Yeray is a character on the Netflix series Elite. He is portrayed by Sergio Momo.

Biography Edit

Background Edit

Yeray used to go to Las Encinas three years before the start of Season 3. He used to be fat and often teased for his weight. Carla once made a comment on his Instagram telling bullies to back off. Yeray never forgot her kindness and he even learned her comment by memory, arguably by reading it again and again because he liked it.

During his three years hiatus from Las Encinas, he lost all his overweight and became rich towards his startup.

Throughout the Series Edit

Season 3Edit

In Season 3, Yeray comes back to Las Encinas a whole new man. He lost weight and looks really good, grabbing the attention of the girls of Las Encinas. He immediately gravitated towards Carla, never forgetting her initial kindness. He asks her to go out and to come to his IPO party.

He created a dating app that was a great success. He was even featured in Forbes magazine and has enough money to throw lavish parties and to buy fancy cars.

Yeray eventually realizes that Carla doesn't love him for him, even though he thinks he loves her and wants to give her everything she could dream of. They break up, but amicably and agree to be friends.

Physical Appearance Edit

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Yeray is tall and toned. He usually wears sneakers, suits and always sports back-to-front a baseball cap.

Personality Edit

Yeray is really modest and friendly. He is self made and clearly motivated - both with his work and with himself, as he lost a lot of weight.

Relationships Edit

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Trivia Edit

  • Other than Carla, Yeray never interacted with any of the characters. He spoke briefly to Cayetana once when he asked her to forget about his old self.


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