I don't know how I do it, but I always end up betrayed and disappointed by the very people that I have fully supported. But I'm done.
— Lucrecia Montesinos Hendrich, in "84 hours missing"

Lucrecia "Lu" Montesinos Hendrich is a main character on the Netflix series Elite. Raised in an upper class family, she is the daughter of the Mexican ambassador in Spain. She attended Las Encinas and has since graduated to study in New York. She is portrayed by Danna Paola.



Lu's parents are diplomats, so she has lived in many countries including Spain, the United Arab Emirates, and Mexico. From spending time in the UAE, she acquired Arabic, which she once used to communicate with Omar over dinner. She has a half-brother named Valerio, who later attends Las Encinas with her. It's obvious they have feelings for each other, but their familial relationship causes problems as the season progresses.

Throughout the Series Edit

Season 1Edit

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Lu is not happy when new students arrive. First, because she is reluctant to rub shoulders with people from a different background, and also because she fears school competition, especially from Nadia. When Nadia caught Lu and Guzmán having sex in the bathroom, Lu urges Guzmán to seduce Nadia to humiliate her. When he feels real feelings for Nadia, Lu gets jealous.

Season 2 Edit

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In Season 2, Lu has her brother, Valerio, back in her life. They have a secret romantic relationship that is very taboo. She hooks up with Valerio while continuing to date Guzman. She comforts Guzman after Marina's death and spent the summer in Asturias with his family. Lu is completely dedicated to Guzman, but realizing he doesn't love her - he dumps her.

Lu befriends Cayetana during the season, while her friendship with Carla continues to suffer. Upon finding out that Cayetana is a liar, Lu publicly shames her and everyone else who has crossed her in her life at a public event.

Season 3 Edit

When Valerio returns, Lu confronts him and asks him what he's doing back at school. She finds out he is living in a car and she convinces him to come home when their father is out of town to stay. She tricked him into talking to their father to resolve things - but their father just gets more upset and kicks him out. Lu confronts him saying she is not innocent in all of this. Her father tells her that if she is such an adult, then she can finance her own life and cuts her off.

Realizing that she won't be able to pay for university, Lu realizes she needs to apply for a scholarship. She applies for the Columbia University scholarship, the same one that Nadia wants. They compete for the scholarship throughout the season but Nadia wins it. Nadia and Lu started to form a friendship despite all of this, and Nadia agrees to share the scholarship, 50-50.

At the graduation party, Lu gets in a verbal argument with Polo. She was holding a broken champagne bottle and without fully realizing what she was doing, stabbed him. Polo dies and Lu freaks out. All of her friends band together to make sure that Lu doesn't receive the blame.

At the end of Season 3, Lu goes with Nadia to the airport to fly to New York.

Physical Appearance Edit

Lu is a seventeen-year-old with long dark brown hair. Her eyes are dark brown as well. She is of average height and is always seen sporting luxury items; even while in school uniform. She often accessorizes her outfit with headbands and hair clips.

Personality Edit

Lu strives to be the best and is highly competitive. When Nadia arrives, Lu, used to being number one in her class, sees her as a threat, and complains to the headmaster and her teacher about Nadia's hijab due to her prejudice about Islamic culture. She often blackmails people (like the English teacher) to get what she wants. Lu can be witty and humorous, but her friendly side is quickly overshadowed by her cockiness and ambition.

Lu is also extremely loyal and territorial. She protects those close to her and is hesitant to allow people to interfere in her social circle, unless befriending them would benefit her, as seen with how she acts toward Cayetana during season 3. During the interrogation scenes, Lu compares the scholarship students arriving at Las Encinas to "introducing a new species" and claims that it alters the environment. However, those who are close to her receive unconditional support and care from her.

Relationships Edit


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Lu appears to strongly dislike Nadia from the moment Nadia enters the halls of Las Encinas, most likely due to Nadia threatening her academic status and her anti-Muslim sentiment. Lu even goes as far as complaining about Nadia's hijab to the principal, who forces Nadia to take it off if she wants to remain a student at the school. Lu very much sees Nadia as competition, both for the top spot in their class and for the affection of Lu's boyfriend, Guzmán, who develops feelings for Nadia throughout the first season and consequently leaves Lu for Nadia.


  • Lu speaks three confirmed languages: English, Spanish and Arabic (to the surprise of the Shanna family).
  • She lived two years in Dubai.
  • Like another well-known Lucrecia/Lucrezia (Borgia) Lu has engaged in incest.


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