed on a set.


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