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    Hello there, and welcome to Elite Wiki! I'm an admin for this community and wanted to thank you for your contribution to File:MarinaOsunaa.jpg.

    There are lots of ways to get involved with the community if you want to help us gather all the information about Elite:

    • If you are uncertain about wiki editing, I recommend that you check the page Help:Contributing, which includes links to other pages filled with information on different aspects of editing.
    • The Community special page has details on some articles that are in need of some updates.
    • You can take a peek at what other users are doing by visiting the Recent Changes page!
    • We also have a social area in our Discussions, where you can talk about all things Elite.

    Feel free to contact me either by replying here or leaving a message in my message wall if you ever need any assistance. And above all, enjoy your time at Elite Wiki!

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