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Samuel and Guzmán is the second episode of the third season of Elite, and the eighteenth episode of the series overall.


Guzmán attempts to make amends. Nadia threatens payback when she and Lu go after the same scholarship. Ander comes clean to his loved ones.



A scholarship contest to Columbia University immediately catches Nadia’s eye; having lost another scholarship because of the sex tape of her and Guzmán, she really needs this opportunity. It is revealed that Polo's rich mother's company is sponsoring the scholarship in an effort to bribe students into keeping their mouths shut about Polo. Nadia doesn’t want to take part in something that is in any way related to Polo but unfortunately, she doesn’t have much choice.

However, someone else is in a similar boat — Lucrecia. Her father has cut her and Valerio off, but Lu still wants to follow her dreams. She applies for the programme as well, despite the school principal imploring her to allow space for others who are less fortunate.

Emboldened by Azucena, Nadia decides to threaten Lu: withdraw from the programme or Nadia will let everyone know about Lu and Valerio. She is quite convincing, enough to force Lu into divulging her secret to Nadia: that she actually needs the scholarship now because she has no money. Nadia admits that she was never going to tattle about Lu and Valerio, even though Lu did share the video of Nadia with the entire school.

Guzmán appears to gradually begin acting more friendly towards Polo, giving the latter hope that Guzmán believes he is innocent. Samuel approaches Carla, who is currently homeschooling, and begs her to come back to school. He tells her that Polo is likely getting away with the murder, since Guzmán no longer appears to hate him. Samuel tells Carla that he's already lost everyone he cares about, but doesn't want to lose her.

With Nano having settled abroad and living a peaceful and anonymous life, Samuel’s mother has decided to join him. Samuel would have gone with her, but Polo is still not yet brought to justice, and he needs to clear Nano’s name. This has left Samuel without a roommate and a lot of rent to pay. Rebeka has a plan to help: Valerio is living in his car and addicted to cocaine. He could sell his car to pay rent, and move in with Samuel.

Unfortunately, Valerio is too proud, and would rather party it up with Rebeka’s mother in hopes of scoring more drugs. Sandra has built her drug kingdom with blood, sweat, and tears, as shown in the previous season, and is no fool to Valerio's tactics. She notices Valerio stealing her cocaine and makes him pay for it, but not with money. When Valerio is on his knees and grovelling, Sandra asks him to take a serious look at what he’s become.

Ander has been diagnosed with an aggressive form of leukemia. He needs an intense form of chemotherapy, and the side effects will be awful. He is reluctant to tell his family and friends. Rebeka is there with him when he meets the doctor, and the shock of learning how fleeting life can be makes her question what is happening in her own life.

Carla still has feelings for Samuel, but her father threatens her that it won't end well if she hangs around him.

Rebeka eventually manages to convince Ander to tell his mother and Omar about his disease. Azucena is concerned but hopeful — she has to be, she’s his mother. Omar is ready to fight for Ander, but he won’t have it. In tragic hero style, Ander asks Omar to leave him — he deserves to have fun and sleep with other people, not take care of his ill boyfriend, who he hasn’t even been with very long. Omar refuses, and sits by Ander's side during his first round of treatment.

When Guzmán invites Polo to his house to play video games, Polo jumps at the opportunity, believing Guzmán has forgiven him. However, Polo has no idea what he’s in for. At the house, Guzmán drugs Polo and ties him up. He calls Samuel to arrive for assistance before he does anything criminal. When Samuel arrives, Polo is unconscious and tied up in a chair. Guzmán plays the video of Marina dancing, which breaks him every time he watches it, and he becomes enraged. Guzmán needs to know where the trophy is and he will do anything to find out. He desperately screams at Polo, waking him up and asking where the trophy is. He tortures Polo, until Polo finally admits to Guzmán's face that he did kill Marina, but that it was an accident, and he doesn't say where the trophy is. Guzmán becomes hysterical, and nearly strangles Polo to death. Fortunately, Samuel is there to diffuse the situation, and a traumatized Polo leaves. Guzmán is terrified that he, too, has the rage inside him to kill someone.

Yeray, who everyone thinks is a new student, was actually bullied out of Las Encinas three years ago due to his former obesity. Carla, surprisingly, stood up for him at the time. Now that Yeray is ‘hot’, Carla decides he will have to take Samuel’s place. Valerio appears to finally decide to clean himself up, and he asks Samuel if he's still looking for a roommate. Later, Rebeka is hanging out with Samuel and admits she loves him. The two finally kiss.

In the future, the students are gathered around Polo's dead body at the graduation party. Guzmán rushes to Polo's bloody corpse and yells to the others to call an ambulance. He sobs as he looks into Polo's dead eyes.





  • Jon Rod as Ander's Doctor
  • Laura Calero as Nurse



Song Performer Scene
"Crow (Mixed)" Forest Swords At the beginning, Samuel walks and stares at Polo at the school.
"Forever" Chvrches At the beginning, Samuel walks the hall; Samuel stares at Polo at a party.
"Bebo (De Bar En Peor)" Ladilla Rusa Rebeka talks to Valerio.
"Mesmerizing" Cinthie Samuel stares at Polo in the club.
"Kiska (Киска)" Kedr Livanskiy Lucrecia and Nadia are both filling out their applications for a scholarship for university in the principal's office.
"Desajuste (Instrumental)" Prozack TBA
[verification needed]
Leïti Sène, Aleesha Omar in an intimate moment.
"Loner Boogie" Boy Azooga Valerio is enjoying himself in Rebeka's house party.
"El Aire Está Vivo (Instrumental)" Radio TBA
"Breathe For Me" Attic Lights Omar visits Ander in the clinic, Lu and Nadia agree to compete for the scholarship, Valerio sits in his car and contemplates what he did the night before and Carla talks to Yeray to avoid Samuel.
"En el Aire" Vega Almohalla Samuel and Rebeka make out at the end.




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