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Todo va a salir bien/Everything Will Be Okay is the sixth episode of the first season of Elite. It is the sixth episode of the series overall.


Nano learns one watch holds a secret. Marina's pot stash is found. News of pregnancy raises suspicions. Christian is offered fame if he does a favour.



Ventura Nunier is arrested by the Police given that they suspect his involvement in the collapse of San Esteban. They have little evidence, however, since he is a wealthy individual and has insurance. Carla becomes concerned that her father will suffer the same fate as Ventura; she tells Marina that the evidence linking her parents to the collapse is contained within one of Teo's watches.

Marina panics, knowing that Nano has the red-banded watch, and tries to convince him not to sell it. This gives Nano the idea that they should extort Ventura and Teo for money rather than sell the watch mainstream. Carla isn't aware initially that Nano is involved in stealing the watch, but begins to suspect that Marina was involved somehow.

Ventura's family are ashamed when he is arrested and only Guzmán visits him in prison. Guzmán uses this as an opportunity to show support, but to confront Ventura about their current financial situation; it is revealed that Ventura used their wealth to keep the company going and now there is nothing left. Guzmán is aware that this is a lie, however, and reveals that he knows Ventura is addicted to cocaine. Seeing his father devastated, Guzmán decides to keep the addiction a secret and stick by his father.

Marina is put into a tricky situation when Azucena — Ander's mother and the principal of Las Encinas — finds Marina's marijuana in her locker. Azucena plans to tell Marina's mother, Laura, but Marina once again blackmails Martín into convincing Azucena to let it slip. Azucena agrees, but forces Marina to reveal the name of her dealer. Nadia and Ander are furious with Marina when she reveals Omar to be the dealer.

When Marina collapses at Samuel's house, he and Nano take her to the hospital, where they are shocked to learn that she is pregnant. Samuel knows he is not the father when it is revealed she is only four weeks along. Nano does not reveal to Samuel, but is aware that the baby is his. Marina considers an abortion after Nadia gives her contact information for an underground clinic, but Nano convinces her to run away with him after revealing that their baby would have only a small chance of contracting HIV from his mother. He says he can use the money he assumes Teo will pay for his red watch, to start a new life with Marina.

Christian is offered a prestigious modelling gig through Polo's connections. The two become highly aroused by each other's presence afterwards and engage in fellatio. However, Polo later ends up ruining Christian's chance at fame by removing his modelling photos from circulation, in an attempt to "one-up" his manhood and impress Carla. However, Carla is furious at Polo for having sex with Christian without her knowledge, and claims their relationship is "dead".

Samuel becomes obsessed with discovering the father of Marina's baby, despite the two not being together when she got pregnant. Marina refuses to offer any help in Samuel's search, but he takes Nano's word when he insists it isn't him. Samuel's suspicions begin to grow when Marina tries to blackmail Martín again and overhears the two talking about "settling" a problem — Samuel incorrectly assumes the "problem" is the baby.

In retaliation, Samuel attacks Martín, believing him to be the baby's father. Azucena witnesses and questions the situation, with Samuel claiming that Martín took advantage of Marina and got her pregnant. Nadia reveals that this is incorrect, however, and reveals the bribe and blackmail between Martín and Lu. Lu is suspended for two months despite denying the situation and Martín is fired immediately.





  • Julián Ortega as Encargado 'La Cabaña'
  • Javier Mula as Hombre Amenaza
  • Jesús Gallo as Hombre Amenaza 2
  • Rafael Sandoval as Doctor Hospital
  • Dori Martin as Secretaria Clínica
  • Emilio Pereda as Fotográfo
  • Julia Rodríguez as Alumna 1


Nadia: "Don't get excited, we are just friends."
Guzmán: "I know. I don't... I don't want to be your friend."
Nadia: "Well, you'll have to get used to not getting everything you want."
Guzmán: "That's too bad. Because I've never wanted something so much."
Nadia: "I bet I'm not the first girl you've said that to."
Guzmán: "No. But you are the first one with whom I mean it."


Song Performer Scene
"Malamente (Cap.1 Augurio)" Rosalía Opening. Samuel reads the news about Marina's father's arrest.
"Overgrown" James Blake Nadia asks Guzmán what music he is listening to.
"Mala Mujer"
[verification needed]
C. Tangana Christian's photo shoot scene.
"Heaven Only Knows"
[verification needed]
Bob Moses Christian and Polo have oral sex.


  • Omar is revealed to be the one dealing the drugs to Las Encinas students.
  • Lu is suspended for two months for blackmailing Martin.
  • Martín is fired from Las Encinas for taking Lu's bribe.



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