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Todo estalla/Everything Explodes is the seventh episode of the first season of Elite. It is the seventh episode of the series overall.


Carla suspects Marina is involved in the theft. Omar's father makes plans for his son. After learning his sister’s secret, Guzmán seeks revenge.



Things in Nadia's household become increasingly complex for her and her family with the outing of Omar as both homosexual, and a drug dealer. Nadia becomes conflicted in where she stands, given that Omar is her brother, however she is very strict in her religious beliefs.

In the conflict, Ander hands Nadia a note for Omar to pass along. Despite being conflicted at first, she hands Omar the note and allows him to use her phone to contact Ander despite their parent's disapproval. In a further bid to calm the situation, Nadia is able to talk Yusef out of arranging a marriage for Omar; this opens up Omar's future to possibly be with Ander if he chooses.

Later, Omar and Ander do have sex when they believe nobody is home. Ander tells his father that he is gay, which is witnessed by Azucena, his mother, from afar — she does not weigh in on the situation, however.

Nadia considers giving up on her education with everything that is happening at home; she is conflicted when her father gives her an ultimatum about wearing her hijab at school. Lu, however, refuses to allow Nadia — who she now sees as her equal — to give up on her education so easily. Guzmán finally admits that he is in love with Nadia, and Lu gives the two her blessing and tries to push Guzmán to convince Nadia to stay at the school.

In an attempt to ensure Nadia is able to stay at the school, Guzmán tries talking with Azucena. Azucena calls Yusef and invites him into the school to talk about Nadia's education. She offends Yusef, however, and he reveals that he knows she forced Nadia to remove her hijab whilst on school premises; he remarks that he doesn't like how the school is changing his daughter and it is better to remove her from the school immediately. In a fit of rage, Azucena outs Omar to Yusef, who is both shocked and angry. Omar denies the whole thing, however, and Yusef decides that Omar will be forced into an arranged marriage rather than bring shame to his family.[1]

Polo is left on the outside when Carla finally breaks things off with him to spend more time with Christian, who wants to be her boyfriend. Carla tells Christian that she needs a friend now more than ever, given she is aware Nano and Marina are attempting to blackmail her father — she cannot prove it, however.

With no way to prove it, Carla tells Teo, who tells Ventura in turn. An argument ensues and Marina reveals that she is pregnant with Nano's child. Guzmán asks for Ander and Polo's assistance in beating up Nano, however when they arrive and announce Marina's pregnancy, it is actually Samuel who attacks his brother. When a large scale brawl ensues, Guzmán takes off to hide in Nadia's shop; Polo escapes and presumably runs home; Ander, however, is the victim of an assault and is left bleeding out in an alleyway — he is found by Omar badly hurt.





  • Julián Ortega as Encargado 'La Cabaña'
  • Rut Santamaría as Profesora
  • Hicham Malayo as Nasser
  • Cristian J. Costa as Cliente Pelea
  • Alex de Nova as Chico Borracho



Song Performer Scene
"I Don't Believe In Love" The School Ander and Omar sex scene.
"I Want To Die By Your Side" The Magic Theatre Nadia convinces her parents to cancel the tea with Omar's supposed future wife.


  • It is revealed that Samuel and Nano's mother is called Pilar.
  • Marina's pregnancy becomes public knowledge.



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  1. This is an opinion portrayed in the series, Elite, and is not representative of the wiki editors or their beliefs.
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