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What do you know? Polo was my friend. Despite everything, we're all friends. More like a family. We might not say we love each other every day..but you have no fucking clue what I've been through with these people. Year after year, and for the rest of our lives. I'm shaken up because it hurts my soul that the best people I've ever known have to go through this shit again; like with Marina. They don't deserve it.
— Lu's speech to the Inspector

Polo Benanvent's Death is an event that took place in the third season of Elite. The death was an accident and eventually covered up as a suicide.


Polo arrived at Las Encinas' graduation after-party despite not being invited. Everybody was shocked to see Polo at the party, and Guzmán warned that he should leave, following the fact that he had just prevented Samuel from stabbing him with a knife. Polo told Guzmán that he was going to turn himself into the police the following day, however wished to tell Lu and Nadia that his mothers would not cancel the scholarship.

Lu accidentally stabs Polo with the bottle-neck.

In the toilet, Polo was approached by Lu, visibly angry about the pain Polo had caused the students with both Marina's death and the situation that followed; especially for the way Guzmán felt about his sisters death. She threatened Polo with the neck of a Champagne bottle she had previously dropped, however he was able to stop her from using it against him. An argument between the two broke out, and Polo told Lu that she would be alone forever. She again threatened him with the bottle-neck, pushing him up against the wall. Unintentionally, she had slipped and the jagged-edge of the bottle stabbed Polo in the chest; Lu immediately apologised citing that she never meant to hurt him. Polo told Lu that he knows, and headed to the dance floor.

Guzmán forgives a dying Polo

On the dance floor, Polo was severely bleeding. He notices Guzmán and attempts to head over to him, but slips and hits his head on the glass barrier that had been cracked days previously. Polo's balance was lost and he fell through the glass onto the dance floor below. Bleeding out, everybody rallied around Polo and Guzmán cried out for someone to call an ambulance. Carla saw the distraction as an opportunity to cover up what Lu had done and seized the bottle-neck from the floor. Quickly realising that Polo did not have long left, Guzmán told Polo that he forgives him and starts to cry; Polo died moments later surrounded by those he knew best.

Each of the group transfer their fingerprints to the bottle-neck.

Aware that Lu had unintentionally caused Polo's death, the group decided to cover up the accident and frame the whole ordeal as a suicide. Each of the group transferred their fingerprints onto the bottle-neck in an attempt to hide Lu's involvement, and planned that each member would tell the Inspector that they had seen someone else enter the toilet after Polo. The event was eventually ruled a suicide when Cayetana anonymously dropped off the trophy at the police station; Polo's parents revealed that he had confessed to Marina's murder the previous night.[2]

People Involved[]

  • Lu: Lu was unintentionally the most involved in Polo's death. She had taken the bottle-neck from the broken champagne bottle and — after a heated discussion with Polo over Carla, Ander and Guzmán — she unconsciously stabbed Polo in the chest. She told the Inspector that she saw nothing and, despite the earlier argument with Polo (in which she threw a drink on him), she did not want to see Polo dead.
  • Carla: Carla saw Lu exiting the toilet after Polo and realises that she was involved in the death. To protect Lu, Carla picked up the bottle-neck and placed it in her bag. She transferred her finger prints to the bottle and told the Inspector that she had seen Rebeka enter the toilet with the bottle.
  • Rebeka: Rebeca told the Inspector that she saw Samuel enter the toilet. She accompanied Cayetana to plant Polo's fingerprints on the bottleneck.
  • Cayetana: Cayetana was the most affected by Polo's death — given she really did love him — but decided to partake in the cover-up. She told the Inspector that she had seen Ander entering the toilet after Polo. It was Rebeka's idea that she plant Polo's fingerprints on the bottleneck. She later anonymously dropped off the trophy Polo used to kill Marina at the police station.
  • Samuel: Samuel told the Inspector that he saw Valerio enter the toilet after Polo.
  • Ander: Ander told the Inspector that he saw Guzmán enter the toilet after Polo.
  • Guzmán: Guzman fathered the idea to each tell the Inspector they saw another person enter the toilet; he told the Inspector Omar entered the toilet after Polo.
  • Nadia: Nadia told the Inspector she saw Carla enter the toilet after Polo.
  • Valerio: It was Valerio's idea to put everyone's fingerprints on the bottle-neck; he told the Inspector he saw Cayetana enter the toilet after Polo.
  • Omar: Omar accuses his sister, Nadia, of entering the toilet after Polo.
  • Malick: Malick is not involved in the cover-up, but told the Inspector that he did not see anything regarding Polo's death.


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