Sábado noche/Saturday Night is the third episode of the first season of Elite. It is the third episode of the series overall.

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Samuel throws a party, where Nano makes a move on Marina and spiked punch affects more than one couple. Nadia is hurt by what she learns about Guzmán.



Omar and Samuel are planning to throw a party at his place. Omar creates the event, but Samuel is reluctant to send the invites, worried about having strangers in his house. Nano remarks that if Samuel won’t send the invites, he will, and sends them on Samuel’s behalf.

At school, Guzman tries to talk with Ander, who is ignoring him due to the involvement in his grounding. Guzman explains that the two are friends and he doesn’t want Ander to end up like his biological parents, who overdosed ten years prior. Ander suggests that the two should start talking about more than materialistic things, and Guzman agrees. The two joke about getting kebabs and watching a movie like old times.

At the swimming pool, Guzman watches the girls race, but is fixated on Nadia, not Lu. When Nadia beats Lu, Guzman makes a joke about it, and Lu remarks that their plan — to manipulate and seduce Nadia — is failing. Afterwards, Ander and Christian talk, with Ander firmly believing that Christian told Guzman about the drugs, however Christian remarks that Ander is his only friend at the school and he wouldn’t do such a thing. He invites Ander to Samuel’s party, citing that there will be girls and his dealer, Omar, will be there.

A flash forward shows Samuel’s conversation with his lawyer. The lawyer tells Samuel that he shouldn’t talk, and when Samuel pleads his innocence, he remarks that the Police saw him covered in Marina’s blood — no judge would believe Samuel’s story. Samuel asks if this would change if he had seen someone leaving the scene shortly before he arrived.

Back in the present, Samuel tells Nano at work that someone is looking for him. When he goes to look, he finds the two men who have been threatening him. He pleads for more time, citing that he is making money but needs the weekend. The men agree to say they never found him, but will need the money by Monday.

Lu and Carla talk, with Carla revealing that Polo is not talking to her, and she is not talking to him. Lu becomes mad at the situation and tells Carla that she shouldn’t be letting Polo walk all over her.

Meanwhile, Samuel, Omar, Nano and Christian are preparing for their party. Samuel is nervous about Marina attending the party and tells Omar that he is worried about rejection. Christian begins grinding pills to put into the punch, and Nano warns Samuel not to drink the punch, citing “too much sugar”. Later that night, the party is popular and Nano talks with Marina, influencing her to begin drinking beer.

Nadia is surprised to find Guzman at the shop. He tells her that he wants to know where Samuel lives, given he is throwing a party and Marina is there without her parents permission. Nadia refuses to give up Samuel’s address, and instead, suggests the two of them go together — this way, Guzman might even be allowed into the party.

Ander arrives at the party much to Samuel’s surprise. Samuel questions what Ander is doing at the party, and Ander reveals that Christian invited him. Samuel introduces Ander to Omar, and the two act as if they have never met, joking about a miscommunication in names. The two talk and it becomes clear that they are both still in the closet; nobody knows that they are gay. The two go to the bathroom where Omar hands Ander a pill. He is hesitant to take it, but on cue, takes the pill from Omar’s mouth via kiss. Omar suggests they all play spin the bottle. Later, Guzman arrives at Samuel’s with Nadia, and is met by disgust from Samuel and Nano. Marina tells Guzman that she will not leave the party and, leaving for the bathroom, she and Nano have sex. Nadia is put in an awkward situation when she drinks the punch and the drugs Christian added begin to kick in. The party is interrupted when the Police arrive and shut down the party.

Polo and his parents have dinner that night with Carla and her parents. The dinner is awkward, given the situation between Polo and Carla, and Polo remarks that he may have other plans when his mothers talk about a trip during Easter. After the meal, Polo and Carla talk, with Polo expressing fears that Carla will like Christian more than him. Carla tells Polo that she loves him more than ever.

Marina and Nano arrive at her house and Marina makes a joke about Nano not tagging the wall, and the two joke about Marina’s wealth. The two begin kissing and eventually have sex, with Marina ignoring calls from Guzman. After, when Marina is asleep, Nano begins looking through Marina’s father’s belongings. He tries to look through her father’s computer but finds the password is incorrect — he is interrupted by Nadia and Guzman arriving.

Nadia arrives with Guzman at his house after blackmailing him, remarking that she wants to swim in his pool. Nano makes a quick exit when Marina fears Guzman will see him at the house.

Omar and Ander begin walking home. Ander pleads with Omar to give him one more pill, however he refuses and Ander resorts to asking a random group of teenagers on the street. He offends them and they attack him, severely injuring his arm. Omar tells Ander that they should no longer see each other despite Ander’s pleas.

The following day, Guzman is surprised when Ander’s father questions him over Ander’s wrist, which Ander told his father he injured at his house. Guzman agrees that the injury happened at his house and promises to keep an eye on Ander. Later during swimming practice, Lu witnesses Nadia and Guzman talking. When they line up to jump, Lu tells Nadia that Guzman is toying with her, and is only interested in her because of a bet — a bet that Guzman could take Nadia’s virginity. Nadia confronts Guzman after the lesson, and Guzman reveals that it was her idea. Guzmán becomes offended when Nadia insults him, citing that she was ready to have sex with him in his pool.

Carla invites Christian to her and Polo’s apartment, with Carla revealing that their parents bought it, and they’ve been furnishing little-by-little. Christian and Carla begin kissing when Polo enters, remarking if Christian wants to join them for dinner. After dinner, they begin kissing whilst Polo watches, and it quickly turns into a threesome between the three.





  • Javier Mula as Hombre Amenaza
  • Jesús Gallo as Hombre Amenaza 2
  • Néstor Rubio as Monitor Piscina
  • Jaime Vidal as Chaval Pueblo
  • Eduardo Burgos as Profesor Economía
  • Francesc Galceran as Abogado Samuel

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  • Lu reveals to Nadia that Guzmán's relationship with Nadia is a bet in which Guzmán bet he could take Nadia's virginity.


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