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The New Order  es.  El nuevo orden ) is the first episode of the fourth season of Elite, and the twenty-fifth episode of the series overall.


A stern principal and three new students begin at Las Encinas. Omar and Samuel must prove themselves academically while their friends try to help.



In a flash-forward to the end of the season, Guzmán is shown panicking in a chair amidst a backdrop of fireworks at a new year's eve party. A girl is discovered floating unconscious in a lake; she appears to be dead or near death. A police officer implores Guzmán to explain what has happened.

Cutting back to the beginning of the school year: A wealthy CEO named Benjamín Blanco takes over as the new principal at Las Encinas, firing Azucena on her first day back. Ander is furious and laments that he should've left the school to go backpacking.

In a speech to the student body, Benjamín vows to begin a "new chapter" at Las Encinas by restoring "Discipline, Excellence, and Merit". As part of this change, Samuel and Omar are told they have to take an advanced placement exam to prove that they deserve to stay at the school on scholarship.

Benjamín's three children, Ari, Patrick, and Mencía, join Las Encinas as new students. Ari immediately catches both Guzmán's and Samuel's eye during a swimming event. Patrick is openly gay, and instantly flirts with Ander in the showers. However, the two nearly get into a fight in class when Patrick defends his father for making Omar take an exam.

Mencía is highly attracted to Rebeka and flirts with her in class. Rebeka is initially intrigued but loses interest upon finding out that Mencía is Benjamín's daughter. Rebeka sits next to Samuel but still refuses to talk to him after his betrayal during the previous school year. Guzmán has a Skype call with Nadia, who is now living in New York; she appears hesitant throughout the conversation.

The next day, Benjamín and his children arrive at Las Encinas only to find that dozens of students are sitting in front of the entrance doors in protest. In an effort to impress Rebeka, Mencía sits in with the crowd, much to the fury of her siblings and father. Mencía later advises her classmates that Benjamín's sole weakness is Ari, who he will listen to no matter what. The students convince Guzmán to talk to Ari and attempt to get her to influence Benjamín to cancel the placement exam for Omar and Samuel.

Mencía continues to flirt with Rebeka in the locker room, and eventually convinces her to go out on a date. The two go out for drinks at a club and bond quickly as Rebeka opens up about Samuel betraying her the previous year. The two begin to get intimate until Rebeka suddenly gets cold feet and leaves abruptly. Mencía doesn't return home until the next morning, when Benjamín and her siblings lash out at her for being careless.

At school, Guzmán approaches Ari and invites her out for drinks. Patrick offers to help Omar cheat on the placement exam in exchange for going to a gay club with Ander. Omar is hesitant since he knows that Ari should be their target, yet Ander is highly tempted by Patrick's offer. Later, Guzmán takes Ari out on a casual date and opens up about his difficult past few years with the deaths of Marina and Polo. Ari explains that she has also lost loved ones, namely her mother. Guzmán eventually convinces Ari to talk to her dad about the placement exam.

Later, Benjamín and Ari offer to take a depressed Mencía out for dinner, but after she rudely turns them down, Benjamín decides he is fed up with her attitude and cuts her off financially on the spot. This enrages Mencía, who then reveals to Ari that Guzmán only wanted to take her out to use her to get the placement exam cancelled for Omar and Samuel.

Mencía leaves her home and wanders to a bar, where she texts Rebeka to meet her. When Rebeka never arrives, Mencía is approached by an older but intriguing man named Armando, who pays for her drinks.

Ander gives into Patrick's tempting offer and meets him at the gay club at night; the two appear highly aroused by each other's presence. Meanwhile, Benjamín and Ari are dining at the expensive Lake Club where Samuel works as a bartender. While on the job, Samuel spots Benjamín and begs him to relieve Omar of the placement exam since he is such a hardworking and honest student. Samuel's manager catches him in the act and fires him on the spot. Benjamín feels pity on Samuel and briefly considers doing away with the exam but Ari convinces him to stand his ground.

Things begin to heat up between Ander and Patrick as they dance in the club and gradually begin to remove clothing, but Ander draws the line when Patrick tries to perform fellatio. Ander yells that he would never betray Omar, and he storms out of the club. Meanwhile, Armando reveals to Mencía that he is a wealthy businessman. He shows Mencía to a luxurious hotel room he owns and tells her she can stay for as long as she needs, free of charge. Mencía appears hesitant but gladly accepts; she then invites Armando to have sex with her and spend the night in the room. Upon waking up in the morning, Mencía finds hundreds of Euros in cash at her bedside, meaning she has effectively just prostituted herself.

At school, Samuel and Omar are about to take their placement exam when Patrick pulls aside Omar and Ander. Patrick gives Omar a slip of paper containing the answers to the exam. Omar questions what exactly went on between Ander and Patrick at the gay club the previous night; Ander insists that they just "danced". Omar is hesitant to cheat but uses Patrick's answers during the exam and ends up receiving a 97%. Samuel passes the exam as well, guaranteeing both of them a continued scholarship at Las Encinas. Patrick appears slightly flustered that Ander referred to what happened between them at the club as just "dancing". Later, Ari pulls both Samuel and Guzmán aside and declares that they'll have to think again if they believe they can ever fool her.

A flash forward to the new year's party reveals that the girl floating unconscious in the lake is Ari. Emergency services are shown desperately trying to revive her as the other students watch on, horrified. A voice on a walkie-talkie suddenly alerts the crowd that Ari is still alive.




  • Elisabet Gelabert as Azucena
  • Boré Buika as Lieutenant
  • Manuel Castillo as F.E. Teacher
  • Sergio San Millán as Club Del Lago Waiter
  • Alfredo Noval as Club Del Lago Manager
  • Tábata Cerezo as Police Officer



Song Performer Scene
"Nada" Sila Lua Rebeca walks into class and sees Samuel, Mencia starts the conversation.
"The Top" Eva Mcbel Nadia and Guzman video chat.
"Bad Attitude" Beginners, Klergy A strike in front of Las Encinas
"Hacia el Fondo" Rubio Rebe is standing on the roof with a beer in her hand, Mencia and Rebe drink and talk.
"Lemon" Metro Guzman and Ari have a drink after school.
"05:00AM JUNGLE CHASE" Sacre Ander goes to meet Patrick at the gay club.
"Kuyayki (feat. Chancha Via Circuito)" Klik & Frik Ander and Patrick dance at the gay club.
"Quiero Llorar" Sila Lua Mencía sends a message to Rebe to meet up as she is leaving her house.
"I Walk Alone with Acid" Pale Blue Mencia wakes up in the morning in the hotel room and finds cash on the side table.
"Me Miras Pero No Me Ves" María José Llegro Paramedics try to resuscitate Ari.
"Movie Life" Edine with Lisle Mitnik and their orchestra Mencia wakes up in the morning in the hotel room and finds cash on the side table.
"Becket and the Stars" The Darklings




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