Fernando García Domínguez, nicknamed Nano, is a character on the Netflix series Elite. He is Samuel's older brother who gets out of prison shortly after Samuel gets a scholarship to Las Encinas. He is portrayed by Jaime Lorente.


Early LifeEdit

Nano is Samuel's older brother and lives in Madrid with him and their single mother Pilar. Sometimes before episode 1, he was imprisoned for committing some unexplained crime, presumingly robbing.

While imprisoned, Nano "befriends" people who protect him while he is in prison, promising them €40,000 in return.

Throughout the Series Edit

Season 1Edit

After getting out of prison, Nano is confronted about his promises of money, and tries to get Samuel to steal from Marina's wealthy family. When Samuel fails, Nano decides to steal the money himself, seducing and sleeping with Marina in order to get into their mansion. However, when he gets to the vault, Nano finds the money and evidence incriminating Marina's father is gone. Nano later learns that Marina is HIV-positive and confronts her, but she assures him that her medication prevents her from infecting others. Nano tells Marina to stop toying with Samuel, who clearly has feelings for her. After failing to pay back the thugs, they inflict a knife wound on Nano as a final warning. Injured, Nano staggers home to find Marina there while Samuel is in the bathroom. They keep Nano's problems a secret from Samuel, and Marina promises to get the money for him, eventually directing him to a collection of expensive watches belonging to Carla's father. After stealing them, Nano and Marina plan to leave town together, and it is revealed that Marina is pregnant. However, at the end of year celebration Marina is murdered. During the interrogation, Nano accuses Samuel of the crime but learns that Marina was planning to send him a message stating that she no longer wants to leave with him. Eventually, the authorities charge Nano with Marina's murder and arrest him.

Season 2 Edit

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Nano is stuck in prison, after being accused of murdering Marina. No one is trying to help him, with the exception of Samuel and their mother, who are both desperately trying to make enough money to pay his bail. We find out that if his bail doesn't get paid, he will sit in jail for two years until his official trial. Nano continues to proclaim his innocence in Marina's murder. He starts to lose hope about proving his innocence as he sits in jail.

After Samuel gets an envelope with enough money to pay the bail (from an unknown sender), Nano gets out of jail. He gets restless and gets into several altercations with Carla and Guzmán. He even threatens to run away so that he can't be thrown in jail for a crime he didn't do. Nano also tries to protect Samuel after he gets out of prison, recognizing that Samu has gotten himself into some illegal activity (with Rebeca's mother).

In the middle of Season 2, we found out that Nano went missing around the same time that Samuel did.

Physical Appearance Edit

Nano is medium built and has dark hair.

Personality Edit

He is caring and sensitive to the people close to him. He often finds himself in trouble.

Relationships Edit


Marina became involved with Nano quickly after meeting him at Samuel's party. Despite Nano originally growing close with Marina in an attempt to steal money from her, the two formed a close and affectionate relationship — this was amplified when Nano learned that Marina was pregnant. The two planned to run away together, and Marina considered blackmailing her own family in a bid to settle Nano's debts.

After she was killed by Polo, Nano was accused and arrested for Marina's murder. Everyone believed he killed Marina despite numerous pleas that this was not the case. He was eventually cleared of all charges when Polo was revealed to be the real killer after his death.

Trivia Edit

  • He is a good rapper.
  • He befriended Christian more than Samuel did and he was the reason why Christian got engaged in his threesome relation with Carla and Polo, as he encouraged Christian.
  • He was probably improsoned for robbing, as Samuel asks him if he plans to rob "again" while in conditional freedom.
  • He currently resides in Morocco.
  • He was mentioned in season three, but didn't appear. His voice was heard in a phone conversation with his mother and Samuel, talking about his life in Morocco.
  • Although he has been ultimately cleared of Marina's murder, it's most likely he will never move back home with Samuel and his mother due to the damage the police has caused.


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