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Todos mienten/Everyone Lies is the fifth episode of the first season of Elite. It is the fifth episode of the series overall.


Marina gives Nano a way to pay his debt. Lu intentionally leaks a secret in front of Nadia. Omar learns Ander told his friends about the two of them.



As the students sit in class, Samuel is caught composing a message on his phone by their teacher, Martín. Martín is hard on Samuel and — in an attempt to make an example out of him — has Nadia read out the text message. Nadia is forced to read out loud the text message which reads “Marina doesn’t have AIDS… it’s HIV.” This is the first time anyone other than Samuel and Marina's family are made aware of her diagnosis. Martín does not apologise, remarking that he was right in enforcing Las Encinas' no phone policy. He commends Marina, however, for having the courage to confirm her diagnosis publicly.

With Nano's debt increasing by the second, Marina makes it clear she wants to help, despite remarks from Samuel that she shouldn't get involved; Samuel is unaware that Marina and Nano have slept together, however. Knowing that Carla's father has an expensive watch collection, Marina steals a set of Carla's house keys and memorises their alarm code whilst at her house. She later gives the keys and the code to Nano, citing that he could settle his debt by stealing and selling the watch collection the following day.

The following day, Nano lets himself into Carla's house using the keys and the alarm code and prepares to steal the watches, but is nearly caught by Teo unexpectedly arriving home. Nano hides as Teo sets his red-banded watch on the dresser and showers. Nano emerges and steals this watch along with the others. When Teo leaves the shower, he panics and realises that he has been robbed. It is revealed that Teo's watch with a red band contains highly confidential and incriminating information regarding the San Esteban scandal.

Marina and Samuel grow closer and they decide to finally sleep together despite the earlier revelation at school. Afterwards, however, Marina realises that she is in fact in love with Nano, who she had slept with previously. She begins avoiding Samuel but does not tell him the reason. Frustrated and confused, Marina smokes highly potent marijuana on the school premises but collapses. Martín discovers the drugs and insists on telling Azucena and the administration, but Marina blackmails him, citing that she knows about his adoption deal with Lu.

Despite being on bad terms with Guzmán, Lu visits his house in a bid to reconcile. Guzmán is initially reluctant to accept Lu, but he eventually falls into old habits and sleeps with her.

Nadia's values cause her to become disappointed and unwilling to voice support for Marina given the revelation of her HIV. In return, Guzmán becomes angry and outs Omar to Nadia as both a drug dealer and gay. Nadia is angry and tells Omar that he needs to hide it from his parents given their strict Muslim faith. This offends Omar who lashes out at Nadia, remarking that he has a right to live his life. He is unable to shake Nadia's words, however, and tells Ander that the two can no longer see each other given that both Guzmán and Polo have learned about him.





  • Julián Ortega as Encargado 'La Cabaña'
  • Francesc Galceran as Abogado Samuel
  • Mario Lora as Juez de línea
  • Josete Rivas as Camarero Bar Gay
  • Victoria Santos as Clienta Nadia



Song Performer Scene
"Her Lies" (Song In a Box II version) Asaf Avidan & The Mojos Nano argues with Samuel and tells him to mind his own business.
"Lo Que No Sabes" Danna Paola Lu arrives at Guzman's house and tries to seduce him.
"Gooey" Glass Animals Christian tries on clothes. Threesome between Christian, Carla and Polo.
"Where Did the Love Go?"
[verification needed]
Fem 2 Fem Ander and Omar kiss in the gay bar.
"Los Amigos Que Perdí" Dorian Marina and Samuel argue in the hallway. Marina passes out from smoking pot in the locker room. Ander is playing Tennis.
"I Should Live in Salt" The National Samuel and Marina sex scene.
"Overgrown" James Blake Nadia and Guzman are talking on the stairs.




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