San Esteban, also known as Instituto de Enseñanza Secundaria San Esteban, is a large, public secondary school previously attended by Samuel, Christian, Nadia and Omar until its closure following the collapse of the roof.

Following the roof's collapse, Samuel, Christian and Nadia are gifted scholarships to the affluent private school Las Encinas.

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San Esteban is the school Samuel, Christian, Nadia and Omar attend prior to the series; it is a public school located around thirty miles away from Las Encinas.[1] Renovations on the school were carried out by Nunier S.A., the company owned by Ventura Nunier and Teo. Not long after work began, however, the roof collapsed and injured Samuel, Nadia and Christian. Marina later revealed that cheap materials due to budget concerns were to blame for the roof collapse.[2]

Following the collapse of the roof, Ventura's company funded three scholarships for the students injured in the collapse in a bid to hide their involvement. Later, Ventura invited the students to his daughters birthday party in a bid to raise PR attention surrounding the roof collapse. It later becomes clear that Ventura had incriminating documents surrounding the roof collapse — these were stored on the watch Teo primarily wore.

The documents linking Teo and Ventura to the collapse of the school were the main driver behind the murder of Marina Nunier.[3]

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