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! This article is about the student "Pablo". For the waiter at La Cabaña with the same name, see Pablo.

Pablo Ruiz is a character on the Netflix series Elite. He is a former student at Las Encinas, who infected Marina Nunier with HIV while she was underaged. He is portrayed by Alberto Vargas.



Pablo attended Las Encinas upon being given a scholarship. In 2016, Pablo (aged 17) and Marina (aged 14) engage in a sexual relationship, resulting in Pablo infecting her with HIV. After Marina's older brother, Guzmán, found out that Marina had been infected, he arranged for him and his friends, Polo and Ander to beat up Pablo. On the afternoon of April 12, 2016, they waited for Pablo to leave class. They then took him into the changing room and Guzmán violently attacked him. At the time of the attack, Polo and Ander only knew that Pablo was in a relationship with Marina, not that he infected her with HIV.[1]

After the attack, Pablo left the school. Guzmán and Marina's father bribed him to not report the attack to the police.



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