Polo is the eighth and final episode of the third season of Elite, and the twenty-fourth episode of the series overall.

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The events that transpired the night of the murder unfold. The police interview several eyewitnesses who are ready to point fingers.



Polo arrives at Teatro Barcelo demanding the trophy from Cayetana, he asks where the trophy is, and she tells him that the trophy is in a safe place. When Polo reveals that he will turn himself in, Cayetana tells him that it is not a good idea; despite this, Polo tells Cayetana that he would like the suffering to end. Polo grows increasingly angry with Cayetana’s refusal to cooperate, and asks if it was Cayetana who contacted the British schools and prevented him from moving; she confirms she did it as she loves Polo and does not want to lose him. Lu interrupts the conversation, telling Polo that he ruined her life and throwing her drink on him, much to his surprise. Rebeca and Carla begin talking, and Rebeca apologises for selling her the drugs days ago; she tells Carla the she is jealous, and explains that Samuel worships the ground she walks on. Polo goes to the bar to ask for a napkin to dry off, however Omar refuses him, citing that he shouldn’t have come to the party. Ander arrives and asks for a napkin, and when Omar gives it to him, he passes it to Polo.

Shortly after, Omar leaves the bar to collect bottles and Samuel notices that he has left behind the knife he was using to cut fruit. Samuel goes for the knife with intent to stab Polo, however is stopped by Guzman who tells him to leave the situation. At the bar, Valerio orders a bottle of champagne, however when it is served Lu takes the bottle, thanking Valerio sarcastically. She drinks the bottle with Nadia, and both comment on how nice it would be to attack Polo with the bottle. Meanwhile, Samuel asks Rebeca to send someone to scare Polo, however she refuses.

Polo approaches Lu and Nadia, however is stopped by Guzman who tells him to leave the party before he is attacked again. Polo takes the opportunity to ask if Guzman will ever forgive him — after he turns himself in — however Guzman sternly remarks that he will never forgive Polo. Guzman is distracted from the conversation with Polo when Lu drops the champagne bottle and it smashes. He helps Nadia to pick up the pieces, but is unable to find the neck of the bottle, which Rebeca kicks across the floor unknowingly.

308~Lu stabs Polo

Lu accidentally stabs Polo with the bottle-neck.

Unbeknownst to Polo, Lu has followed him into the bathroom with the bottle-neck in her hand. She confronts Polo, telling him that he ruined her life, and all of the lives of those around her; specifically, he ruined Guzman’s life by taking Marina’s life. Polo retaliates to Lu’s comment which visibly annoys her and she pins him against the wall. Accidentally, she impales Polo with the bottle in the chest. Realising what she has done, she removes the bottle and apologises to Polo, citing that she did not mean to hurt him — he tells her that he knows, but this is not enough to stop Lu’s hysterics.

308~Guzmán forgives Polo

Guzman forgives Polo

Polo leaves the bathroom with the wound ferociously bleeding. On the dance floor, he heads to Guzman who is metres away, however slips and hits his head on the glass barricade which had cracked only days earlier. Severely weakened, the glass breaks and Polo falls to the dance floor below. Guzman notices Polo fall and immediately exclaims his name whilst running for the floor below. Carla witnesses Polo’s body and collects the bottle-neck, placing it in her bag in protection of Lu. Arriving at Polo’s body, Guzman exclaims for someone to call an ambulance, however it is clear that Polo is severely weak. In a scene of emotion, Guzman tells Polo that he forgives him, a notion otherwise out of reach for Polo earlier. Polo uses what little strength he has left to hold Guzman’s hand, but dies moments later. Carla, Guzman and those around begin to cry before Guzman is forced away from Polo’s dead body.


Each of the group transfer their fingerprints to the bottle-neck.

Carla drags Samuel to one side and whispers something in his ear — the fact that Lu is indirectly responsible for Polo’s death. The group stick together, however and Lu proclaims that she didn’t mean to kill Polo. Valerio tells Lu that everyone witnessed her throw a drink on Polo, therefore nobody will believe she didn’t kill him. Samuel tells the group that they must put an end to the drama, leading to Valerio’s suggestion that everyone transfer their fingerprints to the bottle-neck, thereby eliminating crucial evidence that Lu caused the accident. Carla proclaims that Polo wasn’t a murderer, and neither is she; Polo wouldn’t want her to spend the rest of her life punished for an accident. When everyone has touched the bottle, Rebeca suggests making the scene look like a suicide. Cayetana, masquerading as Polo’s widow, is allowed near his body. She tells him that she really did love him, and places the bottle in hand, transferring the fingerprints. She accidentally cuts herself with the bottle, however, but does not alert the others before discarding the bottle-neck onto the dance floor.

When the police arrive, Lu tells the group that she was seen picking up the bottle-neck and entering the bathroom after Polo, but cannot remember who saw her. Ander volunteers to take the blame for the death, given he is likely to die shortly, however Omar is unwilling to allow him be a martyr. With this, Guzman comes up with the idea that each of the students tell the Inspector that they saw a different student enter the bathroom after Polo; this way, all of the statements will be worthless.

Taking turns, the students are interviewed. Samuel accuses Valerio of the murder, whilst Valerio accuses Cayetana. Cayetana tells the Inspector that she saw Ander, whilst Ander accuses Guzman for the murder. Guzman is strong in his response and tells the Inspector that Omar is responsible, and in his interview, Omar — much to the Inspector’s surprise — accuses his sister, Nadia for the murder. Nadia accuses Carla, Carla accuses Rebeca and Rebeca accuses Lu. Lu is weak in the moments preceding her questioning and tells Valerio that she cannot lie. Valerio recounts all of the times she lied in the past for him and asks her to come up with one more lie, not for him, but for herself.

Realising that he no longer wishes to die, Ander tells Omar that he needs him, and that everything he said about seeing someone was a lie to push him away. Omar is furious and tells him that he succeeded and has truly lost him; standing, he leaves Ander alone in the club.

308~Lu questioning

Lu breaks down in the interview, citing that she doesn’t know. When the Inspector makes an off-hand comment about knowing that she and Polo were not friends, Lu tells the Inspector that she knows nothing and that, in fact, she and Polo were friends.

"What do you know? Polo was my friend. Despite everything, we're all friends. More like a family. We might not say we love each other every day..but you have no fucking clue what I've been through with these people. Year after year, and for the rest of our lives. I'm shaken up because it hurts my soul that the best people I've ever known have to go through this shit again; like with Marina. They don't deserve it."

Leaving the club, Guzman and Nadia kiss, having finally admitted their feelings for one another. Samuel talks with Carla and she tells him that she is leaving to study abroad. He asks if he can visit, and she remarks only if he brings Macaroni; with this the two kiss one final time on the cheek. Omar leaves with Malick, leaving Ander behind. Returning home, Rebeca tells her mother that she is done with the business and done with the police; she asks her mother to stop selling drugs, however her mother does not respond.

At the station, the Inspector is handed a box containing the trophy Polo had used to kill Marina. Talking with Polo's parents, the Inspector tells them that if they find Polo's prints, they will have to re-open the investigation. Not wanting this, Begona tells the Inspector that Polo confessed to the killing.

308~Polo's graveyard

Polo's headstone.

308~Guzman and Ander at Polo's headstone

Guzman and Ander sit at Polo's headstone.

As everyone attends Polo's funeral, Begoña and Andrea approach Cayetana, revealing that they will pay for her university fees, given she stood by Polo even when they didn't, and it is what Polo would've wanted. Despite this, she declines the offer and remarks that public educations are fine, and that it is about time she accepts her background. Carla tells her father that Valerio will be in charge of the winery whilst she is studying abroad, much to her father's dismay. Meanwhile, Guzman and Ander sit together at the side of Polo's headstone, having seemingly forgiven him posthumously.

308~Ander and Omar

Omar and Ander reunite.

Some unknown time later, Nadia and Omar are readying to leave for New York. Guzman and Ander are leaving for the hospital wherein he will find the results of the chemotherapy. Having started to accept his son for who he is, Omar's father tells him that he is sorry it didn't work out with him and Ander, referring to Ander as his "boyfriend". Meanwhile, Lu reveals that she must stop living a lie and that her parents believe they no longer have a daughter; with this, Imán tells Lu that she will always have a family with them. Nadia receives a call from Guzman In which he tells her that when she returns, he will be waiting for her. With everyone boarding the plane, Omar realises that he cannot go and leave Ander behind; with this, he leaves the airport and joins Ander at the hospital, where it is revealed that he is now in remission.

Two months later, Samuel, Guzman, Rebeca, Omar, and Ander return to Las Encinas to finish their graduation. It is seen that Cayetana has not returned to education, but is cleaning at Las Encinas.





  • Alex Ricart as Bouncer
  • Jorge Segovia as Waiter
  • Carlos Calle as Pub Barman 2
  • Jordi Tamarit as Policeman


  • This episode is named after Polo Benavent.
  • Although Cayetana cuts her hand on the bottle-neck — thereby transferring her blood — it is never mentioned by the police and is seemingly overlooked in the investigation.
  • Cayetana declines Andrea and Begoña's offer to pay her tuition fees, citing that public education is fine for her; she is attempting to return to where she truly belongs.
  • Valerio is put in charge of Carla's family wineries whilst she studies abroad.
  • The scene between Ander and Omar, in which they refer to one another as Roman and Andres, is a throwback to the same conversation in Sábado noche, when they are officially introduced to each other.


Guzmán: "Hi, Nadia. First, an apology: this is going to be the corniest message ever. But I wanted to say that if you ever wanted to come back, I'll be here, waiting for you."
Nadia: "Hi, Guzmán,. You know I'm a bit competitive, so here's a warning: this is going to be the corniest message ever. But I promise I'll come back for you."

Omar: "You look familiar. Andres, right?"
Ander: "Roman?"
Omar: " I don't care if you push me away. I'm a fucking boomerang. And whatever the diagnosis is, I will be by your side, you hear?"
Ander: "Omar.."
Omar: "Even if the chemo takes 100 years. I'll be at your side in this hospital for 100 years — repeating the same grade. So what if I graduate when people retire? I don't give a shit. Because I won't leave you, because I love you, dickhead. I haven't stopped loving you even for one day."
Ander: "You won't have to. It's in remission. They just told me. But that was a beautiful speech."


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