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Samuel and Marina is a couple that became romantically involved in Season 1 of Elite. Their relationship began when Marina befriended Samuel in Bienvenidos. Their relationship became romantic later in the season.


When Samuel arrived at Las Encinas, Marina was just about the only person who was kind to him. She was the first person he talked to (other than those he already knew) and became friends with her fast.

Despite Marina's protective brother Guzmán warning Samuel about staying away from her, they continued to be friends and grew feelings for each other quickly.


  • In Season 1, Samuel and Marina did the social media project together. It was during this project when Samuel learns that Nunier S.A.'s corruption resulted in the collapse of his old school, San Esteban.
  • In Season 1, Marina revealed to Samuel that she was HIV+. Samuel initially didn't know how to react, but after doing some research, he felt bad for not reacting appropriately. Later at Las Enincas, he used a "time machine" to go back to the moment when Marina revealed this information to have a do-over of his response.



Marina: "It's a benefit cocktail party. Some 100 guests gorging themselves on seafood and champagne, because they're super worried about world hunger. And then, with the funds they raise, they buy cans of chickpeas for the poor."
Samuel: "Right."
Marina: "I'm going because my father's making me."
Samuel: "Champagne, luxury, seafood...What a drag!"
Marina: "Would you like to come with me?"
Samuel: "Would you like me to go?"
Marina: "Of course." (El amor es una droga)

Samuel: "Why did you make me come if I wasn't invited?"
Marina: "I was mad that at the other party you were used for my dad's pictures. And you weren't allowed here."
Samuel: "You're using me now. I'm an excuse to rebel against your parents. Look, I had imagined many times the moment when we would decide to be a couple. Many times. But it was never like this, I assure you."
*Samuel goes outside and Marina follows him*
Marina: "Do you have your time machine on you? I'd love to go back...a half hour, more or less. I'm sorry."
Samuel: "Do you like me, Marina? If this is about the HIV..."
Marina: "You don't know me. Do you know what I thought when I found out Pablo had infected me? That...somehow that secret, that thing we both shared, would bring us together. That thanks to the HIV, we would always be together. That really is sick...and idiotic. And then he left. Without saying goodbye."
Samuel: "Can I tell you a secret? You can't travel through time. Or change the past. So why not stop looking back...and start looking forward?"
*Samuel and Marina kiss*
Marina: "Is this closer to what you had imagined?"
Samuel: "You have lipstick."
Marina: "You too."
*Samuel and Marina laugh*

(El amor es una droga)



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