Rebeca is the sixth episode of the third season of Elite, and the twenty second episode of the series overall.

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The Columbia scholarship winner is announced. Nadia makes a momentous decision. Samuel's concern about Carla causes issues between him and Valerio.



Carla awakens in her room, having taken multiple bags of drugs sourced from Valerio. Her mother enters and tells her breakfast is ready, and she will have the cleaners take care of the mess. When she steps out of bed, she finds the empty bags on the floor. Meanwhile, Rebeca is sorting the drugs into bags ready to sell at the earliest opportunity.

At school, Samuel approaches Carla asking if everything is alright. Carla tells him everything is fine, but the two are interrupted by Rebeca, who coughs loudly in their vicinity before sitting next to Polo, much to his surprise. The teacher enters, questioning if they have studied hard for the finals, however Rebeca is unable to concentrate and a flash-forward shows the Rebeca on the night Polo was killed. The scene quickly snaps to the class where Carla is struggling to answer any of the questions on the chemistry exam. Noticing this, Lu swaps tablets with Carla while Samuel distracts the teacher. After the lesson, Lu questions Carla over the performance, telling her that she is not alright, and is clearly crying out for help. The two are interrupted, however when Yeray approaches and hands Carla a set of house keys, remarking that it will be her project; Carla does not seem appreciative of the gesture, however and Yeray clearly notices this.

Omar approaches the shop where he talks with Nadia. He tells her that he doesn’t wish to avoid the blame, but is interrupted by Nadia, who tells him that she does not care that Malick cheated, but more that he cheated with her brother. Omar tells Nadia that she is just as bad, having not told their parents that Nadia is LGBT; the two laugh and all appears forgiven between the two. Omar reassures Nadia that she will achieve anything she puts her mind to.

The following day at school, Samuel notices Carla entering the bathroom with Valerio. He follows them and witnesses Valerio selling drugs to Carla. When Carla has left the bathroom, Samuel approaches Valerio and tells him to stop selling to Carla. He becomes increasingly angry and punches the locker behind Valerio, warning that he wants him out of his house right away.

Meanwhile, both Lu and Nadia continuously refresh Columbia’s website, waiting to find out the winner of the scholarship. Both receive invitations to Yeray and Carla’s pool party. Having found out the results of the scholarship, Lu enters the classroom and congratulates Nadia for winning, citing that Nadia is the one person she is not ashamed to loose to; the class clap for Nadia, however it is clear that Lu is worried about how she will afford to continue her education.

At the hospital, Ander is awaiting his results. He talks with a fellow patient who tells him that they can usually judge the results from the doctor’s reaction. Ander is called into the doctors office with Omar and his mother where, unfortunately, he is told that his cancer is not responding to the treatment — the doctor advises continuing with the treatment and increasing the intensity.

Back at school, Guzman tells Samuel that destroying the locker was not a good idea, given graduation is around the corner. Samuel walks off with Guzman following, and the two both receive an invite to Carla and Yeray’s party. Guzman remarks that it is something to look forward to, however Samuel remarks that the two of them are not friends; shitty accomplices at best. As Samuel walks off in frustration, Guzman achieves a text from Ander citing it is not good news.

Valerio talks with Cayetana and Polo about his situation now that Samuel has kicked him out of his house; Polo and Cayetana do not feel this is fair. At dinner with Rebeca, Valerio tells her that he is out, but she finds it hard to accept. Instead, she tells Valerio that they will go all out at Yeray’s pool party. Angry at Samuel, Polo confronts him, asking for Samuel to allow Valerio to remain at his house. Samuel refuses, however and reveals that Valerio is dealing. When Samuel reveals Valerio sold to Carla, he finds it hard to believe but is visibly angry.

Rebeca visits her mother in prison, revealing that she was right, and that she cannot trust Samuel; her mother tells her she could be running the business with her current attitude. A flash-forward shows that — on the night of Polo’s death — Samuel had asked Rebeca to send someone to scare Polo; to death if possible. Rebeca refuses, however.

Later that day, Polo confronts Valerio when he returns home with Cayetana. Cayetana tells Polo to go easy on Valerio, however Polo reveals that Valerio is selling drugs, which shocks Cayetana. Valerio tries to convince Polo it is not big deal, however Polo is not happy with his answer and tells Valerio to leave his house. When Cayetana tries to calm Valerio down, Polo asks her to leave too.

At the new house, Yeray is taking a video of the place and tells Carla that the house was expensive. Carla is clearly under the influence of the drugs sold to her by Valerio and begins undressing in the yard. She starts to get into the pool and tells Yeray to join her, and he takes this as a clear gesture that she likes the house.

Ander returns home to find Omar crying in their bedroom, he consoles him, however Omar brushes him off after receiving a message from Malick. Omar arrives early at work, where he has sex with Malick again despite being in a loving relationship with Ander. Afterwards, Omar compares his relationship with Ander as being in prison, and Malick tells Omar that he should leave Ander, but Omar brushes him off.

Outside their shop, Malick hands Nadia’s father a Quran, he is pleased with the gift and remarks how his daughter is off to college soon. Nadia’s father tells her that he and Malick have been discussing their marriage, and — after a short discussion with Malick — she has no choice but to accept when Malick proposes in front of her. Malick tells Nadia it will be good for the two of them to keep up the charade, despite not actually being in love.

The following day, Lu is called into Azucena’s office, where she reveals that Nadia pulled out of the scholarship and, as Lu came second, she is now the recipient. Lu is confused by the situation and confronts Nadia. Nadia shows her the ring and tells her that she doesn’t want to live a lie, prompting Lu to tell her to stand up to her father and tell him she will be leaving for New York alone; Nadia is inspired by the conversation and hugs Lu.

Yeray’s party is a hit and attended by the majority of Las Encinas. In the bathroom, Carla is taking more of the drugs when she is interrupted by Yeray. She quickly puts the drugs away and tells him that she will be with him in a moment, and he leaves the room. 
Fearing that Ander is growing too fatigued to walk up the stairs, Azucena brings down a mattress to make a make-shift bed for Ander in the living room. Whilst Omar is helping, he receives a notification from Malick. Ander reads the messages, which consist of Malick telling Omar to leave Ander, further referring to their life together as prison. Ander is clearly upset and concerned by the messages but does not mention them to Omar.

Moved by Lu’s words, Nadia closes the shop temporarily whilst she speaks with her parents. She tells them that she has changed and is no longer the girl they thought she was, and will be pursuing New York on her own.

"I am going to New York. Listen to me, just this once. Please. I am no longer the girl you want me to be; I haven’t been for a long time. I wish I was, because everything would be easier. And I still believe that everything you do for me is for my protection, not because you’re afraid to lose me. Like you lost Omar, and May. I swear to you, if I go to New York, I will always come back. You will always have me. But..if you stand in my way.."

Carla arrives back at the party where she attempts to purchase drugs from Valerio. He refuses, and instead, Rebeca offers her a discount. Carla buys from her and begins taking the drugs immediately. She is caught by Yeray, who questions why she is taking the drugs. She explains that she was just trying to be a cool girlfriend, but Yeray warns her not to ruin his party.

Lu and Guzman talk at the party, with Guzman sarcastically asking how her first day is going as a loser. She laughs, and remarks that she is actually doing great but didn’t need the scholarship but applied only out of competition; Guzman does not seem convinced by Lu’s speech, however. Nadia arrives shortly after and hands Lu the contract, revealing that Azucena has agreed to split the scholarship. Lu is grateful for the gesture and signs the contract, with Nadia leaving to submit it. Guzman follows Nadia and she reveals that she is not going to New York with Malick. This prompts Guzman to ask where it leaves the two of them, and Nadia remarks that she is leaving the party whilst Guzman remains behind.

Having read the texts, Omar attends Yeray’s party and pulls Malick from the crowd. He questions what happened between him and Omar, and if he loves him. Malick tells Ander they slept together a couple of times, but is unsure if it was just sex. He is further unsure if he loves Omar or not. Satisfied that he got the details needed, Ander leaves the party after asking Malick to keep their talk a secret.

That night when Omar returns home from work, Ander asks if the two can talk. Despite it being false, Ander tells Omar that he is in a relationship with Alexis — the guy from the hospital — and has been for some time. He explains that Alexis understands things whereas Omar doesn’t, and that the two of them should call things off. Omar is confused about the situation, but is asked to leave by Ander. With Omar leaving to collect his belongings, Ander curls up on the bed and begins to cry, clearly affected by the difficult decision he has made to free Omar from his relationship.

Polo visits Yeray's party to speak with Valerio. Whilst there, he watches Carla as she loses her balance and falls into the pool. He rushes over and pulls her from the pool, shouting for someone to call an ambulance. Rebeca begins to call an ambulance but hesitates when she realises that she sold Carla the drugs. Lu snatches the phone to continue the phone call.

The day after at school, Rebeca tells Valerio that she is done with the drugs, and the two decide to flush the drugs. Their conversation is interrupted by Polo who begins hitting Valerio, whom he incorrectly assumed sold the drugs to Carla. Samuel stops Polo and begins beating him before he is pulled off by Guzman. Just as Rebeca turns around, she drops the drugs and Azucena opens her door.





  • Gary Anthony Stennette as American Teacher
  • Jon Rod as Ander's Doctor
  • Laura Calero as Nurse
  • Carlos Calle as Pub Barman 2
  • Alba Sanz as Pool Party Guest


  • Ander invents a relationship with Alexis in order to release Omar — who he feels is unhappy — from their relationship.
    • Despite having cheated on Ander multiple times, Omar is confused and upset about the break-up.
  • Polo breaks off his relationship with Cayetana and Valerio.



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