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Omar and Ander, also known as Omander, is a couple that became romantically involved in Season 1 of Elite. Their relationship was often complicated as they were in the closet in the beginning of Season 1. Also, Omar's parents had difficulty accepting that their son was gay and in a relationship with an atheist, and tried to arrange for him to marry a Muslim girl.


In the beginning of Season 1, Omar and Ander met through Christian. Omar was originally Ander's drug dealer, who supplied him with marijuana. They later met through a dating app due to physically being less than 500 metres apart.[1] After meeting up, became romantically involved. Most of their encounters in Season 1, were at the Bridge of Los Arroyos Reservoir. In the beginning of their relationship, Omar in particular, appeared to have some difficulty accepting his homosexuality, likely due to his parent's strict Muslim faith. He told Ander that he loved him for the first time in Todo estalla, after seeing Ander being badly injured following an assault.

In Season 2, following an altercation with his father, Omar moves into Ander's house.

In Season 3, Omar discovers a lump on Ander which turns out to be cancer. While Ander was receiving cancer treatment, Omar had an affair with Nadia's boyfriend, Malick. This affair was discovered by Nadia during the Blackout Party.[2] Ander discovered this affair through other sources, and broke up with Omar, claiming that it was because he had an affair with Alexis, a fellow cancer patient that he met at the hospital.

Later in the season, Ander admits to Omar that he needs him in his life and explained that he lied about meeting someone new in an attempt to push him away.





  • According to Omar, Ander is an atheist.[3]

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