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Teatro Barceló/Barcelo Theater is a location on the Netflix series Elite. It is a nightclub that the students of Las Encinas often go to.


A number of parties were held at Teatro Barceló. It is a nightclub located in Madrid, Spain.

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  • Teatro means "theater" in Spanish.
  • Teatro Barceló is located at Calle de Barceló, 11, 28004 Madrid, Spain
  • The graduation party where Polo died was held in Teatro Barceló.
  • In Ander (episode), a Blackout party was held in Teatro Barceló.
  • Samuel's involvement in Sandra's arrest was confirmed by Rebeka during blackout party at Teatro Barceló when she saw that the fluorescent paint from her purse, which Samuel thought contained an incriminating hard drive and tried to get rid of, was all over his hands.
  • Malick and Omar hooked up in Teatro Barceló. Nadia discovered Malick's infidelity during blackout party due to the fluorescent paint on Malick and Omar.
  • Polo showed up at the graduation party held at Teatro Barceló to tell Lu that her scholarship to Columbia University had not been cancelled, but was unsuccessful.
  • On one of the walls, it says "No olvides tu corazón al salir", which means "Do not forget your heart when leaving".


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