Nadia and Omar is the seventh episode of the third season of Elite, and the twenty third episode of the series overall.

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As graduation day arrives, the futures of multiple students remain uncertain. Polo begs his mothers to reconsider their recent decision.



Rebeca and Valerio await a meeting with Azucena over the fight with Polo and the drugs. Rebeca receives a call from a withheld number, but declines the call remarking that there is no way she would answer that; she incorrectly assumes the call is from broadband suppliers. Nadia approaches and questions if the allegations that Rebeca and Valerio were selling drugs is true, however they’re called into Azucena’s office before they can answer. Begona arrives shortly after and asks if she can speak with Azucena, however Azucena tells her she will have to wait. Not happy with the response, Begona tells Azucena that if they cannot meet right away, she will go above her head to the board; with this, Begona and Azucena meet first.

Nadia and Omar talk, with Omar trying to express how low his grades are. Omar tells Nadia that he probably will not graduate and now doesn’t have Ander. Nadia suggests that Omar leave for New York with her for a fresh start. Omar is bemused by the offer, but the two ask Malick if this would be possible, with Omar living at Malick’s flat temporarily. Nadia remarks that Omar and Malick know each other well, however Malick remarks that the two were just a hook-up; a notion that offends Omar. Despite his initial reservations, Malick agrees to the situation.

In class, Nadia and Guzman talk about Valerio and Rebeca’s situation. Everyone blames Polo for reporting the dealing, with Guzman angry, but Nadia understanding, citing that Polo did the right thing; despite this, it is never confirmed if Polo made the complaint. Azucena interrupts the lesson, calling Samuel and Guzman into her office. Despite pleas from Valerio that Guzman and Samuel were not involved, they are expelled from Las Encinas anyway along with Valerio and Rebeca. Rebeca becomes increasingly angry, remarking that the expulsions are a result of Polo’s mother’s. Samuel is furious at the situation and storms into class with intentions of attacking Polo. He is held back by Guzman, however and Nadia who remarks that Polo is innocent in the accusations. Samuel fires back at Nadia, remarking that she is only defending him so she doesn’t feel bad about accepting the scholarship.

A flash-forward to the night Polo died reveals a conversation between Nadia and Lu, in which Lu tells Nadia that she would find it joyful to smash a bottle of champagne over Polo’s head.

Back in the present, Polo feels as though the expulsions are his fault. He remarks that if his parent’s had let him transfer, none of this would’ve happened and the four would still be on track for graduating. Cayetana tells Polo that they must find a way to fix the situation, however when Polo accuses Valerio of causing Carla’s near-death, she snaps, remarking that it was all her fault, and Valerio had promised to stop selling. Guzman and Samuel talk, and it becomes clear that Guzman is done hating Polo. He tells Samuel that despite all of the energy they have put into hating Samuel — and ensuring he knows it — Polo is happier than ever and it is the two of them who are expelled.

Ander talks with his mother during recess. Ander tells Azucena that what she has done to Samuel and Guzman — and perhaps Valerio and Rebeca — is unfair, and that they shouldn’t be punished. Azucena tells Ander that he doesn’t understand and would need to be in her shoes to understand. With this, Ander tells her that he will not spend the rest of the time he has left studying for exams; instead, he will take time alone to prepare. Azucena is confused and alerted at Ander’s statement, citing that she was not aware he didn’t have long left. Repeating what his mother said, Ander tells her that she would have to be in his shoes to understand.

Rebeca arrives home to find her mother is free from prison and, actually, it has been Sandra calling her on a withheld number all day. Rebeca reveals to her mother that she got kicked out of school for selling drugs, prompting Sandra to remark that the two can start their own empire, given Rebeca’s success whilst she has been incarcerated.

Ander arrives home from school to find Guzman in his kitchen. Ander realises that Azucena has called him — worried about the outcome of their earlier discussion — and the two exit outside. Ander questions why nobody can understand that he does not have long left. With this, Guzman tells him that they can spend time together doing whatever he wants; he asks Ander not to isolate himself, however. Ander attempts to walk off, but is stopped by Guzman and breaks down as the two hug.

Polo lies in bed listening to a voicemail from Cayetana in which she asks Polo to convince his mothers to readmit Valerio to school, given he has learned his lesson. He is interrupted by Begona, who questions what Polo will wear to the graduation party the following day, however Polo tells her that he is not going. Reluctant to accept his son’s defeat, she begins picking clothes out of his closet that he could possibly wear. The two talk about Samuel and Guzman’s expulsion, with Polo reiterating that it is unfair.

Having been ignoring Carla for numerous days, Yeray is surprised to see her when she visits his house. Carla apologises for her behaviour and hand back Yeray’s keys. Carla tells Yeray to stop playing the victim, as he clearly only liked her for the way he looked with her on his arm. He reluctantly accepts this as the truth, and the two fix their broken friendship. Later, they meet with Teo to sign the contract. Yeray announces that there has been a change in the contract, however, and Carla will be in charge of the wineries. Teo is confused and reluctant to sign, however Yeray makes it clear that without Carla in charge, he will not fund the business; Teo reluctantly signs amid fears of loosing his wealth.

At graduation, Guzman’s parents arrive in a bid to convince Azucena to allow Guzman to graduate. She does not take the conversation lightly, however and refuses to re-admit Guzman. Polo and Cayetana talk and he officially calls off the relationship between the two. Whilst Cayetana frantically attempts to convince him that she loves him, he tells her that she is in love with the life he could’ve given her.

The official ceremonies begin, with Nadia and Lu called to the stage to collect their scholarship. The two dedicate their speech — and the award — to their friends at the back of the room who cannot graduate because of Polo’s actions. Lu begins a vicious attack on Polo and his family, leading to Begona calling off the scholarship in front of the whole school, much to their surprise.

Samuel is called to the station where the Inspector tells him that the deal made with foreign officials was a rouse, and that revealing Nano’s location has led to his arrest. The Inspector apologises, announcing that she was not aware of the rouse and believed the exchange to be fair, however Samuel is furious and blames the whole ordeal on her.

Later that night, Polo eats dinner with his parents. In a fit of rage, he reveals that he isn’t the perfect son and did in fact kill Marina, despite his deniability earlier. His parents are shocked, but attempt to steer the conversation off-course. Polo refuses to drop the conversation, however and demands that his parents call the school and reinstate Nadia and Lu’s scholarship. Begona tells Polo that she will first thing in the morning, however he demands that she call Azucena right away.

At the graduation party, Guzman and Nadia talk. In a throwback to their earlier conversation, Nadia questions where the graduation leaves them, and the two kiss, with Guzman happy that they are at least able to spend a little more time together with Nadia’s future uncertain. Omar interrupts the two looking for Ander. Omar finally finds Ander and the two talk about his plans to go to New York with Malick and Nadia. Ander tells him that the plans are a good idea, and the two hug one last time.





  • Lucas Vidal as Músico
  • Kevin McHale as Bill McKinley




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