Polo is a character on the Netflix series Elite. He is a student attending Las Encinas. He is portrayed by Álvaro Rico.

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He is a close friend of Guzmán and Ander and Carla’s boyfriend since he was twelve. Polo is the son of two influential lesbians, he has no siblings. Polo is bisexual, and confessed later on that Guzman was the reason he realized he had an attraction to men.

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Polo and Carla have been in a relationship since they were twelve. Bored with their relationship, Polo and Carla agree to have Carla sleep with new student, Christian, while Polo watches. After being caught, Polo and Carla convince Christian to begin a polyamorous relationship, and he agrees. The relationship goes wrong when Carla's father's watch, which contains valuable information about his business, goes missing, and Polo and Carla are quick to point fingers at Christian, who's innocent. The relationship takes a bigger turn when Polo hooks up with Christian without Carla, which Christan tells her about. Carla then breaks up with Polo and starts getting more involved with Christian. After a fight with Guzmán, Ander and Polo against Nano, Christian, and their friends, Polo becomes more determined than ever to win Carla back. It's revealed in the last episode that Polo is the one that murdered Marina. He went to the swimming pool to try to take back the red watch to win Carla back, but when Marina refused to give it to him and started mocking him by saying everyone he knows has been using him, he bashed her in the head with the trophy she won earlier that night and fled into the bathroom, where he sees Christian and Carla hooking up. He then tearfully tells them that he's murdered Marina, and the three cover up the murder. At Marina's funeral, he tries to get back together with Carla, to no avail.

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