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Phillipe Florian von Triesenberg is a main character on the fourth season and fifth season of Netflix series Elite. He is portrayed by Pol Granch.



Phillipe is a prince from the Principality of Triesen, and a generous supporter of up-and-coming fashion designers. As the second youngest heir in Europe, he's used to getting everything he wants. Two years before the events of Season 4, he opened Le Bal, a prestigious debutant ball in Paris.

As the heir of his country's Throne, he is entitled and stylized as His Royal Highness The Hereditary Prince of Triesen. His family is a very old and traditional Royal House in Europe, having a huge fortune, comparable or perhaps even superior to that of The Prince of Liechtenstein, who is a distant cousin of Phillipe. It's not known which of his parents is the Monarch of Triesen and wich is the Princely Consort, though it's likely that his mother, Estefanía von Triesenberg, is Princess Consort and his father, as of yet unnamed, The Prince.

Phillipe left his home country to escape rumours that he sexually abused a woman. In Madrid, he is under the care of Benjamín, who ensures that the security at Las Encinas is top-notch by installing security cameras and scanners.

Throughout the Series[]

Season 4[]

When he first arrives at Las Encinas, people are bothered by the security measures surrounding him, and suppose that he's a snobbish, spoiled person who looks down on "commoners". After everyone has to leave the locker room - even if they are wearing only underwear - for Phillipe to shower alone, his classmates protest by leaving the classroom when he enters.

Little by little, his new classmates warm up to Phillipe, and he's invited to Samuel and Omar's towel party. In return, he hosts his famous Le Bal party for them.

While at Las Encinas, Phillipe begins a relationship with Cayetana, and they bond over their love for fashion and the designer Sadelagu. However, Cayetana is horrified when she discovers that Phillipe secretly recorded them making love. Phillipe explains that he does it because a woman previously falsely accused him of sexual abuse. Cayetana eventually forgives him and they resume their relationship, but both of their trust issues make it hard for them to be together, especially after Ari, who, as the trusted daughter of the school's director, knows more than others, warns Cayetana that the allegations of sexual assault might be true.

Their relationship is mostly friendly and distant by the time Phillipe's mother arrives in Madrid to check on her son. After she's convinced that Cayetana would be an ideal partner for a prince, she demands that her son rekindle the romantic relationship and officially present her as his girlfriend at his New Year's Eve party.

The two meet up and drink together, then, slightly drunk, make out in a limousin. Cayetana decides that she only wants to be friends and tells this to Phillipe, asking him to stop kissing her, but the prince doesn't listen to her, restraining her and attempting to have intercourse while Cayetana repeatedly tells him no and begs him to leave her alone. Eventually, she manages to push him away and jumps out of the car.

Phillipe's mother, Princess Estefanía, sees footage of the two arguing and Cayetana being visibly uncomfortable with her son the day after the attempted rape. She requests to see Cayetana, tells her that men have certain urges that women can use to get what they want, and that she would be stupid to refuse forgiving Phillipe as being together with a prince would end all financial troubles for Cayetana's family.

However, at the New Year's Party, Cayetana refuses to join Phillipe and whispers to him and his mother that Phillipe's impulsiveness is a matter of education, not biology, leaving the princess and her son shocked. Subsequently, Phillipe blames his mother for how she raised him, to which she says that she has always looked after him and protected him, except for the moments when it was better to turn a blind eye. Before she leaves, visibly upset, she also tells her son that if he wants to be an adult, it's time that he took responsibility for his choices. Phillipe is later seen sending a voice message to Elodie Finel, the woman that he sexually abused, asking for forgiveness while acknowledging that it might be too late, and admitting to his crime, leaving it up to his victim what she does with the incriminating evidence.

Elite Short Stories: Phillipe Caye Felipe[]

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Season 5[]

Phillipe is attempting to turn over a new leaf by making amends with Cayetenna for what he did to her last semester, but his plans are dashed when one of Philipe's victims, Elodie Finel, plays the tape that Phillipe left for her on New Years Eve on a video that was stolen at a local nightclub at a party that Phillipe was hosting. As news spreads, students begin to avoid him, making him a pariah.

Desperate to gat back in his classmate's good graces, he begs Cayetenna to stand by him throughout the ordeal, which she does, but only if he promises to stop drinking and attend counseling. He accepts the bargain at the time, but later backs out because he is making progress in counseling and tells Cayetenna to stay out of his life. At Patrick's hedonistic party, he quickly returns to his former habits by drinking, using drugs and making out with random strangers.

He begins dating a new girl, Isidora, in order to make Cayetenna jealous, but quickly develops genuine love for her, which he is unsure of because of the games they play to obtain each other's attention. He decides to stop drinking and using drugs, but he has no idea that Isidora is trying to make him into the bad boy she initially met, rather than the dull sober one. When he discovers that Isidora is spiking his drinks with narcotics, he understands that she isn't the girl for her and ends their relationship

He soon regrets it when he discovers on another classmate's social media that she ditched school and is in Ibiza at a Rager, thinking that she may overdose, and tracks her down to a hotel room that she rented to party with Ivan and three other boys from their school, Hugo, Javier, and Alex. Phillipe realizes that everyone is drunk and high right quickly, but he doesn't want to partake in the party and starts walking away, but returns to the party after Isidora gave him an ultimatum that if he left Ibiza, he and she are through.

Phillipe begins drinking and using the same drugs as the rest of them while in the hotel room, and experiences a massive blackout alongside Ivan. As the two try to piece together what happened the remainder of the night, Isidora tries to persuade them that they did too much drugs and fell asleep as a result, but they don't believe her because the last thing they remember is Alex, Hugo, and Javier being on top of her as she went out. When the two finally acquire a clear picture of what happened, they realize that Isidora was raped, but they don't know who did it. The two boys work together to figure out which of three boys in the hotel with them committed the crime, but they have difficulty finding and recognizing them because they were all high.

Ivan texts Phillipe while in Computer class when he notices one of the boys, Alex, in his class, prompting Phillipe to run along the school corridors and wait for the boy, so he can drag him into the locker room with Ivan to confront him about what transpired the rest of the night. Alex pulls out his phone and displays a video of what happened the rest of the night. While watching the video, it confirms that Isidora was raped. Phillipe, enraged, punches Alex and threatens to kill him for what he did to Isidora, but Ivan stops him and tells him that if he took this into his own hands, the rape of Elodie would not be the only thing on his conscious.

Phillipe was last seen in the finale at the police station, when he and Isidora were reporting the rape.

Physical Appearance[]

Phillipe is skinny, and has a thin, sharp face. He has a hooked nose and emotive, hazel eyes. He wears one earring. Phillipe is slender with dark brown hair, is shorter than Guzman. He dresses very fashionably and is known to promote young designers, which is why Cayetana firstly likes him.


Phillipe is a French-Spanish prince - the direct heir to the throne of a Central European principality. With his public image and in front of cameras, he presents himself as elegant, educated, and pristine in his ways. However, His Highness has been raised in a bubble of ermine fur and privilege that has kept him entirely oblivious to real life. In actuality, Phillipe is introverted, and does not seem socially-adept as he has difficulty establishing friendships at Las Encinas. He is a rather lonely character and doesn't socialize much with the other students, except for Cayetana. The other students only appear to be interested in talking to him when they want favours from him. Although Phillipe does not have friends, he does have sexual relations with multiple women, all of which he privately records during intimate moments. Upon Cayetana finding out Phillipe filmed them having sex without her consent, she confronts him about it only for Phillipe to state that he did so as a security measure. This is because in Season 4 and 5, he falls under heavy scrutiny regarding allegations that his ex-girlfriend made accusing him of raping her. Though it is never clearly stated as true, Phillipe does appear guilty of the allegations. This is later semi-confirmed when Phillipe sexually assaulted Cayetana in his car after she repeatedly told him "no". Despite Phillipe seeming remorseful of his misconduct towards both his ex-girlfriend and Cayetana, he does very little to correct his harmful behaviour. He is shown to be misunderstanding and ignorant, as he repeatedly makes the same mistakes. Phillipe is quite a passive-aggressive character, and fails to communicate effectively with others. Yet, Phillipe does ultimately care for the very few who are close to him, as he has demonstrated with Isadora, Cayetana and Patrick. Phillipe suffers from alcoholism and substance abuse issues, which Cayetana believes contributed to his negligence towards others, along with the lack of education enforced by his mother.



Phillipe had an on-and-off relationship with Cayetana, before she left and he tries to continue with her but he attempted to rape her, after which she dumped him.

Patrick Blanco Commerford[]

Phillipe and Patrick have a strained friendship. Although their entire history is not revealed, the two seem to have known each other prior to the both of them attending Las Encinas since Patrick's father, Benjamin, is close friends with Phillipe's mother, Estefania. However, Patrick sides with his classmates and is clearly aggravated by Phillipe's arrival at school. This is largely due to the strict rules that the Las Encinas students are forced to abide by because of Phillipe's royal status. There is also a chance that Patrick chooses to steer clear of Phillipe following allegations of his sexual assault. Despite his isolation from other students, Phillipe still makes an effort to try and become closer to Patrick - though his motivations for doing so remain unknown. Patrick, on the other hand, remains ignorant of Phillipe and disregards his father's protests to be more welcoming towards the other. As the season progresses, Patrick realises that he can use Phillipe's royal privileges to his advantage and begins to manipulate the other with false flattery. Philippe, who initially believes Patrick's warmth to be genuine soon catches on to the truth. Hurt by Patrick's superficiality, Philippe has a heated confrontation with the other. Following that encounter, the two begin avoiding each other and have little to no interactions until Season 5. Whether intentional or not, there seems to be a homoerotic subtext present between Phillipe and Patrick, with Phillipe caught staring longingly at Patrick on multiple occasions. Though feelings are never confirmed, the two go on to share a kiss initiated by Phillipe at Patrick's party whilst both are under the influence of drugs. The kiss is never addressed by either of the two, but it is alluded that Patrick and Phillipe are on amicable terms and resolved the issues they faced in Season 4.


  • Phillipe is fluent in 4 languages. He attended the best boarding schools in Spain, the UK and Switzerland.
  • He was able to learn of Polo's crime due to intelligence. It is unknown if he found out about it from the police or he believed the rumors at school.
  • He is known to be abusive towards girls he dates in his homeland.
  • On Phillipe's laptop, the desktop background is a picture of a red sports car in front of an old building. On his desktop, there are folders for fashion (mode), music (musique), memory (mémoire), maths, others (autres), photos and documents.
    • In a folder named bedroom (la chambre), there are folders containing videos of different women that Phillipe has slept with. When Cayetana clicks on her folder, she discovers 3 videos inside. In addition to a folder for Cayetana, there are also folders for other women including Amy, Ashley, Danielle, Diana, Elisabeth, Emily, Felicity, Helen, Jennifer, Kathie, Kelly, Leah and Natalie.[2]


Season 4[]

Season 5[]

Elite Short Stories: Phillipe Caye Felipe[]


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