The Valentine’s Day Party is a party held annually at Lu's house to celebrate Valentine's Day.

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Season 3[edit | edit source]

Lucrecia has a Valentine’s Day party at her home every year, it’s become a tradition. But not many people know that Lucrecia doesn’t have the money to hold such a gathering. To save herself from people finding out the Lucrecia comes up with a new idea, a reverse Valentine’s Day theme.

According to the theme, the ladies must wear tuxedos, and the men won’t wear much. Everyone has to bring their own drinks.

Events[edit | edit source]

Malick met Omar in the bathroom, where he said to Omar that he understood him and kissed him. Lucrecia saw them kiss and noticed that Ander, who had just arrived to the party, was looking for Omar. She told Ander that Omar was in the bathroom and directed him to the wrong bathroom to prevent Ander from witnessing Omar cheating on him with Malick.

At the party, Guzmán sees Nadia and frankly tells her how he feels which she rejects. He then turns to Lucrecia for companionship but as Lucrecia looks on at the complicated couples at her party, she realises she is happier on her own and rejects him too.

Nadia also tells Ander that she found out that he has leukemia and that she is there for him.

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