Marina lies dead on the floor, having been struck by Polo

Marina Nunier Osuna's Death is an event that took place prior to the series, and it is the overarching theme of season one. The investigation into the death, continues into season two, as the majority of the characters are not confident that Nano is the killer.

History Edit

When Marina learns that Nano is in danger, if she doesn't pay the thugs who protected him in prison, she promises to get him the money. Marina directs Nano to a collection of expensive watches that belong to Carla's father.

She and Nano plan to run away with the money from the stolen watches after learning she was pregnant. In turn, one of the clocks contains sensitive information that involves the families of Carla and Marina, where Marina has doubts about moving forward.

At the end of the celebration, while alone by the pool, Marina confronts Polo, who tries to force her to give him the stolen watch in an attempt to please Carla. When Marina refuses and aggravates it, Polo grabs the trophy and hits her on the head, killing her. Polo recovers the clock and the evidence is eliminated, with the help of Carla and, more reluctantly, with Christian and then, to begin an exhaustive case in the instite.

People Involved Edit

  • Polo: Polo is the real culprit in the murder, and kills Marina accidentally in a fit of rage when arguing with her over returning Carla's father's watch — a watch containing incriminating evidence of him and Marina's father.
  • Carla: Carla is perhaps the second most guilty culprit. In an attempt to save her ex-boyfriend, Polo, she tells him to destroy the evidence and helps him clean up the blood, including forcing Christian to give Polo a change of shirt. She eventually crumbles under the pressure and reveals everything to the inspector.
  • Christian: Christian is aware of the murder, and Polo's involvement, however does not reveal anything to the police. This is partly due to his love for Carla, but she also manipulates him into keeping it a secret.
  • Teo: Teo removes Christian from the equation when he tries to confess Polo's guilt to the police. He causes him a fatal accident, forcing him to leave the country to seek medical help.
  • Ander: Ander finds out about Polo's involvement and initially wishes to tell Guzmán, however is convinced not to. He keeps this a secret despite it destroying his relationship with Guzmán.
  • Cayetana: When Carla reveals everything to the authorities, Cayetana tells Polo that everyone deserves a second chance. She hides the trophy — the murder weapon — in her house in an effort to remove evidence and free Polo; she does this because she is in love with him. After Polo dies, he gives the trophy anonymously to the police, thus closing the cause of Marina's murder.
  • Andrea and Begoña : Polo reveals to his mothers at the dinner table that he murdered Marina and would turned himself in to the police the next day, but dies the same night at the disco. Later, when Cayetana gave the trophy to the police anonymously, his mothers confessed that before their son passed away, he confessed that he had murdered Marina.
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